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The wrong passport warning!
May 11, 2011, 9:17 am

Whilst attempting to leave blighty for a cycling trip it's becoming a club tradition that at least one wheeler will discover they have brought along the wrong passport. Admittedly, this is highly amusing for everyone else but not for the wrong passport holder. Make sure it isn't you so a) you don't have to drive in a panic at breakneck speed halfway back home to meet your very undertsanding wife in a layby to swap your passport for hers which you picked up by mistake or b) you don't have to cower in the back of a car stuffed full of wheelers hoping the lady in the passport booth checking the passports won't notice that you are a balding middle-aged man rather than an attractive brunette.

Beanz meanz miles....
May 9, 2011, 5:57 pm

The B team consisted of Bernie, Clive and Kath, that was until Kath decided to join the C team who had stopped at the bottom of the road to Halvasso to adjust Clare's saddle. Kath needed a bit of girlie company to decide how many pairs of shoes one should take to France.

Clive and Bernie headed off for a 'Get back by 12' ride. Clive was home by 11.45 so pretty well judged. The C team went to Mullion via Helston where Clare and Simon headed home. The rest went to the beach at Gunwalloe cove and pushed the bikes across the beach and up the other side. Nice addition to the ride with stunning views of the crashing waves. We had coffee and toast with beans and eggs at the 'Barn Bistro' in Mullion. Lovely people who couldn't do enough for us, fresh coffee and a huge pot of tea. The only drawback was that they didn't sell Cake.

Graham and Don had an interesting tangle of bikes in the centre of Mullion with both encountering some scrapes. No major injuries luckily. With a quick look at Mullion Harbour and it was back via St Martin and Gweek. Tail wind on the way back which was lovely, no rain and lots of sunshine. 44 or so miles I think. Thanks Don for a great ride. Full ride report will go to Adrian for the Newsletter.

'A Team' ride - Sunday 09/05/11
May 9, 2011, 12:27 pm

The riders gathered at 9.00am at the usual rendezvous, Don G announced his intention to ride to Gunwalloe so he gathered up the “C” team and off they went. Bernie sorted out the “B” team and off they went which left the “A” team still discussing where to go! Eventually 10 riders set off for Marazion via Porkellis, Releath, Black Rock, Baripper based on memories of the Audax (1898).

We had a pleasant lunch at Jordan’s Cafe at Logan Rock dodging the wind. Scalatchi set off for home as he had an appointment with his Van Fixer which left 9 who set off for-sort-of-St Ives but not really! At this point Eric and Ernie left us to head for home - the mention of North cliffs didn’t help. Anyway, we went over the bridge in the industrial estate and sort of headed on with a ‘where does this road go?’ ‘ let’s find out’ sort of route. Planned organised rides are like that. And very nice it was, if a bit hilly and windy.
Cracking views kept our spirits high and we eventually arrived at Hayle and then along North Cliffs to Portreath where we split as Robin and Steve wanted to head down the valleys for home. The rest of us continued up through Redruth, at the top of Lanner we saw Robin in front and shouted out but he didn’t hear, mainly because the WIND was incredibly strong against us. Funny that anyway. Robin 2 pursued him towards Lanner and the remaining 4 continued toward Stithians at a very slow pace because the WIND was trying to blow us back.
Said bye to Jim at Stithians crossroads and bye to Dale and Richard 2 at bottom of Halvasso. 68 miles of hills against what seemed like a headwind all day. Great ride. Great company. Fred

Rides information
Apr 29, 2011, 11:25 am

Please note that there are 3 Sunday rides starting at 09.00hrs at Falmouth Packet offices. The rides range from 50-60 miles and sometimes challenging to 25-30 miles and mostly easy. If you haven't been out with us before just turn up around 08.45hrs, you'll be most welcome. There are still nice 'n easy 10 o'clock rides for those that can't make the 9 o'clock start.

Easter Roastie Ride to the Star Inn
Apr 21, 2011, 5:59 pm

In true Wheelers fashion the 2010 Christmas roast potato run is this coming Easter Sunday. (You know - a bit like the 9.30 ride leaving at 9.00...............)  Meet at your preferred riding time at HQ and plan your route to arrive at the Star Inn at Porkellis for midday. 

Good weather has been laid on so Schlatchi doesn't get frostbite in his tootsies, Admiral fresh from hotter climes (no, not Cornwall...) should be sporting an all over tan, Louise's famous roast potatoes will be readily available and the Betty Stoggs is ready for pouring.

