Marazion Ride (part 2)

Our first group ride of 2021 all be it abiding by the RULE of SIX. Nine riders met at HQ six male and three female. ( I hope that isn’t considered sexist, can’t tell these days.) Anyway the six chaps agreed to go to Marazion and I do not know the destination of the Gals. It was a beautiful day albeit a bit chilly, we headed over to Baripper onto Carnhell green where Dean the elder left us as he had to be home by 1.00. Then onto St Erth etc. It was great to ride with other people although it does make you realise how bad you are but Ha Ho we are a social cycling club not a racing heads down arses up club. Apologies to those who think we are. Marazion was fairly busy; nothing like summer crowds but nice. The sea was calm, kids were swimming etc, lovely. We headed back towards Porthleven. Unfortunately at Goldsithney Damien’s free hub became very free so he had to await a lift home. I would think the conversation in the car was very amusing!!?. Porthleven was very quiet for some reason but the “P” fairy paid a visit to Phil 1 so another coffee was in order. Then on we journeyed Sithney etc. The four survivors were Dean the younger Phils 1&2 and your “fantastic amazing modest” Chairman.
58 miles for myself and a fair amount of up and down, I wonder where Robins gang and the gals went. Also I assume Denise was out with Don too nice a day to miss.


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