Col de Mongleath

                                                   Following on from Robins hill climbing around Mylor I decided to look at my local area.  Mongleath rd joins Mongleath Avenue at the top and both join Boslowick at the bottom, giving a loop of 950 metres, only a short loop but with one hill with 110ft climb in the middle.  I’ve been thinking of doing a few loops for a while so today I gave it a go, 10 miles but with 1600 ft of climbing, not to much but hopefully I can do it every day.

With restrictions on going to far we can find routes that push us a bit without going very far, it might seem boring doing the same loop but these days there are always people out walking or riding to say hello to, some of my neighbours looked when I went past more than once.  So look close to home for rides that push you a bit, I’m sure our Chairperson is looking at the small hill close to her and working out how many times she good ride up that.

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  1. There are unfortunately 2 hills rather close to home, Old Hill and Symons Hill, neither of which I have cycled up. I have run up Old Hill a few times though. A friend of ours cycles up Symons Hill every year on his birthday – just because he can, until he can’t. I suppose a loop incorporating both hills would be a good challenge. Watch this space or Strava. Kath

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