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Sunday showers
Jun 7, 2017, 12:12 pm

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, saw it was RAINING HEAVILY and went back to bed.......... 

This can't be right? I've little hair and it's Sunday - we always go CYCLING on a Sunday! 

I put on my coat and got on my bike.

At HQ were Paul, Dean and West Devon Jim. Bernie then arrived followed by Mike W and with clearing skies six of us took off for Gweek with Stithians Lake in mind. And apart from a little sprinkle from time to time the day became dry – and very warm – so, as we gathered at the Stithians Lake Cafe, now  joined by Ian, only the sun poured down. Don 2 too.

Only one taker to join Ian and I on a longer ride to St Ives and that was Jim, so after coffee and cake Ian, Jim and myself headed west. 

We were quick to get served at the Balcony Cafe in St Ives, an advantage of being a small group. The disadvantage of being this small group was that a third of it bitched about the hills. Not Jim though, the steeper the better for him. Back through Haseltown, Cripplesase, and Nancledra to the Star Inn at Crowlas and a pint of Brisons Bitter. We sat in the sunny courtyard and chatted to the owner/head brewer and a few of the locals. They were all dead impressed with our knowledge of cycling, beer and pubs called “The Star Inn”. Or maybe they were just being polite.

The next Star Inn was Porkellis. The beer was similar to the Brisons, I think the brewery was Camerons – I can't remember the name of the pint. We all had some Bakewell tart too, Jim slightly more than us as he had bonked between pubs. Ian and Jim then ordered two large portions of chocolate brownie and ice cream. The Star Inn is a pub not a cafe. I had another pint. And so did Ian.

A wonderful day out on the bike. Quite a few hills and miles. We never regret going.


Weds 31st May Ride to Royal Oak, Perranwell
Jun 3, 2017, 12:02 pm

Riders, Teresa, Clare, Mandy, Trevor, Jim, Ian, Robin, Simon, Victor, and Caroline.

This was a fairly normal route out to Perranwell, via Halvasso, Llama Lane, Pelean Cross, and then we were there! None of the 'normal' tour of Cornwall rides as we have had in the previous weeks, they must be fed up with me moaning...

At the pub, we joined Richard74 who was loitering in the carpark 'admiring' a rather lovely E Type Jag.

We queued at the bar, it was busy as usual, got served swiftly and sat at the tables outside, the boys on one table and the girls on the other, talk on one table was of cooking and clothes, and on our table we were chatting about cars and sport! It started to get chilly so we made preparations for the journey home, visiting the powder room, which is decorated with black and white photos of 'famous' (if you are a certain age) men. Cary Grant and David Beckham hiding in the cubicles, with Brad Pitt , George Clooney, Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the hand wash area. Robin thought Brad Pitt could be a euphemism for something else related to the toilet. Anyway, us girls and Victor left them to enjoy the rest of the evening and we rode home to Perranarworthal, HangmansHill etc etc.

A short report for a short ride, 21 miles.

Lead us heavy father, lead us
May 31, 2017, 10:45 pm

I would like to suggest that our Chairman writes to Cormac to ask that the gateway near Halvasso turn is enlarged, to make room for the increasing numbers that take part in the OGIL ride. With Jan making her first appearance this morning, Andrew back from his wanderings, and Richard 2 promoted back up to the premier division from the VOGIL, there was a total of fourteen wheelers, of all shapes and sizes, who made their way to Helston Boating lake. Simon delegated the position of ride leader to father Fred who accepted the challenge with all the modesty you would expect. It is a simple and straightforward route, out to Porkellis and turn left at “This Dog Bites”; except that it didn’t today. However, with Fred choosing to lead from behind, those at the front took matters into their own hands, ignoring the next right and heading off into the distance. A mechanical hiccup, suffered by Phil3, gave us the opportunity to catch up, but it did make a short ride even shorter and we were at the boating lake well within the 23 mile limit. Even then Paul turned straight around and headed for home.

For the first time this year it was warm enough to sit outside, and with a bit of juggling of chairs we managed to gather around just two tables. Raymondo, who I think I shouldn’t have mention by name as he might have been on a sickie, lined up all our order numbers but before someone could shout “house” a young waitress arrived with the first order. I can’t remember what I had.

