Chaotic out, fragmented back

OGIL ride report 15th June 2022 It was lovely and warm and sunny, with only a gentle breeze blowing from the north to cool things down a little, so the eleven of us congregating at TOP were looking forward to a nice ride, probably to the seaside. On the way there we were bemused to see a stationery car half way across the Argal crossroads. Apparently Ian, who was ahead of us, had to bellow at the driver who had […] Read More

Simon has a plan…

OGIL ride report 8th June 2022 Despite the prospect of blustery showers predicted by some (but not all) forecasts, there was a reasonably good turnout when we did our count-up at TOP. Amongst the usual conversation was a discussion about destination. The winner this week was Simon, who thought Wheal Coates would work, especially if we went the wrong way round to our usual route. This has worked in the past when we have discovered that riding a familiar road […] Read More

Dodge the tourists

OGIL ride report 1st June 2022 The sun was making an appearance, there was barely a breath of wind, and the OGILs were raring to go. But wait, it was half term and also the week of the Jubilee extended bank holiday – that meant hordes invading our usual watering holes. We needed to do an extensive risk assessment as part of the destination decision process. Suggestions such as Gwithian were easily eliminated as being not far short of crazy. […] Read More

Report on the Club Meeting, May 26th 2022

There was a good turn out for the meeting and it was great to see Richard back after an absence of over two years.  Another Richard, a visitor who had contacted us, brought along his early-nineties Codex bike which he wants to sell.  It aroused a lot of interest amongst our members. Apologies were received from Fred, Denise, Steve H, Phil C, Paul and Dave G Amanda chaired the meeting. Past Events: The Mallorca trip went very well, with six […] Read More

OGILs get the wind up

OGIL ride report 18th May 2022 There were six of us assembled at Union Corner, including BA Steve testing out his leg as part of his rehabilitation following his nasty calf muscle tear. Bearing in mind that he is aiming to complete the Dartmoor Classic in just over a month’s time, all agreed that it would be best to take things easy today (to the relief of several of us). On the way up to TOP we were caught by […] Read More

Turned out nice again!

For a moment I thought I might be “wandering lonely as a ….” since there seemed to be few OGIL intending to ride today. Some had even gone away to avoid what was forecast to be heavy and persistent rain, some even leaving the country to avoid it. However, Ironman lived up to his name with “I’ll be joining you”- well, I guessed he meant he would be at Union Corner and not on the way to meet up with […] Read More

Old Gits from the Falmouth Wheelers take on the Sa Calobra climb in Mallorca

It was good to finally return to Mallorca and enjoy again everything this cycling mecca has to offer. It was worth the wait and the trip was probably one of the most relaxed and enjoyable yet. Ahead of the holiday report I’d like to write a little about the cycling achievements of the two oldest members of the group. I had my eye on the Strava leaderboard for the Sa Calobra climb for the age group 65-69 for some time. […] Read More

OGIL ride report bumper issue

After the critically acclaimed double reports recently, we now have for your delectation a bumper issue containing three, yes three, reports detailing the antics of the OGILs on Wednesday mornings.  Please note that due to the time elapsed between the rides and the writing of the report, there may be some errors of fact that have escaped the editor. OGIL ride report 20th April 2022 The prospect of dry roads and even some sun sent the OGILs into optimism overdrive, […] Read More

Star of Wonder?

There were four of us at HQ. I was joined by Dean, Chris and a guest appearance by Neil on or is it in his recumbent speed machine. It was great to see him and hopefully he will join us more often. We set off on the usual route to Porkellis, through Budock to avoid the rush hour traffic on Hill Head and up through Halvasso. Across to crane garage and down the hill through Carnkie and on to Porkellis. […] Read More

Report on the Club Meeting, April 28th 2022

There was quite a small turn out for this month’s meeting, with apologies from 14 members, including the six who are cycling in Mallorca this week, but we were happy to welcome a new member, Trevor Wedgwood. Past Events: April 3rd – the Pathfinder from St Columb was led by Damien.  The 27 mile route took us north to Trevose Head, where the coastal scenery was stunning and we enjoyed a lunch stop at the cafe; the return ride went […] Read More