Chocolates and Allsorts, and not even my Birthday

An assorted mix of wheelers assembled at HQ on a warm but overcast day; we sort of sorted ourselves out into three or maybe four groups. Five of us headed for the Lizard, Trevor and his group were heading for the Chocolate factory at Mullion and Robin’s group were heading in the Lizard direction possibly the apple cafe. We had a leisurely ride to Bulla cross then it got silly as it always does across Goonhilly downs. We skirted Cadgewith […] Read More

Wednesday evening rides are cool!

I’m sorry to hear about the desperately poor service at the Hub on this week’s Ogil ride which, given the heat of the day, probably stretched the patience of even the most well mannered wheeler! There is an alternative however, the Wednesday Evening ride 😀🚴🏼‍♂️🍻! A few weeks back we took a magical ride to Halzephron – and this has to be up there with my ten best rides of all time! It’s difficult putting my finger on why – […] Read More

So tired, tired of waiting ….

OGIL ride 21st July 2021 The service at the Hub in Portreath plumbed new depths this Wednesday. There was nothing Kinky about the fact that many of us became tired of waiting for our grub.   Phil1 waited 50 minutes for a slice of cake to be delivered (apparently the staff had trouble opening the ‘fridge), and when Jan’s banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl (yes, it’s a thing) eventually turned up after repeated promptings, it turned out to be […] Read More

Coast to Clay 2021

It was a hot summers day which promised to become even hotter. Fourteen Falmouth Wheelers met at Prideaux Place, Padstow for the start of the Cornwall Hospice Charity Sportive. Robin was the first to set off as he was doing the 104 mile course,  supported by three of the Mylor boys. Next was the 71 mile brigade, Phil1 , Jan, Damien, Colin, Paul, Dean the elder and yours truly. Dean the younger was also to set off but had a […] Read More

Too hot for the beach!

I thought I knew most destinations in the vicinity of Helston, but I had not heard of the Crate. I was told it was located on Muddy Lane which Helston folk know as Rowes Lane. The group setting off from HQ was Adrian, Kiwi Dave, Mike, John, Sarah, Ian, Ben, Danny and myself (TD). Red Leader was taking his group to St Mawes and Amanda had already done her ride, setting off early to avoid the heat, and was on […] Read More

Far from the madding crowds

OGIL ride 14th July 2021 Those of us waiting at UC were treated to a visit from not one but two Denises on their electrically assisted steeds. They declined to join us as they were on their way to Stithians to experience a previously unexplored road that had apparently been discovered in the vicinity. Someone had better tell Ian about this. We departed very slightly late due to this diversion, and met up with the rest of the crew at […] Read More

You never know what’s round the corner

It was just Sonjia and me – everyone else who usually turns up for the slower OGILS ride on Wednesdays had something else going on – and Sonjia suggested Helston boating lake. Anything was fine by me as long as we got some climbing in (preparing for the Sportive on Sunday) and you can’t go far out of Falmouth without climbing…so we went the usual route via Gweek and the Sainsbury’s roundabout, down to the lake, and had coffee there. […] Read More

A Very Wet Sunday

On Sunday morning via WhatsApp I again asked our resident Weatherman, Damien, what the weather would be like.  He came back and said it would be wet.  Well, he wasn’t wrong.  I don’t usually ride in the rain but needing to get a few more miles into my legs in preparation for the Coast to Clay I ventured out.  There were more hardy souls at HQ and we gathered in our familiar groups. Without the likes of Fred, Phil 1 […] Read More

Twelve years on and I still can’t resist a challenge.

 I had always considered myself a runner but I started cycling with the Falmouth Wheelers in 2009. I was suffering with increasing knee and hip pain during my preparation for the Tresco Marathon and I believed cycling might help relieve the pressure on my joints. It was the tenth and last marathon to be held in the Scilly’s and it was always held on the same day as the London marathon, though, with seven laps of the island and seven […] Read More