Apart from another riveting account of Andrew’s recent adventure the main topic of conversation was club kit, and the general consensus was that size was important. Unfortunately this did give an opportunity for both Phil1 and Bernie to flash glimpses of their manliness, but we had all finished eating by then so no harm came by it.

It was the usual route back, hampered only by half term traffic. Raymondo was the first to leave us, followed by Simon, at Chez Jim’s, and Bernie at Crane garage, leaving a goodly number to take another look at Halvasso and then home. It was an uneventful ride, Mike2 behaving himself and keeping on his bike for the whole trip. It was alleged that Simon had collided with Richard2 early on but as I didn’t see it, I won’t mention it. Kath, who had earlier said that she had a spare man in the bedroom at home to do a bit of touching up, didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get home, so I might have misheard that. Jan’s thoughts on her first OGIL ride were obvious as she asked whether there was a group that went out on Tuesdays or Thursdays. 34 miles for me. Dean.

OGIL REPORT  24 May 2017
May 26, 2017, 6:05 pm

Dean being away hobnobbing with the Queen at a garden party, it has fallen upon me to write a chronicle of our latest OGIL escapade. If you’ve been reading the OGIL reports of late, you may have the impression that memorable incidents only occur when Dean is away … and this outing was no exception! I put it down to Dean’s protective karma; others contend that he just isn’t paying attention.

I arrived at Halvasso turn to find Fred waiting. We were soon joined by Phil S., Trevor Dave, Admiral, John, Bernie,  Cath and Phil C. Finally, M&M arrived to make up a jolly party of eleven.

The ride to Penrose Kitchen at New Mill took us through Halvasso, Burncoose, Coombe, Chacewater and Roseworthy. 

At some point during the ride, John was hurtling full tilt down a hill with me in hot pursuit. Suddenly he noticed that he had overshot the turn and grabbed the brakes. I did likewise – but too late. I smacked into his back tyre, sending us both sprawling. Fortunately, neither bike was damaged (nor were we), and we managed to sort ourselves out before the others caught up. I felt really terrible – a menace to society, a danger to everyone and everything around me, one of Trump’s infamous “losers”. However, my mood brightened when a few minutes later Phil S. knocked Admiral off his bike. It seems that while riding side by side and chatting away, Phil, on the outside, turned left, while Admiral, on the inside, carried on straight. For a moment they tried to occupy the same space at the same time. It didn’t work. Admiral picked himself up, dusted himself off, leapt back onto the saddle and pedalled off. That’s the stuff OGILs are made of! We arrived at the cafe without further mishap.

We quickly rearranged the furniture on the cafe terrace so that we could all sit around three tables pushed together. I ordered eggs on toast for Dean and ate them. As we basked in the sunshine, Admiral regaled us with humorous tales of past cycling trips. Second coffees were ordered. Finally, after a full hour of lazing around we set off again.

The route back took us through greenbottombissoefrogpoolburncoosestithianshalvasso (it all blurs into one if you’re not paying attention). Gradually riders peeled off left, right and centre until only Phil, Dave, Fred and myself were left at Halvasso turning, where Fred turned off. The three of us returned to Mawnan without incident. 43 miles for me. Mike2

Sunday 21st May Long Ride
May 22, 2017, 9:42 am

With a promise of a bright day ahead there was a goodly crowd that gathered at H.Q. The Long ride decided on making their way to St Ives or at least Lake side Café which is on the road toward Vorvais. After everyone admired Trevors new bike and Bernies Saddle and all the other oohs and aghhs that seem to happen we thought we ought to ride. 

