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Super Norfolk 29/10/10
Nov 8, 2010, 1:31 pm

Thanks to living in Cornwall I know what life must be like for Superman - stranded on our puny planet but due to the severe gravity conditions back home on Krypton now endowed with super strength.

Why? Because I have just experienced cycling in Norfolk. Oh what joy! Comparatively effortless cycling for mile after mile and hardly breaking sweat. (So this is what it must feel like to be super fit.)
The gently undulating countryside was beautiful, and thankfully not flat and featureless, as I mistakenly imagined it might be. The villages we passed through had thatched cottages and duck ponds and pubs and churches and village greens. It was like travelling back to the time of Ealing comedies when all was right with the world.
We stopped en route for a very nice lunch at the Ostrich Inn in Castle Acre - the pub has the dubious distinction of once being Oliver Cromwell's mum's local - and at the end of the ride we gorged on fresh Brancaster mussels accompanied by local ales and cider.
Interestingly, my delightful, lighter and younger local hosts found the cycling tough at times, which illustrates my point: Cornwall is such a good place to go cycling because if you can cycle here and you can cycle anywhere.

Number crunchers may be interested to know the ride's total ascent was just 1,457 ft over 66 miles which compares to 4,646 ft for a similar length ride in Cornwall. Click here to see the route and profile. Jono

Sunday Ride 31st October 2010
Nov 7, 2010, 12:30 pm

Scalatchi, Steve and myself ( the 8 o’clock “Breakaways”) decided to take the scenic route through Falmouth, and around Penndenis and the sea front, to check out what the 9 o‘clockers were doing.
A big group had gathered at the Packet offices - but not all for the 9 o’clock ride and it wasn’t long before Admiral took off with Hillary and Caroline and I’m not sure who else, leaving the rest to formulate a plan! Gwithian was decided as the spot to head for and unable to tempt others, Scalatchi, Steve and myself headed off via Porthleven having had a taste of the large seas at Swanpool.

It was worth the detour, the surf was huge and the light was fantastic - how it is on those Autumn days when the suns rays pierce a brooding sky. Enjoying the bracing sea air, we took the coast road to Rinsey Head then through Ashton and Godolphin Cross and across to Hayle. We arrived at the café minutes after the others, Trevor, Rocky, Parky, a couple of Dons, a Richard ( only one - No2 ) but they were missing Charlie! These things happen, but Red leader was inconsolable and tried to hide his grief behind a plate of cakes. Unable to eat them all he hatched a plan to call in on the dropped rider on the way home and present Charlie with the uneaten cake. Sadly we had arranged other things ( and we don’t drop riders) and parted company at Hells Mouth Café heading south towards the threatening skies.

A mile or two short of our destination, The Stonemasons, and in the rain we startled a large black cow quietly grazing in the lane. We leapt into action, Steve returning the way we had come to block off the road and Scalatchi going on ahead to do the same. To our right was a field of large black cows and it doesn’t take much reasoning to figure that is where we should encourage the cow to go. Thankfully the owner of the aforesaid field of cows arrived and explained that the errant beast belonged to his neighbour so we left him to sort things out.
On returning to Scalatchi he pointed to the puddle my rear wheel was resting in and the stream off bubbles coming from the tyre. Too wet and too close to the pub to change inner tubes I pumped up the tyre to the max and rode “full tilt” requiring just the one additional top up of air before we were all sat in the warm, supping our hard earned ale! Robin

Six pack available (for just a small price.....)
Oct 26, 2010, 2:01 pm

Obviously not a Falmouth Wheeler. He's got no tan lines...Steve at Tremough has generously offered the club and its members a special rate for unlimited use of the gym facilities at the University. For just £21.00 a month (minimum of 3 months signup) you can have unlimited use, seven days a week.

If you’ve not been there its a purpose built gym with lots of weight machines, rowing & running machines, cross-trainers and a full set of weights. If your interested see me on Thursday for further info and a rate sheet or contact Steve Winnan directly at Tremough on 01326 370400 after he returns from holiday next week.
If Christmas is too busy a period you can delay signup until the New Year. JB

Ladies, click here for top reasons to date a cyclist - as if you needed any.

October Pathfinder - full moons, wet feet & fun in the sun
Oct 21, 2010, 4:01 pm

Sunny, balmy weather, a record turnout of 35 (or was it 36?) and a great 28 mile route created by Robin, were the perfect ingredients for the October Pathfinder.

With Dale showing more of his anatomy then many of the following riders could cope with (suggested nicknames to the webmaster) and Neil deciding to test his recumbent in a ford, the ride meandered around quiet backlanes that not even Dan Dare had ridden. Enjoying beautiful views of Mounts Bay we dropped into Crowlas, taking back roads to St. Erth and then made a long, steady climb to the Engine Inn pub at Cripplesease for cake & coffee, soup and baguettes with chips & salad.

