A Crafty Slice of Cake!

It was a good day for cycling as a dry morning was forecast with drizzle arriving at 1pm. Paul, Simon, Mike and Keith were waiting at the other place when I arrived and soon came Ian, on his single speed, with two more Phils- Conroy and Eagles. Destination agreed…. Poldhu, will dhu! We were off, down to Gweek, along Gweek Drive and up through Trelowarren and there was Keith waiting for us. But where were the others?

Mike, not for the first time, had pedalled on, past the junction where we sometimes turn left and taken Paul with him. We carried on to the main gate and decided to ride along the main road to Traboe Cross to hopefully meet them there.

When they weren’t there I phone Mike and found they had turned on the main road and then left again and would join us soon. As we waited Simon explained how we would cross the downs in relay to ease the load on the first rider and take turns to head into the strong headwind. Avoiding Amanda’s manhole and complete again we set off and soon we were into a rotating relay making the trip across the downs so much easier.
Arriving in Mullion a new cafe destination was found- The Crafty Slice! We were made very welcome and enjoyed great coffee, tea, scrumptious cake and excellent hot food.
The lady asked us where we’d come from and said her husband went cycling with his friends. Our reply was “as we don’t have any friends we cycle with this lot!”
Paul told us about his cycling tour in Corsica and Mike flagged up his performance with his classical guitar group on the 21st at Falmouth Church.
We returned home through Poldhu and Culdrose, choosing not to go up Muddy Lane, but taking the busier road to Wendron. Soon after that Phil1 had a deflation and while we waited a few tried out my new bike. As we headed home in the increasing drizzle we gradually split up and wished Paul well on his month long charity work in Puerto Rico.

Phil Samuel      46 Miles

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