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100 miles can be done with fun...
Jun 25, 2013, 11:34 am

Robin’s invitation to accomplish 100 miles (plus) on an ordinary Sunday ride was tempting enough to entice 13 people to give it a go. There were promises of coffee stops every 20 miles or so, and what’s more the SPEED (that word that might give it all away) would be limited, governed even to 11 to 12mph. Was this too good to be true?

The FW Thirteen set off from Trevennan at 9am. They were Dale, Shane, Helston Trevor, Trevarno Dave, Jim, Amanda, Nick, Ian, Mike, Phil Eagles and Phil Conroy, Robin and myself. We included five riders who had never done 100 miles before. The usual cool wind was blowing but it looked as if it would stay dry. We headed across to the north coast taking in the climb of Ashill, where I tried to do my bit of convincing everyone that this would be the worst hill of the day, but those who listened did not seem convinced. Hell’s Mouth café appeared after 14 miles and – what?? – we stopped for refreshment. The pace seemed to be suiting everyone so far, enabling us to ride together without too much difficulty.

We stopped in St Just after a further 22 miles at the Book Café for lunch. By now it had warmed up and we – or six of us at least - were looking resplendent in our Team FW jerseys. The rest of the motley crew had to sit at a separate table and wait while we got served first. No complaints now!

Pressing on to Lands End we didn’t actually go there but branched off towards Trevescan. Two mutineers decided they needed to check Lands End was still there. They caught up with the others in Mousehole as they were about to enter the Ship Inn (another 22 miles made it 60 miles). The sun was out and the wind had dropped. We rode on steadily via Rinsey to Porthleven for an ice cream stop. At Helston Trevarno Dave and Jim peeled off. The rest had another little ice cream stop in the sun at Poldhu Cove (80 miles) before we crossed the Lizard to Coverack. We paused here again to regroup and to take in the picture of the cove and the boats bobbing in the small harbour in the evening sun.

We got to Gweek (100 miles) just after 7pm and all enjoyed a well earned pint, before the last four miles (gently) uphill back to the vehicles. Congratulations to the two Phils, Shane, Mike and Nick for completing their first 100 mile ride. None of them seemed exhausted with the effort, but more importantly they all seemed to have enjoyed the day. We had taken just over ten hours to do the 100 miles including five stops.

Thanks again to Robin for organising us, cajoling us, sorting out the mechanicals (including his own) and being his usual self! Long distance doesn’t seem so daunting when ridden like this. I hope more members will give it a go on the next 100 miler –and more ladies next time, says Amanda! Here, here, say the boys! Simon

Red Leaders End to End
Jun 15, 2013, 1:12 pm

As most will know by now I am undertaking the End to End this June.  I will be raising as much as I can for the Motor Neurone Disease Association( Cornwall Branch).

This is something close to Karen and myself as our good friend and neighbour Brian (Rancher) Stephens has been diagnosed with this illness.

To this end I have set up a just giving page to accept donations. If any members wish to donate please follow this link>>>. If this is confusing I will have the tried and trusted sponsor forms which you can use for your donation.

Many thanks to all who supported the Disco and Pasty evening.

Karen is organising a Bake It day on 22nd June from 10 am to 3 pm.  All are welcome to drop in for a Cuppa and piece of Cake, and of course to put some more money in the pot.

Red Leader

A Wheelers 100
Jun 3, 2013, 8:00 pm

If you have ever toyed with the idea of cycling a 100 miles in a day but have always felt that it would be beyond you, you might be interested in a ride this coming Sunday.

We will ride the route of the Lands End 100, starting at Trevennan, where the route from Gweek crosses the A394 ( the main road to Helston ) heading towards Wendron. Beyond the crossroads, after the garage, there is a large layby should you wish to drive to the start. The original aim was to meet at 8 o'clock but, having reconsidered this, I decided that if we start at 9 o'clock it will give time for those who will ride to the start to come from Falmouth  (and we can be sure of the Ship Inn in Mawgan being open on our return! ) I will be at HQ at 8.15 should anyone want a lift with their bike – please contact me or post a message.

