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Lizard Loopinesss - July 31st
Aug 8, 2011, 5:19 pm

Riding to the start at Carnon Downs, I was passed first by Amanda in her car then by Dale in his. Were they early for the 100k or late for the 200? It turned out to be the latter.

The first few miles of the 100k to Chacewater were sort of flattish, making it easier for the old legs to get the hang of working. Fred and I were joined by Steve 'Ironman' Lightfoot, I think he and Jill have been practising. The hills started at Chacewater, up and over to Carharrack then up to Fourlanes. At Nine Maidens our ride was rudely interrupted by a 4X4 which hooted at Steve and caused me to cut up a group of St Austell riders. The passenger then jumped out, pushed a cyclist and kicked his bike and still shouting abuse got back in the car and raced off. The group said they had the car's number and would report them. I hope they did as it spoilt the ride for them.

A few miles further on the drizzle started, making the descent through a farm where the cows had just crossed the road into a smelly skating rink. Steve skidded but managed to stay on but a young St Austell rider was not so experienced and came down heavily grazing knee and elbow. Fortunately he missed the slurry so was let into the Little Pengelly Cafe to clean and dress the cuts.
The main road to Helston and across Culdrose was not too busy but the quieter road to Goonhilly was a relief. We established a rota of 'breaking wind' with my two companions doing longer stints than I did. The carefully hidden check-point at The Lizard was found and with our cards stamped and a banana consumed we headed off on the last leg. The long flat to Cury Cross was hard on the old legs causing me to lose the 'tow'. I was happy to let them go as I could then slow down to my own ' I'll get there dreckly' pace.
The well known hill out of Gweek to Boskenwyn and the one at Carnkie were plodded in the drizzle, I should have looked at the weather forecast and taken a rain-top (but then you get too hot and sweaty). The temptation when passing my house was very strong but I resisted it and pushed on to Perranwell and the last climb up to the finish. Tea, cake and rest were very welcome before venturing out into the rain to retrace the route back home. The 100k time of 5hrs total was satisfying and the 79 miles ridden from home made the drying-out hot shower most enjoyable. Jim 

Bamboo bike Shock
Aug 8, 2011, 3:48 pm

Parky brings news of a bamboo bike! Click here for more info.

What is Cornish?
Aug 6, 2011, 2:17 pm

I know it's not about cycling but Falmouth boy Colin Leggo's very amusing short film 'What is Cornish?' has become an internet sensation after being featured on a national wireless show. See the film here if you haven't seen it yet. (If 'Gweek' didn't already make you laugh it will now.)

Never mind Brad Pitt's Falmouth based zombie movie here's a film about cyclists...
Jul 20, 2011, 5:44 pm

London based member Ben Wardle has made a short film called 'A Drinking Club With a Cycling Problem' that in my humble opinion is not without humour. I have no idea where he got the inspiration for such a thing - a 'Falmouth Wheelers' top appears in it but that is the only connection I can see with our illustrious club and our fine upstanding and vigorous members.
To view the film click here (I believe it is entered for the Cornwall Film Festival so it might be appearing in a cinema near you... Ed.)

Simon's Mines Mineral Tramways, Pasties and Puddings - 10th June 2011
Jul 20, 2011, 1:49 pm

The Off Road Ride - A jolly throng of cyclists gathered outside of Carharrack village hall, an interesting mix of sensible “on road” cyclists and “off road” mad men (and women). Accompanied by “Spinning” Rob and “Tenerife” Dave, I enroled in the latter category having been spurred on by Jono's recollection of the mud, ice cold streams and insanely steep climbs!

Seasoned mountain biker James from Clive Mitchell's, suggested we might follow his bunch - we thought this no bad idea if only to save time referring to the route sheet. However this was no easy task and we soon fell off the back - in our haste to catch up with the leaders we followed a group who clearly didn’t have a route sheet and whose motto might have been “if lost ride, hard and fast”. Just beyond the Viaduct at Wheal Busy we popped out of a side lane to rejoin “Team Clive Mitchell” once more! But not for long. In what resembled a scene from Whacky Races, we swarmed across the lanes and myriad bridleways that led to Portreath where, thankfully, the ride cooled down a bit. Out came the route sheet and for the remainder of this joyous ride we remained on course. Not only that, but we frequently met up with the “roadies” on their route, Don G gallantly keeping an eye on Gill for me.

