Once upon a time, long, long ago

Promises of a mild week brought forth thoughts of Spring and a visit to the Cabin at Perranuthnoe, and a sizeable turn out for the OGIL ride. Even Kath could not resist it. Simon, having now entered the world of technology, had already sent his apologies via the OGIL WhatsApp group but the majority of the regulars turned out, even if a little late. The weather wasn’t exactly as good as promised, bit like Brexit, but we made our way […] Read More

take me home country roads …

Comments have been made about the absence of an OGIL ride report and suggestions made that I couldn’t remember anything about the ride. This is complete tosh, I remember it as if it was only last week. I have been so absorbed by the depth of informed opinion coming out of Parliament this week that I have hardly had chance to do anything else. However, not to disappoint my numerous followers here I go.  I had allowed plenty of time […] Read More

Join Us For A Weekend Away

                         A Weekend Away – Pastures New. We’ve been talking about doing a cycling holiday in Devon for a while now. To kick things off Julian and I have decided to cycle up to the quaint village of Idderslsiegh, just north of Okehampton on the 16th of February and to stay the Saturday and Sunday nights at the Duke of York. The cosy pub offers a tasty menu and […] Read More

Website Changes

Hello. I have been tinkering with the website, mostly it will go un-noticed but there has been a fair bit done. Firstly I have made a new Forum it is much like the old one but a bit simpler to use. Firstly there is now only one login. I understand that many people have struggled with the two accounts needed for the website. Now you only need one. Which is the one you would use to create or comment on […] Read More

The three Amigos with no excuses

Watching what’s app was a lesson in excuses today. I didn’t have a runny nose, a wardrobe catastrophe, knees were ok, neck was feeling good, I’d been to the gym the day before, no dog to take to the vet, ironing done, car washed, bored with Brexit, I had absolutely no excuse not to go. So off to Union Corner where I was met by Nigel. Only Paul and Mike were at the other place. A decision was quickly made to […] Read More

John, John, the Grey Goose is gone!

I don’t know whether the old dog fox was any more surprised than Phil1 and I, when he casually popped out of the hedge as we made our way to the other place this morning. One look at Phil though and he was off home, probably having had breakfast at Tiffany’s, or was it Bernie’s. Just the two of us at Union Corner, although Ian turned up just after we reached Halvasso turn. And the roll call was as short […] Read More

Tour of Britain Meeting January 31st Report

      Meeting on Thursday January 31st Feb 16th/17th – Robin and Julian’s trip to Iddesleigh in Devon, where we could join them for them for the weekend, or drive up on the Sunday for a 30 mile ride. Details on the website soon. Feb 24th – Pathfinder from Indian Queens, with lunch at the Eden Project, led by Martyn. Details will be on the website. The talk by our guest speaker Dave Potter on the project to bring […] Read More

Kath’s gone Home

Kath had suggested that there was 50% of rain today. Ah, I thought a 50% chance that the bucket in my garden would be half full of lovely rainwater when I get back, enough to wash off my bike before it is tucked up in the shed. The continual delays along Traffic Light Lane meant I was a little late arriving at Union Corner. Had Kath’s forecast put off those who normally congregate here or had they already departed for […] Read More

Sonjia’s ankle update

Paula and I paid a visit to Sonjia this afternoon who is back home recovering after breaking her ankle in 3 places. She was in her usual high spirits though taking it nice and easy just as the Doctor ordered.

The not so dirty dozen

It being dry January there was a sizeable number of OGIL out today, though only Ian and Adrian at Union Corner, though Phil1 turned up later. Arriving at the other place I was immediately introduced to Dean3, if you count the one who can’t spell, who informed me that I was the oldest Dean he had ever met. How to win friends and influence people! However, I was pleased to see the return of Nigel, on his electric Toy bike. […] Read More