Long ride to Lula Shack

Amanda and Sylvia joined Ian and myself, along with new rider Jack, at the weighbridge Halvasso this Sunday. (Amanda and I had ridden with Jack last year on Day 1 of his LEJOG ride.)

We decided on Lula’s in Hayle for coffee and abandoned the normal route via Praze in favour of a more interesting route led by Ian through Crowan, Leedstown and Relubbus and then, via Long Lane, to St Erth.

It promised sunshine but the temperature was still on the low side – however there were sufficient hills to keep us warm and by the time we reached North Quay and the Lula Shack we were quite toasty. Sheltered from the wind and in full sun it now felt like summer. Sylvia and I had each brought our own coffee and a snack and enjoyed a relaxing break waiting for the others to get served which took a while though it wasn’t that busy. Once served served we were politely but sternly told to clear off as it was take away only and they would get fined if we loitered! Once they’d found somewhere to eat Ian and Jack declared the food “very good” if a little expensive. No complaints from Amanda about the coffee 🤭.

Thinking he was a celebrity, a small group had gathered to listen to our Ricky Tomlinson look alike, Ian, now seated and spinning a yarn, so it took a while before we could leave. I wasn’t close enough to hear exactly what was being said but given the audience’s reaction I assume it must have been a bed time story.

What a magnificent  ‘first day back’ group riding!  Non of us wanted it to end – so a longer than usual route home was agreed. This took us almost to Porthtowan ( where we said farewell to Jack who lives in Constantine ) and we rolled on through Chacewater and Twelveheads to our eventual final stop, the Lockdown Inn. We all agreed that it would be very difficult to have a better day on a bike. But then there is always next week. Great weather and glorious company. Or glorious weather and great company? Anyway, more of the same for me please.

Ian is absent from the photo as he was still signing autographs.

Please feel free to join us if you want a longer ride on a Sunday ( contact me for meeting place and times ). We are the “Long ride group” – not the “Fast group” as some seem to think.

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