Sylvia’s Mother*

Oct 18, 2017, 10:37 pm
“Our Girls” outnumbered Phil1 and I as we set off from Union Corner this morning. Sylvia, having a day off work to mark the end of the latest parental visit, joined Emma and Amanda. In honour of this wondrous occasion, Sylvia’s attendance, not her parents going home, we accepted her bid of “The Miners & Mechanics”. This is not to be confused with Mike and the Mechanics from a couple of weeks ago. Now locally known as MMI this is the former Passmore Edwards Institute at St Agnes, which hosts a cafe. It is small but not out of the way.
Simon was waiting for us as usual at the other place with the M&Ms and Phil3 and, with no other bids; we were soon on our way. Sylvia not only chose the destination but suggested the route as well; out around the back of Stithians, across to Scorrier, and back of Blackwater. Well, we sort of went that way, but took a wider loop, through Mount Hawke. At the junction with the main Chiverton to St Agnes road, Simon declared that it would mean getting to the café before 11, thus breaking one of the rules of the OGIL ride. A detour around through Mingoose and the Beacon was called for, which, unfortunately dropped us into St Agnes the wrong side of the one way system and another hill to climb.
The Cuckoo café, for that is what it is called, is friendly and, I thought, good value. A group of young mothers and their sprogs were present so we were on good behaviour, conversation topics keeping mainly to trips abroad, especially the M&Ms spectacular 1700m trip through France, with no broken spokes, and the two forthcoming adauxes. Is it Audaxes or audaxi and does it matter.

We did experience a bit of rain on both the way there and back, the latter being along the straight mile to Chiverton, down to Chacewater, Twelveheads and through to Perranwell, via Grenna Lane. After that, folk turned off as they do with just Phil1 and myself climbing up Dracaena Avenue. A Gin Guzzler passed me along Trescobeas Road, sorry, that should be “gas guzzler”. Why was Caroline not out riding with us? I had forgotten to recharge Mr Garmin after my last ride so he wouldn’t tell me how far I had ridden but I was back home by 1:15.



* Dr Hook

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