We will ride at an easy pace averaging no more than 11 or 12 mph and have regular coffee/lunch stops. We might not use them all but we have; The Hells Mouth Cafe 14 miles, Gurnards Head Hotel 33 mile, The Apple Tree Cafe 44 miles, Marazion cafes 60 miles, Poldhu Cafe 80 miles and the Ship Inn at 99 miles. The total mileage back to Trevennen is 104 miles.

There will be several seasoned long distance riders at hand to give you advice and encouragement and possible micky taking.

Those on the Cotswold trip and with work commitments can feel assured we will do this ride more than the once. I know KK was close to tears when he realised he would be unable to make it!     Robin

Helford river trip
Jun 1, 2013, 8:05 pm

Red Leader would like to thank Phil for the Helford river trip, which a group of Wheelers enjoyed last week.  The trip toured the Helford and Frenchman's Creek before ending at Port Navis sailing club.  £120 was raised for MNDA, including a £20 donation from a member of the sailing club who heard from Phil why the club had been invaded, the only downside for Port Navis is that KK is now believed to be a member of the club. 

Latest update from Ireland
May 26, 2013, 8:54 pm

Another couple of days of beautiful weather and spectacular riding, the sun has been shining but the wind has started to pick up making some of the miles challenging. A terminal mechanical with Ian's gears resulted in him riding these 2 days on Steve's single speed - his opinion and enthusiasm for the experience waxed and waned with his energy levels, the direction of the wind / gradient of the hills ( he is now f*****)!

On Thursday we did a circular route at the end of the ring of Kerry peninsular starting in Waterville and going in land to take in a couple of hills en route to Carhersiveen, then taking in a trip across to and along Valentia island, sustained by a lunch-time injection of the Black stuff and crab sandwiches.  The team consensus is never to trust Robin when he says there aren't many hills on a route, the 1 in 3 out of Portmagee proved a challenge for the single speed and for some of the less energetic team members.....

Friday saw us transferring from Kenmare to Sherkin Island (where room allocation was hotly contested - only bribery will discover who got to share with Susan!). We did a circular route from Baltimore along the (vertiginous) coast to Castletownsend where Robin used his negotiation skills to get the pub to reopen to feed and water us (more of the Black electrolyte drink).  A rebellion resulted in a shorter and less hilly return route in time for another pint before boarding the ferry.  Robin had arranged a great deal for dinner bed and breakfast in the Islanders Rest hotel where we have spent a lovely rest day.

A few of the more enthusiastic wheelers (nutters) declined the rest day and set off this morning early for a quick climb up Mont Gabriel, 46 miles. David had already burnt off his breakfast and needed an energy gel and natural break so Robin, like a gentleman, stayed with his team mate offering to pace him back to Simon. The 3 arrived successfully at the top where they enjoyed the fantastic views of the islands within Roaring Water Bay including Sherkin Island. Their return to Baltimore enabled them to connect with the resting members of the team where they shared a few more pints watching the Giro d'Itaia before returning on the ferry to another delightful dinner. The Giro finished at 3.59 and the ferry departed at 4.00 - exciting stuff!

As we near the end of this trip it occurs to me that we couldn't have had a better trip leader, Robin has made a fantastic effort to organise, coax and cajole us into having a fabulous time. The best foreign trip ever!


Audax Ride for hardmen
May 24, 2013, 3:25 pm

Robin, Helston Trevor, and myself rode the Chris Bennett memorial 300km ride from Newton Abbot to Polzeath and back at the end of April. Luckily the weather was kind and the sun shone on us all day. 

