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OGIL ride report 13th October 2021

By the time we got to The Other Place, we were a dozen strong. This was despite some notable absences. No sign of Kath, nor of the two Steves (new Steve and Steve Heavyhand), and has anyone seen John since the Wales trip (maybe he’s still there??). Still, not a bad contingent for a Wednesday – presumably everyone had been tempted out by the weather – sunny and hardly a breath of wind. It didn’t take long for a consensus to be reached as to destination – nobody objected to the suggestion of the Lizard, and off we set in the direction of Gweek.

When we got to Brill there was a general pause and regrouping. Surprisingly, a strong undercurrent of opinion emerged that we should carry straight on rather than turn right to descend three mile hill. Shocking, I know, but the road less travelled was beckoning. Descending through the woods there was an obvious drop in temperature of several degrees, exacerbated by wind chill, which made those in sleeves grateful for their choice of apparel. The chilliness continued along Gweek Drive as well (actually it’s always cold there, even in mid-Summer) but we emerged into the sun again at Mawgan Cross for another break and a natter by the bus shelter.

Predictably, we made our way through the Trelowarren estate, always a very pleasant excursion. On gaining the main road, Dean announced that he was turning back on the pretence that he needed to get back by 12 for some reason. We didn’t argue, as this meant that our number was reduced to eleven, a very nice prime number. On we pressed, and as per usual the ride across Goonhilly Downs degenerated into a slightly disorganised team time trial. I have commented before on the fact that, for reasons best known to themselves, the Wheelers seem to have the odd technique of coming through from the back of a line, rather than doing a turn at the front and then peeling off to rejoin the line at the back, which is what everybody else does. So I won’t say anything more on this occasion.

Through Kuggar and then on to the Lizard, where we ensconced ourselves in the Regent Cafe. Under new ownership, most of the car park has been turned over to picnic benches, which meant that we could easily be accommodated. Despite a little confusion with the order that resulted in a huge plate of toast appearing, the service was good and the food and drink quite acceptable. However, it was noticeable that the selection of massive slabs of cake is no longer available – not necessarily a bad thing bearing in mind the need for some of us to exercise some waistline control.

Still smiling
Still smiling outside the Star Inn in Porkellis.
Photo courtesy of Phil3

As we gathered ourselves to leave, various mumblings about needing to get back were heard (as was the retort that we all need to get back), and the decision was made somehow that we should take the main road all the way to Helston. Not only that, but that we should forsake the delights of Muddy Lane and carry straight on up the Redruth road to Wendron, thence to Porkellis and Carnkie. Now, I’m not a fan of main road blasts – I would prefer to meander along the quiet lanes, but I have to admit we did get back pretty quickly.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I have to make the obligatory reminder about the Pathfinder ride this coming Sunday – 0945 for a 1000 departure, layby near Gnome World at Indian Queens.

Lovely weather, but a bit of a curate’s egg as regards ride enjoyment for me. Sorry.  A round 80km for me.

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