Six of us waited until the main group set of to make their way to Perranuthno. As we left Amanda was walking towards us so we stopped for a chat, She is in high spirits if not a little fed up that she is  unable to ride at the moment. As we made our way up to Budock church a very black cloud was looming and we all thought a soaking was about to happen fortunately it didn’t. We came across the main group at the top of Halvasso and here Trevor persuaded Ian a guy who had joined us for the day to ride with us He lives in Turkey and is currently in Pendennis as he works as engineer on a luxury motor yacht.. So we continued on to Godolhin cross where Trevor suggested turning right for a nice change as a route to Millpool. Then St Erth across A30 and up to Café stop where Trevor David and I could not resist the cream teas, the scones really are something else. The banter was mainly discussing the current situation in Turkey and whether Grommett has enough room in his sidecar for all the moon cheese (Wenslydale). Route home was Hayle, Portreath, Redruth etc. A diversion to Mount Ambrose was discussed as Phil 4 was suffering from a creaking bottom and was in need of some carbon grease. But we couldn’t be arsed so we all went home.

61 miles and home by 2.30 a good day in good company. The cast in no particular order were David, Phil1, Phil4, Trevor, Jim, Ian and yours truly.         

As a clue Yours truly will be chairing the meeting on Thursday.

For the many, or the few?
May 18, 2017, 10:12 pm

Well, it was certainly the few who took up the offer of this week’s OGIL ride. I thought I was going to be on my own when I stood at Union Corner, in the rain, and it was only the temporary traffic lights that delayed me long enough to see Phil1 plodding up from Trescobeas Road. “Looks like a Miss Molly day”, I suggested but Fred and Simon, the two waiting at Halvasso turn had other, but equally acceptable plans. Lilly the Pinks was to be the destination and Simon had already sent a text to Bryan to give him a heads up. Just why the M&Ms were coming the other way when we got to Kestle Quarry, I forgot to ask, but I can imagine Martyn suggesting going that way round and” if we don’t meet up with the others we can go home”. “At least you will be able to remember just who was out today”, suggested Phil1, as the six of us continued on our way along the normally homeward route to Lilly the Pinks. I made a mental note to refit the rear mudguard as the spray trickled down my back(side); and to have another look for a more rainproof coat. At Penmarth we stopped briefly to chat to Jane, who had plans to re-join the VOGIL ride that morning, “when the rain let up”. She could be in for a long wait as Mystic Meg indicated that this wouldn’t be before 3pm.

Bryan was already at the café when we arrived. Although we dripped steadily on to the furniture and floor our enthusiasm for a good chinwag had not been dampened. Martyn and Fred discussed plans, and routes, for the next pathfinder; a visit to Clay Country and a promise of there being “gold in them hills”, or at least there would be hills. For some reason the subject turned to smart phones and we compared “packages” as men often do. I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest that Mystic Meg was the smartest of the bunch but she does know where I am, which is often one up on me. Phone in hand I thought it appropriate to ask Simon, who was better placed than me, to use it to take the accompanying photo of a picture on the cafe wall, appropriate that is for both an OGIL ride and the forthcoming election.

It was still raining when we bade farewell to Bryan and set off towards Todpool, United Mines, Burncoose and Stithians. It seems a lot more of a long drag this way around. We dropped Simon back home to Frogpool and at this point the M&Ms left us too. There was no enthusiasm for turning right at Stithians so we continued on to deaf cat alley and up to Longdowns. Left and then right brought us back to Halvasso, where Fred pointed out Capones Corner. Back at Halvasso turn we continued to put the world to rights for several minutes before Phil and I gave a farewell wave to Fred and returned to Falmouth. It was still raining. 33 miles for me. Dean.

