Pedal & Puff

For those of you who don’t participate in this annual event you would be forgiven for thinking it sounds rather dubious .  The name perhaps even suggests that some of your fellow Wheelers are involved in shady practices, making an extra bob or two on the side and under the counter.  But then you may have got confused by some of the alternative spelling in the title.

16 Wheelers abandoned HQ and got paired up with 14 Road Runners inside the Sports Club.  Fastest Wheeler was paired with slowest Runner and vice versa.  Denise and Barbara were gently but firmly moved up the rankings on their electric bikes.  Cards were issued to be exchanged with your partner when you “bumped”.  Roy of the Runners carefully explained the format, and the route agreed in advance as displayed on the wall, to the initially attentive audience. The usual breakdown of order then ensued over why we couldn’t ignore the one-way system round the Point.

Needless to say the format of the event is a closely guarded secret, wrapped in an enigma, and cannot be published for fear of prosecution. But the event ran like clockwork in excellent weather conditions.  Robin and his Runner were first back simultaneously and were each awarded a bottle of best Chateau Falmouth Merlot.  Chris White and her Runner received finely turned wooden spoons.  Paula carried away another bottle in the spot prize raffle. The bar staff provided excellent hot bacon baps and hot drinks.  A good time was had by all and a number of us then went off for a shorter than usual Sunday ride to one of The Star’s in the local firmament.

Many thanks to Roy and the Runners for their hospitality.  We hope to have a repeat next year.


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