Real Ale & Good Food

The Long Ride recently has not been functioning at it’s best due to our reliance on Robin organizing the ride. Now he’s recovered from his surgery, he and the ride is back up and running. He seems to be riding as strong as ever and as I’m writing this report he is having a session in the velodrome at Newport! Does this mean another attack on the hour record next year? We shall see!

Saturday afternoon and the long ride WhatsApp page buzzes into life with a message from Robin. Destination St Mawgan with a start from the Norway Inn at 8:00am. Bit early for me really so I don’t commit. An hour later another simple message, “or 9:00am start”. Good enough for me, game on. There were a few more messages from Tom and Amanda but Tom decided not to ride because his mate Jack couldn’t get out of bed by 9:00. Don’t quite get that one but on Sunday morning I learnt there are two Toms and two Jacks! Glad we got that sorted.

At this point I think I should mention the ride. I thought there would be just the three of us, Robin, Amanda and myself, but as I started the climb to Treluswell I noticed the familiar form of Phil Conroy in front of me and he was to join us. On reaching the Norway we found Ben waiting for us and soon after Phil 4 turned up to inform us Amanda had a hamstring problem and would not be joining us.

We followed a route up Old CarnonHill, a KOM stage on the Tour of Britain, and the Old Coach Road to Truro. Just a little something to warm us up for the hills to come! On reaching the Waitrose traffic lights Julian joined us, swelling our number to six.

On into the Ladock valley they cycled but just the other side of Ladock, instead of continuing along that horrible flat road, we took a left to Trendeal for our first new climb of the day. This was a new route for me that brought us out at the traffic lights in the middle of Summercourt. Right at the lights and then left to St Enoder, another new road!

The sun was now pleasantly warm as we rode through White Cross and onto St Columb Major ( or is that Minor, Richard). A loop around St Eval and Mawgan Porth took us to our cafe stop for the day at St Mawgan. Just before dropping down to St Mawgan we noticed Phil 1 was no longer with us! Tried phoning, no answer. Rode back, couldn’t find him. As we approached the cafe there he was sitting outside without a care in the world! Apparently he had decided to shorten his ride without informing anyone. I’d just like to say this is typical of people like him and it’s one of the reasons I won’t be riding his Pathfinder on Sunday 17th october meeting at layby just pass Gnome World, Moorland Rd. Indian Queens, 9:45am for 10:am start.

It wasn’t our usual cafe as that was closed. We were greeted by the husband and wife team and exchanged some jovial banter before enjoying our breakfasts and Phil 1 who had a panini. Yes there’s always one and did I mention his Pathfinder on …………………….

Suitably nourished we left and immediately encountered a hill that kept giving and giving! We made our way back to St Columb and a route across country (or across county) taking in St Stephen, Grampond, Tregony and to our first watering hole, the Roseland Inn at Philleigh. Everyone stopped including Phil 1 who had a pint of Atlantic. Yes we’re turning him into a real cyclist and I take back some of what I’ve said about him but not all of it! Did I mention his Pathfinder on …………..

As we sat there in what was now hot afternoon sunshine I think it was a poignant moment for Robin and myself as we reflected on the last time we were there on that fateful evening earlier this summer.

Now rehydrated we were able to cycle to the KH ferry and take the Old Tram Road through Point towards home. Again some of us started to dehydrate and what a stroke of luck we were passing the Quay Inn at Devoran and get the relief we needed!

Looking back this was probably my most enjoyable ride of the year. Everything seemed to come together, the weather, the refreshment stops and the route provided by Robin. Yes it was over 70 miles with 6500ft of climbing but there are many in our club more than capable of these rides so please come and join us.

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  1. Nice to be mentioned, including my Panini. Not wanting to be singled out you could have mentioned Julian’s overdone omelette and Robins breakfast without beans but with fresh, not tinned, tomato’s.

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