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Mines & Minerals Audax - 11th July 2010
Jul 11, 2010, 6:19 pm

Today’s Audax ride is always very popular taking in both coasts, pasties and cream teas to boot. Naturally, with such fine vittles on offer, several FW members turned up, most of whom were fresh from the Dartmoor Classic 100 miler, whilst yours truly has cycled scant few miles of late.

The on-road route (there is an off-road route too) is a particularly enjoyable one and has everything a cyclist could want – quiet roads with good tarmac, amazing views and a couple of challenging hills. We split into groups with Fred, Dan Dare and £5 Jim leading out the rest of us – they are fast right now. My middle-ish group was also tracking Truro CC Martin and his lady on their tandem and they were pretty impressive going up the hills. Unfortunately I was not. After huffing and puffing up the hills getting ever slower I eventually got cramp on the final leg going up to Perranwell Staion and limped the last few miles back to the finish, nursed along by Red Leader.
Despite me being a rubbish cyclist today it was an excellent ride and in my opinion one of the best Cornish Audaxes. Jono

Click here to see the route (which ascends a surprising 3,209 ft in total!).

When all sense of reason is lost...
Jul 1, 2010, 9:18 pm

Bert has recently been spotted in France near Ventoux. Bert said he was was sorry he could not hang around but he felt Provence was much to wet this year. And him and Flo were off to Aussie land but would stay in touch, will that boy ever slow down?

10 o'clock ride - Sunday 27/06/10
Jun 28, 2010, 10:20 am

the view, very nearly, from the tea garden...Another fine day and 13 riders were led out by JB who was pathfinding for the 10 o’clockers this week. Again there were some new faces including Dave from Sithney who was sent by Auntie Gill to go cycling with ‘her boys’. He was also told to report back to Gill on the quality of cake at our café stop. We were heading Northeast for Halwyn's Tea Garden on the banks of the Truro river so naturally we headed South and then Northwest and huffed and puffed up Halvasso and Penmarth. Then it was down to Bissoe and back up to Playing Place and on to Coombe along some lovely quiet lanes.
En route near Stithians Ben had a spectacular blow out whilst skidding on gravel. The tyre was badly ripped so we tried patching it with rubber strips and cable ties but had to leave Ben and his dad Dave to their fate. I hope they made it home.

It was hot, and at times hilly, so by they time we reached the cake stop we were well ready for a rest. Clare had to eat and go quickly as she had to get to Mylor to go dancing (girls, eh?) whilst the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed some excellent cake and baps overlooking the Smugglers’ Inn at Tolverne. Very nice. And Charlie gave us a top tip - take your sweaty cycle helmet in the shower with you to give it a good wash.

The return journey was a lovely downhill run to Point and along to Devoran where Jono’s front brake broke. From now on it would be walking down hills rather than up. Luckily there was only one steep hill to walk down, Truro Hill at Penryn.
Eventually we made it back to Falmouth just 5 mins after kick-off for the now infamous England/Germany worldcup game - we should have stayed out and enjoyed the sunshine! Many thanks JB for a new, and at times quite challenging, scenic ride. Definitely one to do again…

Click here for route and profile.

Summer BBQ - Friday 16th July
Jun 25, 2010, 3:40 pm

The Falmouth Wheelers ancient pagan rituals include the burning of 'nasty driver'...

It’s almost time for the club’s summer BBQ!
Weather permitting, the fun and frolicks begin at 6pm on Swanpool Beach on Friday the 16th of July. Bring a sausage, bring a bottle and bring your friends and family. There will be fired up BBQs but you will be responsible for incinerating your own food so it's a good idea to bring some tongs. See you there.

Kath & Caroline let team FW down - Wed. ride 23/06
Jun 24, 2010, 4:53 pm

With nice balmy evenings now the norm, 15 riders headed off to Mawgan via Port Navas & Constantine. Two new riders joined us – Josh a London courier who was riding a fixie and climbing hills as though he was out for a gentle jaunt & Duncan riding a Giant with aero wheels that Devoran Steve would be salivating over.

In the club, the bike arms race continues - Parky was riding a new Specialised Roubaix and prepping himself for the 100 miler on Sunday whilst Kath & Caroline as honourary ‘nice boys’ wanted to know what there ‘man’ names will be, although Kath later destroyed all chances of being christened a ‘nice boy’ by breaking off early with Victor & the Mrs for a pint at the Gweek Inn.

After some good hill work there was a nice steady climb out of Gweek to Mawgan, although Richard one led Glenn up Australia hill to ensure he got the first pint at the Ship Inn. Friendly welcome, apart from the Jack Russell guarding his masters van with attitude, good beer and a great garden. With Josh needing to catch the 9.30 King Harry ferry to St.Mawes, the group rode back to Gweek and then up ‘middle hill’ to the main road before heading off for ferries, home and cars.

9 0'clockers - Sunday 20/06/10
Jun 21, 2010, 2:37 pm

The start of Sunday's Nine o'Clockers' jaunt saw just six of us!  Was it Father's Day, or was the Trevaskis jaunt too tempting? (Yes it was. See report below. Ed.) We headed off along the usual lanes via Constantine towards Gweek - and we missed out Halvar*****!

At Gweek we stopped, where Jim and I decided to do our own thing:  Jim had other commitments and had to be back in good time, I just could not manage the pace. Doesn't auger well for Dartmoor! At Garras we had a brief link-up with Lorna who was Lizard-bound - we went past Culdrose and to the top of Helston, where Jim headed for home and I dropped down into the town.
I thought time for a cake, so headed for Auntie Jill's - where else?   On the way there I met up with a local 'veteran' - should have asked who, but he knew the Wheelers and asked about Old Ed! At Sithney I met two ladies and their bikes, who asked whether I had earned the enormous piece of Victoria Sponge - er, probably not!  I did point out that a certain Wheeler would probably have gone for a second!

A new experience for me: Trevor was in the garden playing with his trains, watched by all the birds in Sithney.  Auntie Jill did look suitably recovered, which is good, and said she hoped to see all of her Boys (and Gals) soon.  I returned gently via Nancegollan, Porkellis, Penmarth, Bissoe and Point.  As has been the case this year - the local wild flowers are still in full bloom: makes any ride so worthwhile.  You never regret going! Dan Dare

10 o'clock ride - Sunday 20/06/10
Jun 21, 2010, 10:57 am

Today Red Leader led out 23 cyclists, including 6 on tandems, to sample the delights of Trevaskis Fruit Farm on a warm and sunny morning.
Evidently the 10 o’clock rides are becoming very popular with several new faces appearing, some of which were picked up along the way on last week’s ride and even some 9 o’clockers joining in.

The peloton threaded its’ way up to Halvasso and along to Penmarth and then up to Nine Maidens and Black Rock taking in spectacular views of both coasts. We arrived at the fruit farm at the peak of lunchtime busyness and caused our own little bit of chaos with the panicking waitresses. Mrs Red Leader sorted it out and said we were all together, we all just wanted tea and cake and we would all sit outside and we would all pay separately. One would have thought that our lycra kit may have been a hint that we were all together but once it was established that we were and we didn’t want full roast dinners indoors in the restaurant everything went smoothly. (The slightly gooey carrot cake was particularly nice and the coffee was good as well as copious.)

Some riders then split off to put in some extra miles along North Cliffs whilst the rest went home via Fourlanes and Stithians and Red Leader's ‘secret road’. There was even a bit of a 2 mile dash for the finishing line to get the adrenaline going.
An excellent route and a very convivial ride of about 38 miles. Click here to see the route and profile.

Next Sunday this is what we will be doing.....
Jun 17, 2010, 6:12 pm

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