Blue is the new green

Excuses for not riding on Ian’s pathfinder at the weekend abounded at Union Corner this morning but it was time for the off before I had to make mine. And it wasn’t the reason why I lagged behind the rest on the way over to the other place. 4 of us had left Falmouth and double that number was assembled on the turn when I arrived. Jan is off skiing so this was our full compliment. St Agnes was suggested […] Read More

Longrock Pathfinder Report

I awoke bright and early on Sunday, looked out if the window and it wasn’t raining! “Bugger” I thought “no excuse not to go out” so I set o off at exactly 7.33am to meet the others at crane garage. Unfortunately for me I have barely ridden a bike in the 5 months since Dave’s Pathfinder to Dutchy Nursery so 27 minutes proved too little time to rendezvous with thee others. So a quick pause just before Halvasso turn to […] Read More

Nigel toys with a bit of sunbathing

Trump may have had problems dealing with Stormy Daniels but Storm Gareth was no match to the 9 OGIL who set out this morning for a short ride to Helston boating lake. Traffic Light Lane only adds 4 minutes to the ride to Union Corner but enough to mean that I only just arrived in time for the Grande Depart. Time and OGIL wait for no man. In this case it was just Adrian and Nigel who lead off to […] Read More

Sunday 10th March A windy ride to Portreath

It was wild and windy but I expected to see more than the other five who turned up at HQ on Sunday morning. We had no rain and the wind was never really a problem. It was even sunny as you can see from the photo. Robin led us down to Commercial road and soon we split with Ian (single speed) and Teresa carrying on while Philby, Dave (just returned from a month in NZ) and I followed Robin up […] Read More

OGIL say “Pffff” to Showers

At 7.23am I was woken by Mother Nature in all her glory. Even Max (Headwind) was trying to lift the roof off to get inside, out of the rain. Mystic Meg still suggested a showery morning and a dry spell starting around 9. By the time I had got back from the loo the WhatsAp group was busy with excuses. Simon had made the mistake of looking out of the window rather than relying on technology and others had thought […] Read More

Three men and Freya

With yellow weather warnings, strong winds and rain in the air it was not surprising that today’s turn-out was low. However, three diehards (Robin, Dean & Danny) were not to be deterred and after a brief discussion set off just after 9. “Portreath” said Robin and the only discussion was about which café should have our trade. Following the usual route through Bissoe, Blackwater and Mawla the error of our destination gradually dawned and the realisation that we were riding […] Read More

Pathfinder ride from Gnome World, February 24th 2019 led by Martyn and Margaret

Apologies for the lateness of this report – the result of no-one volunteering (or being coerced?!) to write one, on the day itself.  From now on, an official scribe will be named at the beginning of each Pathfinder – you have been warned! Twenty Wheelers, Nineteen bikes  including five electric, met at the layby near Gnome World at Indian Queens, and we set off to cross over the main road and head south, in brilliant sunshine, along a new and […] Read More

A good ride report is worth waiting for ….

but here’s one of mine while you are waiting. Liz told me that she didn’t write ride reports unless something interesting had happened on the ride. Lots happened on last weeks OGIL ride but whether you find it interesting or not I leave to you. True, Kath hadn’t reported in with another of her hilarious excuses, we didn’t have to divert via Crane Garage to meet up with Jan, Simon had gone missing, again, and we were denied the subtle […] Read More