Two Ferries at Fowey

Ok, it wasn’t planned to be off road🤭! The cafe nestled somewhere on the Fowey river – it was just that I hadn’t exactly nailed where on the river!

Only Charlie and Chris pitched up at the Norway Inn and it was clear to us by ten past nine there would be no more takers. The back road to Carnon Downs was closed to traffic so made a pleasant start to the day – though we did take the main road in and out of Truro getting us to Ladock in double quick time. Here we turned right to Trenoweth Mill and the beginning of our “roads less ridden”. A pleasant route through the lanes took us over the very busy main road by way of a small bridge at Sticker, then on to Polgooth and London Apprentice. Here we turned right and after a small stretch of main road we turned for Charlestown, then to Par and finally through Tywardreath to Fowey. All in all a good route – so far!

We were just in time for the Bodinnick ferry and pleased to see that the fare for a cyclist and their bike had been reduced – now just £2.50. Mixtow Quay is north of Bodinnick and we found the road there no problem. The problem came when I realised that the cafe at Mixtow Quay was not actually on the quay but in the boatyard on the other side of the creek! The choice was to a) retrace our steps or b) take a short cut. If you seen Chris’s memorable YouTube film “Bogged Down Bianchi” you’ll know that short cuts can be great time savers – you just need the conviction. Charlie commented that if he was attempting this on his own he’d be questioning his sanity, but doing it with friends, it became a bit of a lark!

And the cafe was worth it. It was exactly as described on Trip Advisor. A cafe in a picturesque setting where the service is not exactly quick and the two chaps running it were a bit grumpy. However the lady that served at the tables was very pleasant and chatty and promised (and delivered) excellent coffee. Her son was a trained barista so she knew the importance of coffee to cyclists – how nice to be regarded as proper cyclists! Our order did take a while but as we were in no hurry and the sun was shining on this very pleasant waterside location that really wasn’t a problem. And when the food eventually came it was very good – I had the three egg omelette with salad made using eggs from the chaps own hens apparently.

Leaving the cafe was an altogether more straightforward affair – though the lane that took us up through the campsite to the main road was incredibly steep. I’m pleased I didn’t have the chips with my omelette though Chris went with the meal of champions – burger and chips!

We’d decided on the shorter scenic route back via Polruan and I have to say that I don’t think I have ever seen such stunningly beautiful scenery in Cornwall. Definitely a road less travelled and totally recommended. Not eating a plate of chips (without a short siesta) is also recommended as the hills are steep and plentiful!

A short wait in Polruan and we were boarding the passenger ferry back to Fowey.

It was climbing out of Fowey that I realised my two young companions were suffering. The suffering continued through Par and St Austell. By Sticker time was flying but the miles weren’t. ( Burger and chips I think was the preferred meal of darts champions but was proving to be a bit of a hindrance for the endurance cyclist! ) We had a quick chat and I told them to follow the route we’d come by to return. I needed to get back and would return by the main road – I had the Lockdown Inn to open and must make haste as customers would soon be arriving

I’m pleased to say we all got back safely and could share the days experiences with Ian over a pint or two of the famous “Nectar of the Gods” supplied as always by the Blue Anchor.

On reflection this was a massively enjoyable day and without the cyclocross element, one that we should consider doing again 🤭🚴🏼‍♂️🤔🤪☀️😀!

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