After lunch Schalatchi was promoted to head honco for a fleeting moment but getting above his station was soon sent to the back of the peleton. The Pathfinder headed towards St.Ives, climbing steeply to Knills monument for a group hug and amazing views of the north coast – and no that wasn’t Lundy we could see in the distance.

Finally into a busy St.Ives for a Kellys icecream served by a very frosty manager (gettit?), before riding thru' the back streets to the Tate for the inaugural FW hill climb trail, a tough sprint, won by that climbing legend Rocky. Finishing with a steady climb and fast run back to Lelant the Pathfinder proved to be a great day out for new riders & old cynical club members.

As usual many thanks must go to Bernie for kindly towing the club trailer to Lelant & Robin for doing all the legwork & route planning. JB

Dicus Whitacus is coming...
Oct 21, 2010, 2:11 pm

Oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is! It’s Mylor Yacht Club Panto time again when a number of Falmouth Wheelers will be treading the boards and delighting audiences with cultured repartee and dramatic flair.

Seriously though, this year’s panto ‘Dicus Whitacus’ written by Fred and directed by Bernie will, no doubt, be pushing the legal boundaries and shocking and entertaining the masses in equal measure from the 30th of November to the 4th of December nightly.

The box office opens 29th October and tickets are £6.50 (phone 01326 377 544).

Don’t forget to book - this year’s panto could definitely be the 'best ever'. All proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.

October Pathfinder – As I was going to St.Ives I met a man with...............
Oct 13, 2010, 2:38 pm

The October pathfinder this Sunday will be a ride around the St.Ives area.

Meet at the Tyringham Arms Lelant (click here for map) at 10.00 am with a leaving time of 10.15-10.30. Ride is approx 26 miles with magnificent views over St.Ives bay throughout the ride. We will be leaving and return here for lunch and as its a figure of 8 type ride new riders can always 'peel' off at 18 miles if they wish.

Cycling down? Meet Robin at Union Corner at 8.00 am or Jonathan at the top of Halvasso at 8.15 am.

In need of a lift? Bernie is leaving with the trailer from HQ (Falmouth Packet offices) at 9.00 am sharp, so loading from 8.45 onwards. If you need a lift and at this stage there are still 4 places available in the Discovery please ph. Bernie on: 01209 862 752 first come, first served basis. The trailer can carry more bikes so you can always load and follow Bernie by car if you wish.

9.00am - 10/10/10 The Lizard - well, not exactly!
Oct 11, 2010, 4:47 pm

On my way from Ponsanooth to the Packet I passed the ‘Fire brigade’ heading off from their 8.30 start, and then KK whizzing along Tregoniggie. 

This was my first time out on the bike after some annoying virus thingy. After the usual banter and discussions as to where’s everybody and where are we going, JB suggested the Lizard. 

We rambled towards Gweek, soon realising that poor Lorna was off-form and she wisely headed home. ‘Pothole Alley’ on the descent to Gweek doesn’t seem as bad as it was. At Mawgan JB and Simon decided do their own thing and Caroline headed home by the ‘middle hill’ out of Gweek. Near Garras I decided feebly that I should also head for home; and it was here that the Lizard was abandoned as now there were only three with good intention. I felt like a ‘party-pooper’! 

Terry, Keith, Rocky and myself headed for a coffee stop at The Grange, where we settled many affairs of state. We then passed Culdrose, Helston and headed for Wendron. By now a strong headwind caused us to take turns on the front, although Rocky was a tad quick! Onwards to Poldark Mine and then Porkellis for a stop at the Star Inn to settle more affairs of state and compare past life histories. Outside we investigated a tiny door into the unknown? Whilst checking the depth of the nearby well! 

We returned via everyone’s favourite hill at Carnkie. I broke formation and headed for home; the others went their way presumably via Halvasso? Anyway, a pleasant Sunday out enjoyed by all I hope? Sir Walter Raleigh (Richard1)

Was it something we said?
Oct 4, 2010, 4:17 pm

For the second week running, only Phil and Dave turned up for the 10 o'clock ride. Where have the others been hiding? We forded some very large puddles but there was no rain. Our route took us through Gweek, Mawgan, Mullion and across the beach to Church Cove. The kiosk was closed, as was the tea room at Gunwalloe, so coffee, soup and a sandwich outside the Halzephron in warm sunshine with views across to Mousehole. Back via Helston, Wendron, Porkellis and Halvasso. Will there be any more 10 o'clockers next week??
(Well done chaps, lets hope some members turn up next week. I know a lot of members believed the erroneous weather forecast for last Sunday which predicted torrential rain all day and stayed home in bed... Ed.) 

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