E, that was a good ride

It was a passing visit to Electric Pete’s bike shop on Commercial Road, Penryn that prompted Clive to take up the offer to try out Pete’s pride and joy, his Red Shiny e bike on the next OGIL ride. So, it was Clive, myself, Phil 1,Colin,Adrian, Ian and Nigel also on his e bike that met at Union Corner. In the currently bone dry other place were just 3 others, Phil 3, Mr Happy and Mike.  Amanda had posted an […] Read More

Victor Ladorum

What about Mullion, said Victor, No one objected, now he said ‘how do we get there’?, After a brief discussion with the group intending to go to Roskillys, we decided to all head to Gweek together and then break away. As we got to Gweek it was decided, to all go to Mullion, Cafe at the Chocolate Shop.  Vic should know the way there, he goes every year just before Christmas to buy me a large box of their chocs, […] Read More

Yo-Yo ride to Hell’s Mouth

With surprisingly little Whatsapp chatter beforehand, it was therefore a bit disappointing that only eleven of us congregated at the Halvasso turn for the traditional discussion about destination.  Dean had given his excuse for not joining us, which seemed to involve him being in training for a dentist’s appointment next week.  His subsequent request for care home suggestions was reinforced by his use of a dentist joke that it is believed first surfaced in music hall sometime in the century […] Read More

Pathfinder News update

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are not able to hold a Pathfinder on Sunday July 14th as advertised. Is there anyone who is able to step in to help with a Pathfinder for either this coming Sunday or the 21st or 28th July please. If so please post the time and venue on the Website or post an event on facebook. Many thanks, Kath

Going down Poldhu Hill, coming up.

What a glorious day to go OGILing; not a cloud in the sky and warm from the start. I expected a good turn out and was not disappointed, 12 in total. Adrian, Martyn, Paul, Phil1, Nigel, Ian, myself and Georgie from Union Corner, well outnumbering those waiting at Halvasso turn; Simon, Phil3, Keith and Andrew. It was a toss up, Poldhu or the Jam Pot and Poldhu won, but with a little twist to the route. Down to Gweek, via […] Read More

I looked for a funny photo to go with the OGIL Report and this was the funniest I could find

I tried leaving last Wednesday’s report for a few days, hoping that someone else would pick up the pen, if not the challenge, but to no avail. Fortunately Mr Garmin remembers where we went and most of what goes on during an OGIL ride. I often hear him chuckling to himself as we make an unsteady progress to wherever it is that we have decided to honour with our presence and our pensions. This week it was a return to […] Read More

Eight go to Portreath.

As you know, I do not normally write Sunday ride reports, but when Phil1 asked the young waitress if she had a Redbush, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity. There was just me at HQ at ten to nine and I was beginning to think that there might be another ride going on somewhere, or there had been an all night party that I hadn’t been told about. Finally Colin, and Phils 1&3 turned up and a new prospective member, […] Read More