MUD, MUD, Glorious MUD- Pathfinder 21 November.

Rain clouds loomed ominously as I made my way to rendezvous at “Goonhlly” Nature reserve Car Park. A stunning rainbow glowed in the valley before Gweek. I had said I would meet Simon at Gweek but he wasn’t there. I waited a while, got cold so continued- sorry Simon. Ian caught me up along Gweek Drive and said Simon is looking for you ( Whoops) this he said as he whizzed passed me to do a few miles before we started. Anyway, twenty one riders turned up with twenty bikes (you can work that out). We were joined by three potential members who were sussing us out.
Claire, Duncan and Jeff or is it Geoff.  We set off with black clouds looming which thankfully disappeared. The route took us to St Anthony then along side Gillan creek, always peaceful and beautiful. At the end we turned right and then second left up a very pleasant hill!  No one complained or perhaps my hearing is getting worse. It is an interesting fact that when riding with the OGILs, that illustrious Wednesday morning band of has beens, that when you shout “car back” or “car front” (surely “car down” Ed) nobody responds because their hearing aids are turned off or they are not wearing them, so as not to get them wet. It makes the riding very agreeable as you can moan about them all and they cant hear you.  Good result.

Anyhow I digress. We meandered our way towards Zoar garage and thence to Coverack. It was a luverly ride with everyone chatting to their nearest companion and generally mingling. It was nice to have Trevor Stephens with us again riding familiar lanes as he, Raymond and Shaun organised several pathfinders in this area. The merit of mudguards was a general topic of conversation. The problem with these here modern lightweight bikes is that they don’t allow sensible fitting of the aforementioned items, still I suppose it does make sure that the members wash their cycling clothing and clean their bikes. This is called “progress”. It is when items become less practicable, non-recyclable and more expensive. Back in the day you had one bike, changed tyres in the winter and they lasted a lifetime.
Coverack was quiet, a few hardy people bodyboarding and swimming – nice to see. Roskillys was our coffee stop where an assortment of purchases were made, from cake to soup or pizzas, everyone was happy. After refuelling we went through St Keverne, or as Damien calls it “St Kevin” and back to the car park for the team photo. Make up was repaired, pose adopted etc, etc – all smile!
Then back home via The Black Swan at Gweek for a debrief.
Thanks to all for coming, the cast were – in no particular order:
Ian, Don Morris, Denise, Trevor (Red Leader), Trevor Stephens, NZ Dave, Phil 1, Phil 3, Phil 4, Robin, Simon, Ben, Adrian, Martin & Margaret, Vanessa and our guests – Duncan, Claire and Jeff (or is it Geoff) – plus yours truly – your overworked, down trodden and long suffering Chairman.

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