Four on a Mystery Tour

Sonjia, Christine and I were joined by new rider Ottilie for the ‘slower’ group on Sunday, although she soon proved that she’ll be more than able to keep up with the faster ride from now on – what it is to have youth on your side! (not that we’re slow…)  So it was off to Porthleven via Gweek and the Penrose estate, which is looking lovely at the moment – very lush and green – and down to the harbour, where we enjoyed tea, coffee and cake at the Twisted Currant.  It’s on the hill next to the now-shut Hideaway, and has a garden out the back.  Great cakes and quick, friendly service – recommended.

We headed home via the ‘northern route’ Sithney, Lowertown, over the old Helston railway bridge at Truthall Halt, where volunteers have done a great job restoring the station.  Then on over Longstone Down, where for a while we didn’t know quite were we were, and with only one slightly scary moment when a huge tractor and trailer had us squeezing into the hedge as it went past without slowing down.  Eventually to Porkellis and the Star Inn, where Sonjia and I explained about past Roastie rides to the other two, then on to Carnkie and up the hill, and the usual way home.  Ottilie went straight down to the Penryn campus, and the rest of us came through Halvasso.  A great ride through some quiet roads, with stunning scenery all around.   39 miles for me.



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