A Blue (Bar) Day

There were 13 on today’s OGIL ride, but without Fred’s leadership not one of them offered to write the report. Many years ago the Wednesday morning ride was a small informal group, including Fred and President Gunner, who went out with the idea that they would “see where this lane goes”. When I was allowed to join them, and started writing reports, which often wandered from the truth as much as we wandered form the original route, other members got […] Read More

MUD, MUD, Glorious MUD- Pathfinder 21 November.

Rain clouds loomed ominously as I made my way to rendezvous at “Goonhlly” Nature reserve Car Park. A stunning rainbow glowed in the valley before Gweek. I had said I would meet Simon at Gweek but he wasn’t there. I waited a while, got cold so continued- sorry Simon. Ian caught me up along Gweek Drive and said Simon is looking for you ( Whoops) this he said as he whizzed passed me to do a few miles before we […] Read More

It’s Still Shorts Weather

I was a little late to Union Corner due to me taking my mudguards off my bike, yes, off my bike. After last week’s mudfest new mudguards were ordered and after a lot of patience and determination, (I have a very patient and determined husband) the new ones were fitted. Well, they weren’t the best purchase I must admit and looked as it they would rub on the rim after the first bumpy road.  So, off they came.  It looked […] Read More

The longs and the shorts of it

OGIL ride report 10th November 2021 November already, but the twelve of us congregating by the side (and, it has to be admitted, in the middle) of the road at TOP commented on the unseasonably mild weather. Iron legs Kath was keeping to her 9C threshold and was in shorts, whereas everyone else had decided to acknowledge which month it was and were sporting a variety of longs, three quarters and other indeterminate leg coverings. Despite this, the wet roads […] Read More

A bad case of wind

Clocks Back a whole hour to lay in bed trouble is the body doesn’t understand and still wakes crack of dawn! Oh well hey ho. I had a speedy ride in to HQ wind up my backside “speedy that is for me but not some others I am sure”. We totalled eleven which considering weather was pretty good, Aroute to Perranporth via Idless seemed a good enough suggestion as we would have a degree of protection from the wind. After […] Read More

Report on the October club meeting.

There was a very good turnout for the meeting which was chaired by Fred, who thanked all those who had kept the club running while he was away.  Apologies were received from Kath, Sonjia, Paula and Jo. Past Events: The Pathfinder from Indian Queens around the Bodmin area on Oct 17th was enjoyed by 21 Wheelers – Fred thanked Phil C for leading the ride.  He also congratulated Kath on getting a medal for her age place at the recent […] Read More

And the award goes to?

We’ve already had some great achievements this year: Staying together as a club and attracting new members Group rides each week Organising Pathfinder rides Our club Audax  As well as some personal achievements Now is your time to nominate someone for the Wow and Achievement award. Votes in by 25th November please with a paragraph stating why this member should receive either award.      

Anyone for Porthleven?

It was raining when I arrived at HQ, with the resultant low turn out, but Sarah, with her vast experience of Cornish weather declared that it would be “clear by 10”, and she was bloody well right! But for the start it was mizzling and a bit more. After admiring Kiwi Dave’s new bike, nice colour, just one ride, of eleven, set off with a destination of Porthleven, Ian, for once, taking the lead. According to Amanda the road through […] Read More

OGIL ride number 5000.

WhatsApp carried more excuses than a Tory spokesperson this morning. Kath, Phil3, Colin, Sarah, Damien, Jan, all had something better to do; in Jan’s case it was recovering from an evening with Cliff but for the others I think the weather forecast had something to do with their decision. But it was a fine morning when the sexy six left Union Corner; Phil1, Paul, Ironman, Amanda, Ian and myself, and still fine and dry when six became eight at the […] Read More