OGIL didn’t stop at Nancegollan Wednesday

Helston Boating lake is always a good choice for an OGIL, or Sunday morning ride, so the were no objections from me to Fred’s suggestion this week. The fact that I had been there half a dozen times in less than an equal number of weeks was no problem to me. And, as opposed to going out via Gweek and Trelowarren, we headed up Halvasso across to Goldsithney and out to Rinsey Head for the long sweep down into Porthleven. Just Ian at Union Corner when I arrived but we found Phil1 and Sheila waiting with the others at the other place with Fred, Paul, Keith, Phil3, Mike2 and TD. Emma and Amanda passed but did not stop. I sent off a quick text to Jan but she was already on her way over and met up at Halvasso. I thought I was going to have to write an obituary this week as, as we pulled out to cross over to the Crane garage turn a large tipper lorry came up fast, somewhat determined not to slow down. Fortunately he braked hard just as Keith disappeared from my view in front of the lorry.

The rest of the trip over was without incident with nothing to report other than two of our number taking a slight deviation through Porthleven to miss out the hill up from the coast road. They know who they are.

Though there were a good few people in Coronation park there was plenty of room at the café and orders were soon taken and we drew up two tables outside. Keith spent some time studying his “Fast vehicle approaching from behind” device, which perhaps was not working as it should.

It was the usual ride home, muddy lanes, etc with no mishaps, until we stopped to bade farewell to the Mawnan boys just before Argal Crossroads, when Phil noted he hadn’t seen TD for some time. I offered to go back and was through Treverva before Phil rang me to say that TD was actually ahead and waiting just out of sight at the crossroads. How I laughed. Never mind, it ups the mileage a bit, meaning that it was 42 miles for me, and 724m elevation according to my Garmin, which translated as 927m on Strava, but was only 810m according to Phil1’s bike computer. Dean

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