Two reports for the price of one

After an unfortunate hiatus, your correspondent returns to report on the adventures of the OGIL Wednesday rides.  So as not to strain my imagination muscles too much, I will not delve too far into the past and will restrict myself to the last two rides.

19th July 2023

Poolfield Way Was beginning to feel a little lonely until Kath and new rider Gwen appeared. We chatted for a while and then made our way towards the Other Place There wasn’t exactly a crowd waiting when we got there, which was a bit surprising as the weather looked promising for a change. After an uncharacteristically short discussion, it was decided to go to Porthleven via the “short” route in deference to Gwen’s need to get back early. So we set off up to Halvasso, then Carnkie and Porkellis. As usual we stopped at the Star to regroup at which point Gwen decided to call it a day and head home. We carried on along the usual route through Releath, and when we got to Nancegollan we decided there was no longer any need to follow the “short” route and instead headed up to Balwest. The ride along Beacon Road was relatively sedate, and we rolled into Porthleven straight into the middle of a film set outside of the Ship Inn. It turned out that this was to film another episode for the German TV series based on the books of Rosamunde Pilcher, all set in Cornwall.

Rosamunde Pilcher
Rosamunde Pilcher TV stars Jasmina Al Zihairi and Daniel Fritz get friendly outside the Passmore Edwards library in Truro – do they qualify for a beer mat??

The TV series has been running for 30 years and must account for the number of German tourists we see in Cornwall.  Try and see a few episodes if you can (you will need good German or subtitles) and see how many Cornish locations you can identify.

The advance party of early birds was already waiting for us at the Harbour View café.  Entertainment was provided by Eric, a wandering dog that was obviously after any food that might be going, although he seemed to be satisfied with a bit of attention from our Illustrious Chairman instead. Harbour View cafe, Porthleven

After partaking of suitable refreshments we departed en masse for the ride home. Not wishing to jiggle our now full stomachs by riding across the cobbles we elected to ride up the hill towards Sithney and then by the usual route to Wendron and home.

About 65km for me.

26 July 2023

I was running slightly behind schedule so decided to ride up Trescobeas Road to head the others off at the pass rather than carry on to Poolfield Way and possibly missing anyone meeting there. I met up with Phil1 just before the hospital and we rode together to Bickland Hill,  arriving at the lane from the church just in time to catch Steve and Paul coming up from Poolfield Way. This was Paul’s first outing with the club since his op, and only (I think) the second or third time on the bike (other than the turbo trainer). Adrian turned up while we were chatting, and despite Paul’s plea to go easy on him set a blistering pace up to the Other Place. The weather became distinctly mizzley and we were not entirely surprised to find the other place deserted. Our illustrious chairman had already messaged to say that he would not be out on account of the rain, which did elicit a few comments. The day was becoming increasingly a paradigmatic Miss Molly’s day, but as we had visited that esteemed establishment fairly recently we decided instead to head towards the new café by the hospital at Barncoose. We headed off intending to ride over Carnmenellis and on to Troon, but just after turning right before Carnkie hill the mizzle turned into drizzle which graduated to a fine rain, which then became very wetting. We stopped at Penmarth and donned rain jackets, but we were feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. When somebody suggested that we could simply roll up the road to Stithians Water Sports centre and get a warming drink no discussion was needed and we set off. We arrived at the Wild Vibes café to find it virtually deserted with a notice on the door announcing that the kitchen was closed.  We almost panicked and left in search of alternative sustenance, but it turned out that drinks and cakes were on offer.  We spurned the suggestion of a lady sitting out in the lean-to that a breakfast could be had at the Golden Lion if we were desperate, as nobody was inclined to get back on their bike and ride back through the rain.

Having previously broadcast our original destination on WhatsApp, a correction was sent out, and before long Jan and then Simon turned up, so we could sit around together being damp and miserable.

Wild Vibes at the Stithians Water Sports Centre
A surprisingly cheerful bunch considering the damp

Eventually we had to brave the elements for the ride home, although it has to be said that the rain did not seem as wet as before.  We rode round the lake to Stithians and then to Longdowns via deaf cat alley (what’s happened to the cat, I wonder), and then home via Flicka.  Unfortunately, just after the donkey sanctuary your correspondent experienced a rapid deflation event in the rear tyre, but heroically sent the others off home while he struggled with making a tube change.  All ended well though.

A short and damp 37km for me.

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