OGIL ride number 5000.

WhatsApp carried more excuses than a Tory spokesperson this morning. Kath, Phil3, Colin, Sarah, Damien, Jan, all had something better to do; in Jan’s case it was recovering from an evening with Cliff but for the others I think the weather forecast had something to do with their decision. But it was a fine morning when the sexy six left Union Corner; Phil1, Paul, Ironman, Amanda, Ian and myself, and still fine and dry when six became eight at the other place. It could easily have been less as a car came across Argal crossroads in front of Paul and me. But the forecast was on everyone’s mind with a decision to head to Tehidy Wood, with a plan B of Portreath if Tehidy was shut. Amanda used her Vice Chair vote to block a counter bid of Miss Molly’s, my preferred choice. Seems it’s something about the coffee. Bolenowe was on our route, as was Troon, where a gentle pitter patter caused a few to don rainwear, and the news received from a helpful Trooner that Tehidy was indeed shut. Plan B came up on the destination boards but by Tresolthan Church the spots had joined up and not even the still leafy trees were enough to stop a soaking. Even Amanda had had enough and didn’t take much persuasion to agree that Miss Molly’s was looking more attractive by the minute. Decision taken the rain obliged by easing off and you could even describe it as sunny by the time we cycled through Camborne. We did not stop, it was Wednesday, and were soon dripping on the mat inside Miss Molly’s entrance. Cushions were dispensed with and we settled around two tables. It was a little while before it was noticed that Paul had “gone on”, he does. The staff treated us like long lost friends. Simon had to leave early to get a flu jab so we were down to six again when we left; and it was still dry. In fact it remained dry all the way home, and could even be described as warm at times. Amanda and I put to test the idea that it was as quick to turn right in Stithians as carry straight on via Deaf Cat Alley; it isn’t, the others were waiting at the weigh bridge at Kessle quarry. It was a short ride, only 35 miles for me. Dean


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