October Pathfinder

October’s Pathfinder

It was over a year ago whilst at Poldhu on a OGIL ride that Fred sprung his cunning plan on me. He had volunteered to run the Pathfinder for, I think, October. The route was planned but Fred had decided to go on a trip in his van instead. So, I was asked to take control and run the ride. Unfortunately, we went into another lockdown!
Twelve months later and its time to dig out and dust off the map he gave me.
Twenty wheelers met at Gnome World in almost perfect weather to take off at 10.00. Amanda and Charlie cycled from Falmouth with some of us starting at the bottom of Ladock Valley to get a few extra miles in. The destination was the Camel Trail Tea Garden, 27 miles there and back.
It was a reasonably flat ride first running parallel to the A30 through Belowda before turning north. A right turn before reaching Demelza sent us past Inches and Retire and onto Withielgoose, all lovely sounding places on very quiet roads. I kept the pace deliberately slow as not wanting to reach our destination too early. On reaching Ruthernbridge a change of plan was hatched to take us on a different route than planned to miss out a hill. So, we went off-piste and headed off on the St. Breock Road to find the crossing over the River Camel to Grogley Halt on the Camel Trail. Some of those amongst us decided not to wait and head off at the front and disappear into the distance, AH aided and abetted by CA et al, just as we reached the track to turn off! We waited at the Halt whilst the missing bunch were rounded up. Then headed straight off to the Tea Garden.
The best palaces in the sun were quickly taken and orders were placed, all food and drinks came out in a very timely manner. Time passed too quickly before we had to leave. So it was along the Camel Trail and into Bodmin for the return. Just before entering Bodmin we broke up into groups so as not cause too much of a hold up on the hill out of town and up passed the railway station, good etiquette! Further on we were to take the new Sustrans path to head towards the A30 bridge. This turned out to be steeper than anticipated and may not be ridden again!

We settled down to the rest of the ride on to Lanivet and down to Goss Moor. Half way there was a split in the group with some wanting to go into the Cornwall Services for a comfort break, some were never seen again!
A ride I hope enjoyed by all with credit to Fred for the planning.
PS. I will have to confess, as there will be comments otherwise, to a navigation error early on in the ride. Turning a group of 20 in a narrow lane is such fun!
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