It’s Still Shorts Weather

I was a little late to Union Corner due to me taking my mudguards off my bike, yes, off my bike. After last week’s mudfest new mudguards were ordered and after a lot of patience and determination, (I have a very patient and determined husband) the new ones were fitted. Well, they weren’t the best purchase I must admit and looked as it they would rub on the rim after the first bumpy road.  So, off they came.  It looked dry and it would have been if it were not for all the tractor activity going on along the lanes.

I managed to catch the Union Corner 5 up before they got to the other place.  Colin was feeling the effects of his booster and flu jabs so was not present,  but new Steve was. New Steve must work on a similar temperature gauge as me as he was dressed for a summers day.  I’m still working on the premise that if the temperature is above 9 degrees then it’s still shorts weather. It would be interesting to know what Steve’s guide is for him to put anything other than shorts and T.Shirt on are.

Again, as last week, it was a very quick decision on the destination. So off to St.Agnes we went.  Nice to go somewhere without Porth in the name.  It wasn’t long before the mudguard decision became apparent  that it was the wrong decision.  At least I wasn’t on my own this week, Dean too didn’t have any mudguards on.  The route out is well known and before we knew it we were heading up to the Wheal Coates Cafe.  Jan left us at the turning to Porthtowan as she needed to get home to help her mum.  No coffee stop for her today.

We arrived at the Wheal Coates Tea Room and were a little dismayed to see that there was only one girl serving.  It was going to be interesting to see how she was going to manage to cook 6 breakfasts, serve the cake, make 9 coffees and have us off site by 4.00pm.  Luckily the cavalry arrived in the shape of her colleague so we all breathed a sigh of relief including herself.

The scrambled eggs looked great and the apple and cinnamon cake that I had was also really tasty.  A very eco friendly cafe with paper bags as plates, a paper serviette and paper coffee cup.  It was lovely sitting in the sun though it did get a little chilly so off we went and again it was our well known route back with no surprises along the way.  We stopped briefly at the campervan shop to wait for the others to catch up and admired the vans that they had on the forecourt.

Coming back through Carnmenellis (or is it Penmarth now) we ran into Jane just arriving back from her Wednesday ride with the girls.  Jane had been to Trelissick with a couple of the girls with the other girls making their way to Malpas. Dean and I stayed chatting to Jane which meant that we were way behind the others and were not surprised to see that not everyone had waited at the council gritting layby.  The weather had certainly picked up by the time we arrived home and it really was a shorts day.  It was good to have Steve with us today and hopefully he will become a regular oggeler. (not sure if that is a real word though)  He has ridden a couple of times with us apparently but not when I have been on the ride.

Nearly 48 miles for me on a glorious November day.  Steve,Steve,Adrian,Dean,Phil,Phil,Jan,Simon,Fred joined me.



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