Closed roads are no deterrent

OGIL ride report 27th July 2022 The OGIL WhatsApp group was alight with discussion about an early start, initiated by Damien who had to be back at midday for an unspecified reason. He got a surprisingly large response for a ride start of 7.30 with three other OGILs (names withheld to protect the guilty) deserting the normal ride to savour the early morning dew. That left just seven of us to congregate as the Continuity OGILs at ToP, where the […] Read More

Report on the Club meeting, July 28th 2022

The meeting was well attended, and there were apologies from Phil S, Steve and Jill L, Sarah, Jan, Margaret and Martyn, and Mike C. Past Events: July10th – Martyn’s 200 and 300k Audax took place – Robin did the 300k and Phil C, the 200k.  Also on that day was the Red river Blue Sea 100k, and the 50k Peter’s Point.  Ten Wheelers took part, including Sarah who took and extra long route! July 17th – The Coast and Clay […] Read More

Sunday 24th A Summer Ride

They said we could have fun if it stopped raining. You knew it was the start of school holidays because the weather changed so instead of moaning about the heat we could moan about the cold and damp, still us brits are good at it. Sometimes I wonder what we would talk about if not for our weather, how do them foreign chappys manage I suppose they discuss financial trade or nuclear fusion I suppose we will never know. Fourteen […] Read More

Autumn comes early

OGIL ride report 20th July 2022 Fresh from reading about record-breaking temperatures across the UK (though not, apparently, in Cornwall), everyone turned up at UC in shorts and short-sleeved jerseys and sporting double water bottles to avert the risk of dehydration. That is, everyone except Ian, who warned us that we were all dressed for 30C when the forecast was for 18C, feeling like 15C after taking into account the wind chill. Of course, nobody listened to him (they rarely […] Read More

OGILs go on safari

OGIL ride report 13th July 2022 Little did we suspect when we started the ride that we would be witnessing more Cornish wildlife in one morning than we would usually see in a season, although the ‘life’ part of that phrase turned out not to be entirely appropriate. But more of that later. First, the UC contingent was surprised to see Mike (the American) waiting at ToP along with the others with what looked like a large vacuum flask bolted […] Read More

What a scorcher!

There were Falmouth Wheelers on all three Audax rides from Perranwell on Sunday. Audaxes do traditionally provide weather challenges as well as stretching your distance riding, but we usually think of wind and rain, not blazing sun and dehydrating temperatures! Well done to everyone for keeping your cool, including coping in various ways with the unexpected road closure on the 200. However special mention has to go to Sarah who “rode her own ride” (with a bit of WhatsApp encouragement). […] Read More

Report on the Club Meeting, June 30th 2022

The meeting was fairly well attended and apologies were received from Simon, Phil S, Jan, Sylvia, Steve L, Sarah, and Adrian.  Fred was back from his travels and co-chaired the meeting with Amanda. Past Events: June 11th – Bike Week and the Cycling Campaign were celebrated by Falmouth Wheelers with a stand on the Moor, and was well supported by members, and there was a good show of bikes.  Unfortunately the public weren’t very interested!  However, the the cycle ride […] Read More

Chaotic out, fragmented back

OGIL ride report 15th June 2022 It was lovely and warm and sunny, with only a gentle breeze blowing from the north to cool things down a little, so the eleven of us congregating at TOP were looking forward to a nice ride, probably to the seaside. On the way there we were bemused to see a stationery car half way across the Argal crossroads. Apparently Ian, who was ahead of us, had to bellow at the driver who had […] Read More

Simon has a plan…

OGIL ride report 8th June 2022 Despite the prospect of blustery showers predicted by some (but not all) forecasts, there was a reasonably good turnout when we did our count-up at TOP. Amongst the usual conversation was a discussion about destination. The winner this week was Simon, who thought Wheal Coates would work, especially if we went the wrong way round to our usual route. This has worked in the past when we have discovered that riding a familiar road […] Read More

Dodge the tourists

OGIL ride report 1st June 2022 The sun was making an appearance, there was barely a breath of wind, and the OGILs were raring to go. But wait, it was half term and also the week of the Jubilee extended bank holiday – that meant hordes invading our usual watering holes. We needed to do an extensive risk assessment as part of the destination decision process. Suggestions such as Gwithian were easily eliminated as being not far short of crazy. […] Read More