Myllorca 765

Sunshine and Iconic Climbs.

I received an email from Solmar Villas the other day giving us directions and information regarding our forthcoming holiday in Spain. The holiday we all know won’t be happening. A bit insensitive I thought! Am I really going to miss the driving, queuing, cramped seats on a plane I’m already thinking I should no longer be using, etc, etc? Ok, the sun. And yes, the amazing tarmac on roads that meander over beautiful mountains. And the Sa Calobra😂😂😂. There has to be another way. If only…………

……..Villa Ca Na Firhill is a well appointed residence close to the route of the iconic “Sa Capotatos” climbs. I was greeted by the owner and shown to a spacious, if oddly familiar, room. Dinner was at 6:30 which gave me just enough time afterwards for a short walk in the fading light accompanied by the delightful owner. And I was not too late to bed as I wanted to make an early start for this years Myllorca 765!

There are ten climbs radiating from the island of Myllorca all of different gradients and some near 25%. The first, San Gluvias is short and punchy and a real wake up call! Other memorable climbs followed – the Pandorosa, a real bruiser followed by the much longer Col de Carclew. The spring sun stirred early blossom and the air was full of birdsong. Perfect cycling. And “in season” there is a plentiful choice of hostelries and tavernas situated in tucked away seaside locations.

For anyone wanting a compact but hugely demanding challenge with over 750 meters of ascent over a short, 17 mile, route I thoroughly recommend the Myllorca 765! Though I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same accommodation!

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