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The filthiest roads and the finest cake - Ed's Mince Pie & Mulled Wine ride
Dec 6, 2011, 3:05 pm

I looked out of the window and it was ‘orrible!  Some Wheelers had agreed to meet at Treluswell at 9 o’clock for the short ride to the start at Carharrack, so I waited in Ponsanooth: a minute or two passed and down came Dale, Kath and Ian; so we headed to the start at the Mills Hall – arriving already pretty wet!
Considering the weather there was an excellent turnout, and this included (if my count was correct) twenty one Wheelers!  A lot of tea was consumed before the off was supervised by Peter Hansen: Dale, Ian, Richard 2 and myself were soon into the back lanes through Vogue and the outskirts of Redruth passing St Euny church.  A few other riders joined us for a while, or we joined them – which ever it was.  We headed onwards and frequently up and down via a maze of not-always-familiar lanes through Carnkie and Beacon; eventually going through Ramsgate (Ian thought he was suddenly in Kent!) and then into familiar territory – Barripper.  In spite of Ian’s apparent confusion, he seemed to know where he was going – we just followed!
It was now an undulating whiz via Carnhell Green and Fraddam to an information control at Bunker’s Hill; and how far to St Erth Praze from there?

The other question was about 5 & 6 bar gates: it is amazing the trivia discussed on a ride!  We were soon through Townsend, Godolphin Cross and Carleen when another turning was almost missed: how could Wheelers miss the turning to Sithney?  Is this a first - passing through Sithney without calling on Gill and Trevor?  Anyway, we all called out as we passed the Handy Shop!  We were soon at the next control at Penventon Farm. What a wonderful interlude: an amazing spread of food – including what has to be the finest ever ‘Heavy Cake’!  There was tea a-plenty and served in fine bone china!  The temptation here was to stay longer!  However, there was a ride to complete and many climbs ahead, so off we went – passing many more riders heading for tea!

A very big thank you from everyone to the ladies and gentlemen at Penventon Farm – wonderful!

The final stage was a back-track through Sithney – another wave to Gill and Trevor – and down through Lowertown and up through Releath, then more up and up to Block Rock for a breather.  This was followed by a pretty quick dash along the high ground and through Four Lanes, before a right and back towards Lanner and a fast downhill to Caharrack – and the welcome cream bun and mulled wine.  I am sure Wheelers will agree this was an excellent day out on the bike: as someone once said – ‘you never regret etc…..’   Especially so after such a soggy start, although on the way round it stayed generally OK.  As I said, a great Wheelers’ turnout of 21!  Thanks Ed for a real corker – really one for the record! Dan Dare
(Many thanks for the ride report Dan Dare. It's still a  bit long for the website but it was so enthusiastic I didn't have the heart to edit it! Ed.)

You're never too young...
Dec 6, 2011, 2:55 pm

Parky has sent us this video link of 3 year old Finlay Shand off-roading. Amazing stuff. (Unfortunately you will have to watch a commercial first before the Finlay video appears.)

Sunday 9 o'clockers - 27/11/11
Nov 29, 2011, 2:08 pm

A very mixed bunch of 9 o'clock Wheelers headed by Freds' Flyers and followed by Don's Disciples headed into a cold north wind to Gweek and the shelter of Trelowarren. The sun came out and prompted the scenic route from there to St. Anthony and Gillan, the tide was out but still a stunning ride alongside the creeks.
The climb out takes away some of the glamour but everyone must have enjoyed it as they opted to go down to Porthallow for another dose. On to Roskilly's for coffee and the added entertainment of watching Shane tackle TWO slabs of fruit tart. In order to burn off the calories gained, Don suggested a detour down to Coverack, the riders who knew the road groaned before the climb, the ones who didn't, groaned afterwards.
The northerly wind made the ride across Goonhilly very hard so the regrouping in the warm sunshine in Gweek gave a welcome rest before the well known plod up 'Middle Hill'. The group split near Seworgan with the Falmouth section heading back via Eathorne ( they had the extra bonus of another fine hill!) while Ian, Richard 1 and I carried on up to Edgecombe and home.
A sociable ride of 47miles with a good sprinkling of Don's 'character building' hills. Jim

Fortuitous encounter at Carnkie - Sunday 27/11/11
Nov 28, 2011, 2:57 pm

The plan was to go for a quick short ride but it was such a nice sunny day we went a bit further than planned.
Smokey Joe’s was the agreed refreshment stop but just a few miles in we realised that we only had a fiver between three of us so imagine our unbridled joy when over the brow of Carnkie hill we encountered Admiral, Bernie and Micky. After hearing of our financial predicament Admiral immediately lent Clare a fiver so with joy in our hearts we continued on our way crossing the ‘County Divide’ at the top of Lanner, riding along Sandy Lane and down to Scorrier, Blackwater and the most famous café in Cornwall for tea and bacon butties. A lovely ride on a lovely day and grateful thanks to Admiral (I'm sure Clare will return the favour at your earliest convenience). Here’s the 30 mile route. Simon, Clare, Jono

Everyone's doing it... Sunday 20/11/11
Nov 21, 2011, 5:21 pm

The hills were alive with the sound of Falmouth Wheelers on Sunday with various groups and single members spotted out and about enjoying a mild sunny day. The club seems to be big enough to easily accommodate all levels now.
Nice to see Micky with Bernie and Admiral, Rob and Denise, then Ironman, then Amanda and then Mr Gunner’s Trevarno gang (and Phil’s shiny new Van Nicholas). I gather the 9 o’clockers to St Ives had a lovely ride too. Jono (accompanied by fellow 'Sunday whimsicals' Simon L and Doey Rowe)

Taste the Tor Cyclosportive Sunday 4th December
Nov 14, 2011, 4:51 pm

Come and Taste the Tor - The 2012 Wiggle Cornwall Tor that is. Cornwall's biggest cyclosportive event and, judging from the feedback we get (and read elsewhere) one of the most popular events in Britain too.

At 10am we'll be taking a clubrun style ride through the Cornish lanes to taste some of the route for 2012 Wiggle Cornwall Tor. All are welcome and we may set off on ability groups.

Simply enter for free by adding the event to basket and paying zero pounds! turn up from 9am, in good time to collect a route/instruction sheet, and we'll see you there.
Click here for more information.

Quiz Night
Oct 31, 2011, 3:21 pm

It's time for laughter and tears again.
As usual there will be prizes and pasties as well as a raffle. Teams of four, 7.30 for 8pm at Woodlane Social Club on Thursday 10th November. Free entry. See you all there...

Why do you need to wear a helmet?
Oct 25, 2011, 5:50 pm

When you're out on a ride life can be full of little surprises...click here

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