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Watch out for lorry blind spots!
Aug 9, 2012, 9:13 am

Every cyclist should know not to come up on the inside of a lorry at a junction but this short demonstration on YouTube of just how blind a lorry driver is is very shocking. (Thank you Parky for sending this in. Ed)

Family Ride to Stithians Lake
Jul 30, 2012, 9:47 pm

The clubs Family ride to Stithians Lake for Tea Treat buns was enjoyed by 45 Wheelers and their families.  Rides of varying lengths arrived at Stithians lake in beautiful weather to enjoy the Saffron buns and good company.  Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Ironman for arranging.


Sunday 8th July - 10 o'clock ride
Jul 20, 2012, 12:27 pm

Five riders gathered for the 10 o'clock ride who were then joined by the 9 o'clockers coming to check up that Simon was leading the ride as arranged. The plan was Stithians cafe via Higher Spargo, Trenoweth Lane and Hamster Mill. Adrian pointed out that the going was likely to be sticky on the lanes around Laity Moor so we took an alternative route into Stithians.

The promise of coffee and cake was not enough to sustain Ironman, who left at the crossroads in Stithians for a lunch appointment. The main field took a right to the lake via Treswithen Moor. The cafe was gearing up for the Big Cornwall Swim but we still had excellent service and we sat for longer than usual, enjoying the sunshine before taking the usual route home via Halvasso. A few close encounters along the way with horses, tractors and impatient audi drivers, but fortunately all survived unscathed.
With riders peeling off at various points on the way back the last few gathered at Union Corner before going our separate ways - about 25 miles of cycling with good company and, at last, some fine weather. Clare

9 o'clock Elite Ride 15th July (elite? Ed.)
Jul 17, 2012, 2:05 pm
The magnificent seven for todays ride to St. Ives were Amanda, Richard1, Helston Trev, Raymond, Phil, Dale and myself. The weather was unseasonably warm even for this mild winter! The ride itself was fairly unadventful (even Trev behaved himself) but we did encounter a lot of traffic on our way to Carnkie. This was due to the Sharon Woods football tornament held at Wendron FC every year in aid of cancer research which I would attend later on as both my sons were playing.
We made our way at a fairly brisk pace through Praze, Connor Downs, Gwithian and Hayle to our refuelling stop at the Porthminster beach cafe. Here we made ourselves ready for the challenge ahead, which was the steep hill climb up from the beach, under the railway to the main road at the top. This has proved to be Richard's nemesis for a long time. Off we went up the hill, was he going to make it? No, he came to a standstill within 2 metres of the top.
Personally I'd have given him that one but it was not good enough for him and he went down to try again. Up he came with every muscle and sinew straining, showing true grit and determination (especially for someone so old) and with vocal support from his fellow wheelers he finally achieved his goal. This was without doubt the highlight of the ride. Even the lady driving behind him was admiring his form. Luckily for her she didn't get frontal view!
With everybody on a high we made for home and of course the route passed our favourite watering hole the Star inn where we supped a couple of pints in the warm sunshine. A ride of approx. 55 miles with the company of a great gang of riders. Ian

'Mines & Minerals' On-Road BP
Jul 17, 2012, 2:00 pm

There was a good Wheelers turnout for this popular Audax Kernow ride, and the weather was being reasonably kind.  We were welcomed to the Hall at Carharrack by Simon Jones (still smarting from his ‘encounter’ with Trevor!) and Peter Hansen.  Tea and coffee were available before the start.

Promptly at ten we were off for the first stage, past Crofthandy and then Blackwater.  The first info. control was at the ATV centre where we passed Red Leader and Mrs RL on their ‘double-header.  Soon we were off again via Skinner’s Bottom & Mawla where we joined part of the Coast to Coast trail.  Here we caught up with the One & All Peleton to watch Martyn and Margaret give them a run for their money towards Portreath: nothing like a twin-engined machine!
Now we had to face ‘that hill’ before a dash along North Cliffs: again playing ‘cat and mouse’ with One & All before turning left for the Butney Corner control, and two friendly faces – Parky and Hilary. From here we dropped into Coombe and up to Pool: another kind of ‘suicide alley’ through the myriad shoppers at Pool Market.  We wended our way through Brea and Piece before having to leave our bikes to trudge up Carn Brea for the next info. control, where Shane managed invisibility for a minute or two.
Picking up our bikes we headed through Carnkie and into Redruth, before a sudden right and steep uphill to join the road through Vogue, St Day and back to Carharrack for hot pasties: what excellent organisation!

Soon we were fed and off again to Chacewater & another info. control, before dashing along the winding lane to Twelve Heads and then past Bissoe.  We climbed up to Carnon Downs before the descent to Penpol, where poor Jim punctured: punctures are a feature of Wheelers’ rides these days!  We whizzed along the estuary back to Devoran and across the A39, then under the viaduct before a left into the twisty narrow lanes to Frogpool.  Then we veered right at Pulla Cross before the final climb to Carharrack and cream tea & rice pudding.
Once again an excellent event – thank you Simon and team.  Four of us then popped down to the Fox & Hounds at Comford to reminisce the days riding. Richard1

Wheelers night out at the Lizard
Jul 16, 2012, 7:32 pm

Wheelers at the Polpeor cafe on our annual summer visit to the Lizard. The meal was excellent and enjoyed by all. We watched the sun setting before leaving for home at 9ish. A big thank you to Peter Hendy and his staff who looked after us so well.

Who ate all the cake? - Sunday 15th July
Jul 16, 2012, 12:44 pm

Needing to get back for 1pm, I set out with the intermediate ride, led by Steve of the Lightfoot. After avoiding a 4x4, but not a pothole, near Treverva, I stopped to make the too regular change of inner tube, and take the salute from passing wheelers - the Strollers and the Hardy boys. By now Jim had told Steve of my sneaky rest and had returned to give help. Then it was off we sped, giving a cheerful wave to the strollers as we passed and off in pursuit of Steve and the gang.

Meeting up with Trevano Dave near Gweek we short cut Gear Farm but rejoined the route around the creeks and to St Keverne and Roskillys. Surprise surprise, no sight of either Steve's merry men or Don G's miscellany. Mind you, there did seem a shortage of cake so at least one group could have been there before us. Dave stayed on whilst Jim and I made our way back, parting company at Gweek.
Just over 40 miles for me, chased by a none too serious rain cloud at Goonhilly, but wondering just what had happened to our customary companions.

Tuesday Off Road Ride - 3rd June 2012
Jul 5, 2012, 9:30 am

Despite the weather and the fact that I was at the wrong about the 'Fox and Hounds' (they serve Bass in Comford!) Kath, Clive, Trevor and myself, with our leader Simon, eventually left Scorrier on an exhilarating tour of part of the 'Mines and Mineral Railway' off road route.
It was quite challenging at times and although there was less mud than on our two previous rides there was an abundance of water to cycle through. There were some very steep climbs too but once Kath had discovered all her gears she was able to keep up quite comfortably - though she did have a tendency to wander off on her own so needed keeping an eye on.

As with all off road rides in this area a visit to 'Mars' is a must. Sadly this was a one way trip for Simon when an extremely technical stunt with Trevor went wrong and the impact left Simon incapacitated (thankfully not 'decapitated'. Ed.). Fortunately, Simons' communications system was still up and running and he was able to make contact with the mother ship which immediately deployed a rescue party and he was whisked back to base. The rain held off and with my flimsy knowledge of the area I was able to guide the remaining party back to the watering hole in Scorrier. A truly awesome off road experience. Robin (pictures in gallery)

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