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Points raised at the ride committee meeting.
Apr 5, 2013, 9:39 pm

Ride leaders, we need people to volunteer to take charge of the long rides. We are in the process of producing maps of the different routes we use, which will make planning easier.

Pathfinder rides, it is proposed to start the Pathfinder rides again, with possibly two routes for each ride meeting at a cafe or pub. The first ride is on the 12th May, starting from Cardinham woods and going to Blisland.

Cyclethon, we have been asked about running the Cyclethon again, at the club meeting the Whitsun bank holiday was suggested but it was thought later in June or July might be better. More than anything we need enough volunteers to run the event on the day. If we run it the decision will have to be made at the next meeting.

Midsummer Breakfast 30th June, the idea is that rides should leave HQ early and meet at the Waymarker for breakfast.

Hill climb, Time trial and Freewheeling. The Hill climb and Time trial will be held late in September and October, the Freewheeling contest will be on the same day as the Family ride to Stithians Lake.

Wednesday evening rides, it is hoped that on 2 Wednesdays a month a long and short ride could leave HQ and meet at a pub.

A Grand day out - Equinox Spring Audax
Mar 18, 2013, 6:49 pm

The Equinox Audax ‘twas a grand day out, thanks to Martyn and Margaret. Not only a challenging route, but also a warm, sunny day.

Unfortunately limited accommodation at the first checkpoint - Elm Farm, but Martyn was on hand with sufficient supplies of cake. Red Leader left us there but was replaced by Cordelia, from Launceston, who had a route sheet.

The road continued to climb and dip uneventfully until about half way around when Richard announced that his brakes were showing a bit thin, before launching himself on a steep decline, which described both the gradient and the state of the road surface; such an appalling state that Martyn had thought fit to mention it on the crib sheet. But it wasn’t his brakes that let him down, but his chain, on the next climb, and we all gathered to see the damage. Fortunately help was on hand; we had the technology. Bits and pieces appeared form saddle bags and pockets, a smart little tool kit from Jim; a bag of quick links from Eddie, latex gloves from Phil, or was it the other way round. I had the camera, with which to record the event. Cordelia stood and admired these merry men from the West.

About 15 minutes later we were on our way again, with Lanner Barton hill to test the repair. Successfully climbed it was then on to Tresillian. About 17 miles to go, so time for another break. Orders were taken and Cordelia was persuaded to join us at our table but when she saw the size of Richard’s meat pie and two veg she made her excuses and left.

Just before dropping down to the creek, Eddie had a puncture; soon repaired whilst some of the group, sat on the bridge and watched the world float by. Cordelia decided to press on. With new tube fitted in near record quick time we bade the river adieu, knowing that after a few more mere undulations, and rejoining with Cordelia, we would be in sight again, at the King Harry Ferry. The ferry, of course, was at the other side, giving more opportunity to discuss the ebb and flow of life and the hill that awaited on the other bank.

Atop the rise beyond Trelissick we caught the scent of the tea urn and with almost 50 miles behind us hearts and cadence rates rose in unison, swooping down towards Point, along the creek side and back to Devoran Village Hall.

As we enjoyed our final cakes, curiously Wheelers up Launceston way don’t eat as much cake as we do and Cordelia departing straightway for home. We learnt that there were only four starters still unaccounted for, and two of these were suspected of being deserters. It had been a good day. Dean (This is an edited version - the full uncensored version will appear in Wheelers news - Ed)

Quiz Night Report - March 14th 2013
Mar 15, 2013, 11:19 am

Members and friends, old and just slightly less old, enjoyed a fine quiz night at Woodlane Social Club this week. There were lots of very well drawn picture clues as well as some tricky questions about things like melt water volume formulae, badger sexing and Captain Pugwash’s boat. There was also a splendid ‘KK raffle’ (good to see KK waxing lyrical on the microphone again) and free pasties for all.

The unironically named team ‘Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and Dumber’ were the surprise winners, recieving a beautifully arranged Easter basket with chocolate eggs and pink stuff which team members Mrs Caroline Tonkin and Mr Simon Lowry can be seen proudly displaying, pictured left.

Many thanks go to quiz organisers Parky, Hilary, Kath & Clive, Falmouth’s own ‘Raffle King’ KK (Shane, where were you? KK) and all who contributed various raffle prizes. It was especially good to see the evening's quizmaster, Parky, back home and recovering from his stay in Bristol.
Word is it was the best ever quiz night.

Audax News
Mar 12, 2013, 2:02 pm

Martyn sneaked in an early do-it-yourself 200km, I think he said in January. Now that’s just being a bit too serious.

Dale braved the February weather and rode the 200km Malmesbury Mash from Cardiff. He enjoyed the protection of the main group for the first 10 miles until he had a puncture. But he says it was still nice to ride on the flat for a change.

