You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road.

Just how Phil1 managed to complete the ride to the Jam Pot Café and back with a total elevation 800 foot less than Andrew and me, is as yet to be deduced, but it could explain why he’s usually faster than me. Not that he appeared to be any faster than Ian, Kath and myself as we rode over to the other place, to meet up with Fred, Mike2, Andrew and TD. It was TD’s first ride back with the proper OGIL, so we obviously put him to the test, with a faster, longer route than normal. Having sent the destination to Jan, by text, we were on our way, though she appeared have way up Halvasso Hill, making it 9 in all. Mystic Meg had suggested rain between 10 and 11 but it was a sunny ride out and we made good time; so much so that we were in danger of breaking the “no stop before 11 rule”, so Ian took us left at Carnell Green, to Fraddam, before dropping down Wheal Alfred Rd to Copperhouse and onto the Towans from that side. Where great men go lesser men follow, and our choice, influenced by Richard75’s write up from last week, was a good one. There were dark clouds on the horizon but with such a view it would be criminal to sit inside. I don’t even think there was an inside option. The food was good and cheap, with no supplement for the view.

As good as it all was this was not to be a long stop and with Kath protesting about the hill up to Hells Mouth, and that the only reason she came along was to remind everyone about the Carnival on Saturday, there was no other choice. Turning off after the Hells Mouth café we cut across towards Pool, just skirting the rain clouds that had built up ahead. Unfortunately, by Stithians we had caught them up and needed to stop to don coats. I think the general thought was that at least it would be good for the garden but by the time we got back to Halvasso the roads were dry again, the storm veering North. A tad short of 50 miles for me. Dean

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