Last of the Winter Whines


I’d been duped into dressing for spring after looking at my Met Office app 🌤️☀️☀️ – so was a little peeved when I had to stop in Penryn to put my gilet on! By HQ the heavy mizzle became rain ☁️🌨️💦.

Only Trevor and Don were there on my arrival and we happily grumbled about the weather and the accuracy of weather apps. Why bother? Just dress for the worst ☀️🌧️💦💨❄️

Gradually numbers swelled and soon we were two groups. The electric bikes led by non electric Trevor and the advertised ride to Godrevy led by Ian. Just Don, Dean and myself headed of with Ian towards Godrevy.

And a very pleasant ride it was too. Oh me of little faith, there was the sun all the time 🌦️⛅️🌤️☀️ – it just needed a little encouragement!

So our jolly band of four followed Ian’s route up hill and down dale with lots to talk about and it wasn’t long before we were joining the coast road above Portreath for a relatively easy spin into a head wind to Godrevy.

There is a direct relationship between speed and effort and with a combined age of over 280, this experienced peloton chose an effort that was relaxed but enough to keep a lone Sunday Warrior just in sight. Soon we were pulling up in front of the “Sunset Surf” cafe set against a backdrop of blue skies sun and sea – it felt like spring had finally sprung!

Here we met up with Fred who’d ridden a more direct route and Amanda and Sylvia who’d started their ride earlier. We enjoyed a leisurely late breakfast, mine a very nice BLT bap. And the coffee was good!

I suppose it was inevitable that our ride would drift home via Stithians and the Seven Stars so it was an honour to have Sylvia and Amanda join us – at least for a while. The pace wasn’t that high which meant the ladies would wait at junctions for the elderly men to catch up – before going their own way, Sylvia somewhere around Troon and Amanda at Nine Maidens. Up to Four Lanes and down to Penhalvean and soon pulling up outside the regular Falmouth Wheelers watering hole, for a pint, some ‘putting the world to rights’ and a big helping of laughter – all whilst sitting in glorious sunshine.

I got out early for my usual jaunt around Pendennis so just over 52 miles for me. A very jolly ride in good company.

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