The insanely steep bit was the steepest hill I have ever climbed, making Trengilly hill look tame. However the sun shone occasionally and the scenery never ceased to amaze - after losing all sense of direction, the route would pop you out on a high point giving you a panoramic view of many of Cornwalls famous landmarks.

Cycling with the Falmouth Wheelers has revealed a secret Cornwall with its tiny lanes and hidden villages. Simon's ride just took that to another level. And pasties, cream teas, rice pudding and cake!! Robin

Rain (didn't) stop play - Pathfinder Ride July 2011
Jul 18, 2011, 10:42 am

An early start was called for to ride to St Columb so leaving home at 7.45 a.m I found myself riding into a torrential rainstorm with strong gusty winds. I was soon considering my own sanity, something which Carol has done for some time. Anyway, met up with Dale and continued on our way. Struggling against winds at times we made it to St Columb at exactly 10.00 a.m.

Richard with his usual efficiency issued maps and some photos of things to look out for - first to spot wins a prize. Excitement filled the twelve assembled riders. We set off and soon went down a nice hill which of course means you have to climb up again (this you learn with experience). We made our way to St Mawgan and on to Mawgan Porth and a pleasant little cove though there did not appear to be many on the beach. Anyway, after reaching the top we struggled along against strong gusty side winds to a very pleasant well earned cuppa at the cafe at Bedruthan steps. (Cafe is now included on our Gourmet page...Ed.)

Refreshed we made our way towards Porthcothan turning right to Penrose where Gillian spotted the items in the photos. On back to St Columb, a superb ride and only 18?? miles although it felt more like 50. At the car park Gillian was presented with her prize which she then shared out. Well done Richard 1. You never regret going - Fred

Wednesday Evening Ride - 13/07/11
Jul 15, 2011, 1:38 pm

Whilst KK, Solo and Red Leader gallantly escorted the ladies on a nice, not-too-hilly scenic route the rest of this week’s motley crew took the longer route to eventually meet up at the Ferry Boat Inn on a perfect summer’s evening. One of the club’s 3 Amigos suddenly appeared in the form of Brian. Not surprising really, as the pub is at the end of his garden. If we'd thought about it we should have put all our drinks on Brian's tab - I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
Returning home inevitably meant climbing the near vertical hill back up to Mawnan Smith where shortly afterwards (less than a mile) some members, in order to recover from the aforementioned hill, had to slake their thirsts with another refreshing ale - this time at the Red Lion. Well, it is hot work, all this cycling and we did do 20 miles-ish.

Bike Trailer News - advice on loading bicycles
Jul 14, 2011, 11:40 am

Simon is caught red-handed trying to pinch one of the trailer's wheel nuts.1. It would help if you intend for your bike to be transported by the trailer to have your own allen key to loosen the handle bars on the steerer tube and also the stem. To save time, it might help to practice this!

2. This allows the bars to be turned 90 degrees and then hook under the cross bar to the right hand side or over the cross bar bikes with higher steerer tubes (Richard 2, Admiral). Each bike now only takes up 6 inches of space and all the handlebars will be towards the front - useful to store bikes at home too!

3. Don’t loosen these screws too much, just enough to turn the bars, and don’t touch the bolt on top of the steerer tube (with the exception of quill stems). Once in this position they can be nipped tight again. Don’t over tighten. It should only take a few minutes.

4. Any bikes with mudguards will hang from their rear wheels on the hooks on the right hand side - bikes with longer wheel bases can go at the front where the hooks are higher. All bikes on the left stand on their rear wheels.

5. Road bikes stack neatly with other road bikes, the handlebar of one attached to the rear stay of it’s partner with a short bungee cord and a bit of pipe lagging. To shorten the bungee rap it twice around the handlebar. Straight handlebars stack best with other straight handlebar bikes.

N.B. On a previous trip some wheels hanging from the hooks got slight “scars” where the protective plastic had worn through. I have cut six short lengths of hose pipe to cover these - they will slide on with a bit of grease/Vaseline.  Robin

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