A Blue (Bar) Day

There were 13 on today’s OGIL ride, but without Fred’s leadership not one of them offered to write the report. Many years ago the Wednesday morning ride was a small informal group, including Fred and President Gunner, who went out with the idea that they would “see where this lane goes”. When I was allowed to join them, and started writing reports, which often wandered from the truth as much as we wandered form the original route, other members got the idea that it could be fun, as it always is, unless you get knocked off at Argal Crossroads. The OGIL ride was born and before long we even had lady OGILers join us. At times there have been more turn out on a Wednesday morning than on a Sunday. And it is officially on the club calendar. There is even a copycat ride that sets out just a bit later than us. However, having filled up a few lines of my report I had better get back to the details. Neither Colin nor Kath at Union Corner but we were pleasantly surprised to see Sylvia. She has a few days off before starting her new job, joining the reception team at the Falmouth Hospital. As if health provision wasn’t bad enough in the town. Paul was back after his various adventures and he made sure I got across Argal Roads without mishap. As usual those at the other place spilled out on to the road but it was a fairly short time before we were on our way. Sarah had obviously overslept again but arrived just in time. With the Blue Bar, Porthtowan, in mind Simon lead the way, that’s right, no Ian, and there wasn’t any rain forecast. Without either Fred or Ian, Simon took us by a more undulating than hilly way across to Chacewater, after which we followed the established track, via Mount Hawk. Half way up the big dipper there was a chance for some of us to stop, and rest, to advise Ironman on how to repair his front mudguard. Then it was the exhilarating drop down Atlantic way and the turn right into the village. Sleepy Sarah decided to carry on up Rose Hill but I’ll not mention that. She very quickly woke up though when a car, I’ll call it a car although it was the size of a bus, and an equally if not wider trailer, decided that if was a good idea to speed up through the narrow one way system that we were already in.
The Blue Bar was busy and though it was bright, it was a wise choice to sit inside for a change. Tables are maximum of 4 and some plumped for the leather settees, so I have no gossip to share from the “Cafe Chat”. On leaving Steve managed to rip the zip out of his saddle bag but Phil1 leapt into action with multi use sticky tape.
Simon chose the standard route home, up’t valley to Scorrier. I plodded after them. 46 miles for me, Dean.
For those that might need an alibi later, or may have forgotten what they did today, here is the list of miscreants who accompanied me. Simon, Adrian, TD, Ironman, Phils 1&3, Steve, Paul, Amanda, Jan, Sylvia and Sarah.

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