Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that cyclists ask members interested in the club’s activities. If you have any other questions then feel free to contact us at:      welcome@falmouthwheelers.co.uk

I am not really fit, but I would like to cycle. Can I just turn up on Sunday morning?
Yes – but just check your bike is roadworthy, tyres and brakes in particular, make sure you have a pump, spare inner tube, tyre levers, a drink and that your clothes are suitable for the weather. We also recommend a cycling helmet although it’s optional – it’s your head! 

You should have a reasonable level of general fitness and the ability to take part in a ride that will last for a few hours – don’t worry we stop regularly for a drink/refuel/chat.

If you’re not sure how fit you are we suggest you initially try our ride which covers about 18-25 miles.

If you want to increase your miles/or get fitter its a good stepping stone for the more challenging ride that tends to cycle at a faster pace and will cover 50+ miles.

Sunday Rides, long and short, start from the Falmouth Business Park, Bickland Water Road, Cornwall TR11 4SZ (Here) leaving at at 9 am sharp so best get there a bit earlier and make yourself known.

Wednesday we leave from Union Corner roundabout Here at 8.45 prompt or Here , near the Halvasso turn at 9.10

I don’t have a “racing” bike, but I have an old mountain bike, will that be OK?
Mountain bikes are heavier & slower than road/racing bikes, but are quite acceptable –

However, we would strongly advise that the normal heavy tyres are replaced with “slicks” which are lighter and more suited for road use.

One or two of our members ride electrically assisted bikes.

Do you need to have insurance to go out on the club runs?
We recommend it but it’s not mandatory, although most people who cycle regularly understand the benefits of having personal insurance. Take a look at Cycling Uk membership

Does the club ever cycle outside Cornwall?
Yes and quite often – successful rides have been organised in Devon & Somerset, and every year the club visits Brittany for a weekend tour in the Spring & Autumn. Most years there are tours to Ireland, France, the Pyrenees or the Alps where we have been known to get caught up in Sir Bradley Wiggins’ training.

Why are the Wheelers trying to attract new inexperienced members?
We all had to start somewhere and we remember how daunting it seemed to us a few years ago.
Cycling is a great fun way to keep fit & is very sociable – we want to help you realise that.

Do I have to wear tight lycra shorts?

No. But then you may get a sore bum without padded shorts!

What is the average speed?

We have a few very fit cyclists who can average 16mph+ but generally on a 50 mile run we

average 11 – 14mph,  which is actually pretty good for Cornwall!

Can you cater for riders with disabilities?

If you’re reasonably fit and can ride a bike, whether solo, tandem or trike, but live with a health issue, don’t let that put you off from riding with us.  If you are not sure we’d be happy to hear from you at welcome@falmouthwheelers.co.uk

Become a member or Falmouth Wheelers
Our membership fee is £15 per family group. You’re welcome to come along for a couple of rides before making a decision to join us.