Try and make it if you can - it should be a good club ride out west and an enjoyable social.

Audax day donations
Apr 19, 2011, 12:04 pm

We're very pleased to report that £125 was collected for tea and cake during the club's Audax day and, as requested by Paul, will be donated to the British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all members and visitors who contributed and many thanks to all the tea makers, cake makers and grub suppliers.

(Hopefully some ride reports will follow when everyone has recovered from all the excitement...Ed)

The Famous Five Go to St Ives - 9 o'clockers 10th April
Apr 11, 2011, 10:37 am

Sorry to misquote you Enid, perhaps I should say the Famous Four and Tail-end Charlie?
Some of the ‘usual suspects’ assembled at the Packet offices at 9am on a perfect Sunday morning – without a cloud in the sky.  Yes, we heard the usual cry: ‘where is everybody?’  It was a true mixed bag – 9 o’clockers and 10 o’clockers, or were they the 9.30 gang doing a 9 o’clock?  Anyway, whatever – the latter left first soon followed by the afore-mentioned Five.  We had decided on Perranporth – so I thought, but that became St Ives. Someone said it was on the same coast so what’s the difference?  Actually, quite a few miles!

We caught up with the others in Budock Water, but were soon on our own through Lamanva and then the ‘infamous’ Halvar***ole; the Five being Fred, Jim, Ian (on a posh new turbocharged Boardman), Richards 2 and 1.  We stuck to the familiar route via Penmarth and Carnmenellis.  Jim and I spotted Devoran Steve ahead, although at first we thought it can’t be, but it was; and he stayed with us until Black Rock – where we met the Snowman.  Briefly we were seven, but the latter two were doing their own thing, so the Five continued via Praze to Leedstown where Richard 2 wanted to sniff some serious Jaguar leather.  Although an E-type left just as we arrived, he had to make do with a quick peek thru’ the window.  Somewhere we passed some Cyclelogic riders and then Penzance Wheelers.

We headed down to St Erth and then along to Lelant.  I had hoped we would drift through by the Saltings; but no, they were having none of that and went for the long drag up to Halsetown.  I lost the plot on the first little nip and had to crawl to the top as the other four waited!  It was then down into St Ives where there was a brief loss of Jim, but eventually we assembled at Porthminster Beach for the grub stop.  Richard 2 wanted to go for a paddle but didn’t.  Ian wanted to find the loo and nearly didn’t.  We were entertained by the antics of Orlando on the beach: a lion-clipped Standard Poodle who strutted his stuff for everyone.
Suddenly Fred remembered that nasty hill up and under the railway, and only he actually made it up, I think(?).  We headed up and away from St Ives and then down past the golf course and the Saltings and into Hayle via the estuary and then left to follow the back route to Connor Downs – again, I temporarily died and they had to wait!  We continued via Baripper, Treslothen, Troon, Bolenowe and up and over Carnmenellis to various homes.

Plenty of banter en-route – subjects included Names, Deltics and other things! Distance covered: 60 miles or so, depending on your start and way home.  Sorry chaps for the various hold-ups by your scribe for the day! Richard 1 or DD

Altitude to Altitude - Sunday 10 o'clockers 03/04/11
Apr 9, 2011, 9:42 am

After a steady climb up Treluswell, temperatures were rising and at the top people started to shed clothing (I don't mean a striptease show, it was a bit early for that) then we met Dave M at Devoran, which upped the decibels conversation wise.
On the ferry going over to the Roseland Dave advised everyone to get in a low gear, which they duly did, apart from him! You can imagine a crashing of gears and the expletives.

The long climb off the ferry to Ruan High Lanes seems to go on forever, but it wasn’t far to the cake stop, although the approach is a very steep hill with a hairpin bend halfway down. Melinsey Mill is in a beautiful setting, nestling in a valley with tables and chairs by a pond and surrounded by the sounds of nature.
After a testing climb out, it was then through the pretty village of Veryan with the thatched roundhouses, followed by a long downhill run to Tregony and a left turn to Ruan Lanihorne where heron were spotted by the river.

We finally reached the road down to the ferry with very sore legs, apart from Sharon and Graham. While crossing over on the ferry we did assure Lorna (who had been behaving admirably ) that this would be her last climb of the day. She in turn did assure me that she would still be speaking to me. A very enjoyable day, good company and nice weather, apart from the rain whilst on the ferry. Especially well done Lorna, Liz and Clare. Don G

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