Ride report 14/5/17 Medium Ride
May 15, 2017, 3:39 pm

Phil S had agreed to meet at 8:20.  Would I wake in time?  Was that the alarm clock?   No it sounded like a scream.  Can’t have been.  Go back to sleep.  In the morning there was a body!  Well, half a rabbit.  One cat was nearby looking a bit sheepish.  The other was nowhere to be seen.  No time to solve this feline whodunit.  Just clear it up and get ready to chum Phil to HQ.  Despite the previous night’s rain it was dry so “Lemond” was brought out of the stable and off we set.  A good number were at HQ ‘though there was an absence of long riders who were on tour in Ireland.  In good voice we sang “Happy Birthday dear Sonja...”,..... twice because Sonja wasn’t ready to film it the first time.  Portreath was decided upon, or Miss Molly’s for those on the shorter ride.  Sonja left us after Budock Water presumably to get stuck into her birthday cake.  The rides were a bit mixed up to begin with but after Halvasso Paula, Jo, Sylvia, Sheila,  Alice, Caroline, Victor, M&M, Fred, Bernie, Phils x3, Daves x2 all turned left then right then left then right then left then right then ...  Well anyway we went through Carnkie, Nine Maidens, Troon, Ramsgate and Barripper.  Before Penponds we saw a long-legged bird.  Emu I said.  Rhea said Bernie.  Bernie knows birds!  Skirting Camborne and on past Rosewarne.  Fred had a brief chain off, soon sorted. Then Victor turned left prematurely towards Tehidy Park which brought to mind Andrew’s wrong turn here last Sunday.  I found a 16mm Snap-on spanner by the side of the road.  Nice one!  Now added to my tool box.  At Portreath we all dived into The Atlantic.  The cafe that is, not the big body of water!   EMU remover I thought.  The girls behind the counter must use lots of it.  Phil C however was not wearing any Eye Make Up.  He had had a fight with a chair in his shed and got a black eye.  I didn’t ask how the chair did.  Phil S decided to have a look at the Atlantic before we left.  It looked to me like the sand was in.  There was a crash.  Phil had forgotten to unclip from his pedal and had a bloody knee.  Now we had two wounded Phils.  Watch out Phil E in case its three!  As we left Portreath heading towards Bridge we greeted Denise who was on her bike on the other side of the road.  Bernie was “tour fit” after his successful classic motor tour around northern Spain in his trusty Triumph Stag.  Somewhere on the return leg from Portreath he made his own break for home, as did Sylvia just before we joined the tramway cycle path.  On this excursion off the tarmac we kept strict single file to avoid collision with the numerous cyclists going in the opposite direction.  Weaving around the staggered gates challenged M&M on the tandem.  What’s needed is a tandem that bends in the middle!  Bumping along the piste on her skinny tired road bike, what Caroline needed was a smooth road.   After the cycle path it was the familiar route through Scorrier, Mount Ambrose, Penhalvean and Stithians.  Just to be different, we turned right here to be rewarded by a steep uphill slog in company of a pick-up and trailer, a van laying smoke and diesel fumes and numerous other less than considerate drivers.  Sheila, Caroline, Victor and the M&Ms went straight on as the rest of us peeled right to return down Halvasso and home.   50 miles today said Phil. 



Another OGIL report
May 13, 2017, 11:49 am

You may have read various ride reports whilst I have been away of catastrophic mishaps suffered by OGIL, and guests, during their Wednesday morning rides. There have been, allegedly, near death experiences; long verge-side vigils awaiting the arrival of an ambulance directed from somewhere in Yorkshire; one of our former colonial brethren, wing mirror firmly clutched in hand, doing cartwheels across the road; single speed tandems limping home. Alas, I have to inform you that this was all fake news, alternative concocted by those hoping to oust yours truly from this column. Today, I can truthfully report, as on all OGIL rides, nothing happened. That’s right, nothing happened; you might just as well go make a cup of tea or get on with the housework. But for those interested in the banal details here they are.

As usual we set out from Union Corner, at 8.53, delayed a little by a coach and mobile crane, increased in numbers at Halvasso turn and all 9 of us, Kath, Phils 1& 3, Fred, Raymondo, TD, John, Mike and myself, headed up Halvasso hill on route to Loe Beach. Fred provided strong and stable leadership; there were no U turns. It was a fairly short ride, not particularly fast nor slow, and took us down to the Greek Church, the mud has dried up, out to Barncoose, Gwenap, Bissoe, Playing Place and down to Loe Beach. It might be worth noting that the beach café is now under new management, who were pleasant, not fazed by off menu requests, such as egg on toast, and is still reasonably priced, if not more so. We sat outside, enjoying the view over the river. The General election may have been mentioned but Raymond’s bike seemed to be the main topic on the table I sat at. There was the hill climb afterwards, but the least said about that the better. The return journey was, of course, down to Point and along to Devoran, then hangman’s hill and on home. That was it really. 33 miles for me. Dean

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