Robin fitted in the Gospel Pass 150km from Chepstow the following week on his way to Ireland. In case he got a bit weary he had fitted tribars for an after lunch nap.

Dale, Martyn and Simon donned Artic wear for the Mad March Hare 200km from Exeter on 3rd March. Luckily it was dry. An interesting route if a bit hilly which included the beautiful Exe valley road all the way from Tiverton to Weddon Cross before an 8 mile descent to the Bristol Channel. An excellent event with very good controls at a canal cafe, a restored steam railway complete with train puffing through, someone’s private house, and finishing at a pub. Dean rode the 100km event. Simon

And then there were three! Sunday 9 o'clockers 10/11/13
Mar 11, 2013, 10:54 am

I am never paying particular attention to where we are heading during club rides and being, usually, near the back, I miss out on the repartee and wit of the fast boys/girls at the front, but when Robin suggested that I should write up the ride report I hadn’t got the breath to object. Besides, it would be a test of who else wasn’t paying attention.

With no intermediate or Don Gunner ride going off at 9 it should have been easy but the discussion over who was to lead took for ever, until Richard I lost and led 14 wheelers away from HQ, towards Mawnan Smith, Constantine and Roskilly’s, via Gear farm and Gillan Creek, and for Robin, Simon, Ian and Georgie, via one of the hillier turns off Gweek Drive. On a different day it would have been delightful. Jim and Bernie peeled off somewhere along the way. Robin chose the windiest place around to take a rubbish photo, whilst we waited for Ian to catch us up then it was on towards St Keverene – “Richard this isn’t the way to St Keverne”, and eventually to Roskilly’s.

Cleverly, a quick check was done on how long it would take to heat up a pasty, and with the response that it was “pasties are go”, the orders flooded in and the expected number of pasties, complete with trace of rabbit food accompaniment soon arrived. The weather dictated that it was going to be an indoor café stop but being Mothers Day the place soon started to fill up so by the time Simon realised that he hadn’t had the coffee he ordered, we were ready to go. “Straight back to the Star Inn”, suggested Ian, so it was on to Poldhu we went, then back to the outskirts of Helston, the wind having increased throughout the morning, often threatening to stop one in their tracks or blow them into the verge. But this was not the reason that the three JOGLERs were grouped together towards the rear. We were not struggling, just doing a bit of male bonding. At Culdrose it was just Ian, Robin, Simon and myself that took the main road, the others turning off here for Gweek, or having turned off earlier whilst I was, again, not paying attention. By now the wind had increased to the point that I was down to the lower gears whilst pedaling DOWN the hill past Culdrose. At Polkerris Brains bitter was on offer, so my resolve not to stop for a drink diminished and when the landlord brought a TV into the bar, I could see that this might not be a quick drink. Apparently there was some sort of Rugby Football match on that afternoon and having as much knowledge about that as I have about cycling, I left the three of them to it, tacking up Carnkie hill, Halvasso, of course, and home. 58 miles for me but less hilly than I thought it had been. Dean

The Wanderings of the Few - Sunday 3rd March 9 o'clockers
Mar 4, 2013, 5:36 pm

Today's ride should have been Mevagissey, but was not to be; and once again Ian misses a visit to his beloved Roseland!  It was a cold but dry morning with just seven at the start.  Bernie & Micky left to do their own thing, leaving just five ‘9 o’clockers’.   As 'Meva' had been dismissed, with first The Lizard and then Poldhu agreed as our destination, Ian led forth the chosen few.  Iron Man stayed with us until Lamanva, where he peeled off to do a loop before joining the ‘10 o’clockers’ – just before that we passed Trevor 2 & Shane, also bound for the 10am start.

We headed along the well-trodden (well-ridden?) route via Brill and Gweek. Having just passed a couple on horses, Phil suddenly vanished: had he gone back with some thought?  Phil, your new machine is the one with wheels, you know!  We climbed up to Garras and then detoured through Trelowarren – nice and clean & dry; but like everywhere with so many potholes!  We continued via Newtown and Rosuick to Traboe Cross; this being followed by a nice fast spin to Kuggar.  More quick bursts saw us through Penhale and Mullion village before the drop down to the nice café at Poldhu Cove.  Always an excellent place to stop, with a nice location, good food and good service: this one should appear in our Gourmet Guide (Ed?)  A popular café with the local dogs it seems with several pooches welcoming us!

