Another cup of Coffee

There was only one OGIL at Union Corner when I arrived, Admiral. There were four OGIL, that is Our Girls in Lycra, Kath, Caroline, Amanda and Emma, and one Git, one speed Ian, so I was hoping that there would be a balancing of the age range when we got to the other place. Phils 2&3, Mike2, and Trevor. It was going to be a speedier ride than I had planned for. But the forecast was good and my opening bid of Portreath was accepted without dissent. Ian led the way whilst Trevor showed us how group cycling should work, by standing guard at turn offs along the way until all were safely accounted for. We met Jane just as we were about to start off, on her way to meet the 9.30am group. After Bolenowe it was past Molls, across through Tuckingmill and down to the aircraft memorial. Both Emma and Amanda admitted they were a little lost at this point so a short break was called for whilst they read the memorial and took in the sense of the occasion. I had expected that we would then turn right and go past Tehidy after this but Ian, surprisingly for someone on a single speed bike, took us left and through Coombe and “up” to the North Cliffs Road.

There was mention of a new café on the Portreath Road but the Atlantic beckoned and as usual we were made very welcome.


It was snug, eleven of us and a thousand cushions seated around the one table. Whilst we waited for our food we were entertained by a waitress, complete with a stack of full plates, colliding with a “Hells Angel” at the Pool table and the following clean up routine. I made a note to check for tell tale signs on my eggs when they finally arrived.

Conversation, other than comments about the waitress and the biker routine, was mainly concerning the “French Trip” and the approaching vacancy for a Club Chairman. Ian seemed very keen and Trevor volunteered to act as his campaign manager. Well if Boris can be Foreign Secretary!

Amanda, Emma and Phil2 were the first to leave but it had just passed the 1 hour mark when the rest of us finally hit the road, due in part to Admiral and Ian having another cup of coffee, and we hadn’t gone far when we met up with Lance, newer members may not know but he used to be a regular club rider, Mr Gunner and Big Bob, this time only on two wheels. But where was Jane? How many rides are there on a Wednesday morning? We had not gone much further when Mike2 complained of a rubbing sound from his rear wheel. Trevor and myself stopped to investigate whilst the others went on, under the leadership of Ian. Mike’s problem was quickly diagnosed as a broken spoke, but even Chief Mechanic, Trevor, with his little tool, couldn’t fix it. Mike decided to call home and we escorted him to the “Retail Park” at Bridge where there is a small café and where he could have another cup of coffee and wait until Linda could collect him. By now, Ian, displaying all of the qualities expected of a club chairman, had lost the rest of the group. We decided to take the main road back to Redruth. When Phil3 rang me we were just a mile the wrong side of Redruth; he was at Lanner hill. I suggested they didn’t wait. So, I was a bit surprised when, as we stood talking at Penhalvean, Caroline and Kath came pedalling up behind us. They had taken the route along the tramway. Which way had Phil3 and Admiral gone? Ian and Trevor turned off at Penmarth, to the Star Inn, to begin planning their campaign. Kath, Caroline and myself continued up the hill to Carnkie, waving goodbye to Caroline at Crane garage. 42 miles for me.


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