Now we had the familiar steep ‘grunt’ up to Cury before drifting past Culdrose and to Helston.  As there wasn’t too much of a headwind, we carried on to Wendron and the Poldark Mine, where there was a short wait whilst your ‘wordsmith’ for the day played catch-up; or was that the bacon and egg bap playing catch-up?  We drifted through Porkellis and Halwyn where I left for home via Penmarth and Stithians, whilst the three headed home via Carnkie and wherever.
An enjoyable if cold day’s ride in nice dry conditions with good company, although where was the sun?  Today, I think we saw more horses than bikes!  About 40 miles or so. Richard 1

Paradise lost - Sunday 17th 9.00am ride
Feb 25, 2013, 9:13 pm
Hooray... a Sunday when it wasn't raining or freezing cold!
Todays ride would eventually take us to Newquay. Richard 1, who has many faults (too many to list here), certainly knows how to research and organise an interesting ride. We were joined by guest rider Paul from Kent who rode with us last year and is very a able rider especially on the hills. Also riding with the wheelers for the 1st time was Georgie who was so young she must have brought the average age of todays riders down to 65! Not forgetting Sue (likes to be known as Susan) it was good to have 2 lady riders going the distance and equal, if not better, than some of their male counterparts.
We followed the usual route to the Norway and through suicide alley to Devoran were we picked up Lance, or I think we did. There seemed some confusion by the time we arrived in Truro. We weren't all there, which is the norm for us. No Lance, no Dean and Helston Trev had turned back, maybe due to an injury falling off his bike when his medication kicked in after leaving the Lion and Lamb at Ashton to return home from last Sundays ride.
 We continued from Truro to Trispen along the main road, which was not the most pleasant part of the ride, probably on a par with suicide alley. On through Mitchell towards Porth and Newquay following some new and uncharted roads for many of us. Robin is not the only one to find new hills is he Richard? Not only hills but also a rushing ford which some of us rode through and the wimps went over the bridge.
We stopped for the customary cafe break at Newquay boating lake where various sandwiches, soup and cake were consumed sitting outside in the nearly warm sunshine. At this point Robin and Simon had to leave us. They seemed quite upset as obviously they wanted to complete the ride with the rest of us but had to meet their wives for lunch at the nearby Smugglers inn. Making it seem like some kind of chore they had to appear dutiful husbands.
Nine of us departed Newquay making our way back via Crantock, Cubert and Perranporth to chiverton where we split into 2 groups, Fred, Jim and myself riding to Scorrier and home and rest towards Bissoe and onto Falmouth.  A very enjoyable day with new friends, Susan and a load of old gits and thankyou to Richard 1, you are a legend (but not for the right reasons!). Ian

Marazion and beyond... 3rd Feb 2013
Feb 14, 2013, 4:04 pm

“They’re heading for Porthleven” shouted Don, himself heading in a different direction. I quickly latched onto the back of the 9 o’clockers other group as we took the Constantine diversion. After a lightening puncture repair eclipsing totally the FW record by light years we continued to Gweek but without Phil Eagles. His bike was telling him it was not his day and so he abandoned. Not a bad idea, given the murky and wet conditions which were to persist all day.

On through Mellangoose and Helston, but there was no sign of any of the Helston boys. Was it a hangover....? Taking the back road into Porthleven from Penrose the sight of the stormy sea was spectacular. Richard 2 took us on a tour of the back alleys of the village until the call of nature in the peleton made us stop in a quaint street called The Gue. On past “The Ship” without a pause we climbed steadily to Rinsey and on through Balwest and Millpool to Marazion for a well earned hot drink and hot baguette. Ian had arrived earlier to join us. We sat and admired David Millar’s frame in Garmin colours, as ridden by him in Paris-Roubaix, but now ridden by our guest rider for the day from Hampshire, who is working down here. He got it on ebay and it is the genuine article, number and all, and made specifically for the cobbles!

The group shrank as Phil “Van Nicholas”, Graham, Richard 2, and our Hampshire friend peeled off for home. The survivors - Sue, Martyn, Nigel, Robin, Ian and myself – pressed on to Gulval and then on up the Trevaylor valley towards the north coast. This valley is a delight to climb, even on a soggy day like this. The incline is steady, apart from one nip, and we had a raging brook in full spate for company all the way up, three abreast and generally getting silly as the talk turned to buying a new leg on ebay. No surprise then that the generally unremarkable brow of the climb has now been named the Col du Tete du Gurnard. There below us in the windswept landscape lay the Gurnard’s Head Hotel, where a stop has in the past been permitted and ale consumed, but not today.

Now the wind was behind us and the pace quickened, on past Zennor and up past the Eagle’s Nest and another spectacular view despite the bad conditions. Swooping down from the Nest and through Towednack a rapid descent was made down to Lelant and Hayle. A hard chase followed along the North Cliffs to Illogan Downs and then finally the last and hard climb up to Four Lanes. More peeled off until there were three who enjoyed a well earned pint by the cosy fireside at the Golden Lion by Stithians Lake.

An excellent and enjoyable 65 miles from HQ. Quality miles! Simon J

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