A nippy start at 6 o'clock in the morning took us up the valley to Whiddon Cross through Bovey Tracey and then along the dramatic gorge to the control at Torrington.  After some very tasty refuelling at 1950s prices, the going was easier down into Cornwall and the next windy control at Widemouth Bay.  We made good progress on down to the turn at Polzeath, after which it got a bit lumpy again at St Tudy before crossing Davidstow moor to Launceston. Frome there it was an easy to follow route along the old A30 before descending down the Teign valley in the dark to the finish after midnight for some of us.
A very well organised event and now we know we can ride 200miles well inside 24 hours which will need to be our daily schedule for the LEL - but repeated five times.... Simon (Just the 200 miles then chaps. Ed.)

O'rish Tour 2013
May 21, 2013, 8:40 pm

Here's the latest update from our Irish correspondent...

A delicious dinner of Spaghetti Bolognaise from Amanda, set us up well for  the first full day of riding (a few nutters had had a “quick recce” courtesy of  Robin last night, a mere 33 miles at 18mph, just to loosen up – some of the less  keen complained that 3 hours sleep in the last 24 made them weary!).
Robin’s fabulous organisational skills had got us all here safely and  efficiently in one piece, no hiccups, no anxieties.
Today we had a hearty (greedy) breakfast, Robin’s delayed by dropping the  trailer off at a strategic point 15 miles away and cycling back to join  us.  We made quick progress to the base of the Healy pass on the Bear  peninsula, where we regrouped, where we repaired a stem (a complex task) and we  refuelled ready for the long steady ascent of the Healy pass.  The views  were stunning and the ride steady. The descent was exhilarating and gave a  number of the boys the chance to pretend that they were in the Giro  d’Italia.  We pushed on to Castletown Bearhaven where we had a delicious  lunch at Breens Lobster Bar, some having a dark black liquid supplement – perfect electrolyte balance we’re told.
A few mechanicals surfaced (Gill snapped her derailleur hanger) and we  repaired those that were within our skill level and spare kit capacity,  unfortunately Gill’s riding day was curtailed. The rest of us pushed on back  over the  Slieve mountains to the north coast of the Bear peninsular, where  we were stupidly persuaded by Robin to take the scenic route (which worked out 3  times further and twice as hilly!).  God repaid Robin by snapping his  chain, but luckily Simon came to the rescue with a spare chain link and we  pushed on.  Robin then made friends with the locals by remonstrating with a  local bus driver – politely suggesting that he might want to consider driving  more slowly when passing cyclists (the *****!).
A couple of pints of Guinness near to the rescue trailer  presented to  welcome an opportunity for many and they retired after 64 miles.  Dave  returned early to help with dinner prep and missed out on his black electrolyte  recovery fluid, but Simon, Ian and Susan managed 2 pints of recovery drink  before setting off for a further 14 miles returning tired but happy after 78  miles to a very welcome and delicious Chilli made by Linda (and Dave).
Roll on Tuesday.

Fatigue and a desire to appreciate the scenery resulted in a shorter beautiful ride today.  We took the trailer to Eyeries on the Beara peninsula and set off from there around the north coast heading for the end and Dursey Island. We lunched at Allihies in O'Neills Bar, where most members availed themselves of the black electrolyte sports drink again. The route along the north coast was stunning, a couple of short sharp hills tested the team but plenty of photo opportunities gave us chances to rest and appreciate the views.

From  Allihies we climbed steadily towards the end of the Peninsula where we contemplated the terrifying cable car to Dursey Island and decided discretion was the better part of valour! We therefore laid out in the sun and enjoyed the view instead.

The return journey was more testing because the wind had got up and was in our face for much of the journey, but we knew what we were letting ourselves in for and refueled on cake and tea in  Allihies (served by a beauty who attracted Richard's attention) we trundled on up the return hills, stopped for more photos and debated the finer points of drafting etiquette as we sped back to Eyeries, the trailer  and then home.

Some of the more keen then swam and sauna'd before sitting down to another delicious meal cooked by the fabulous support crew. Susan

Pathfinder Ride Sunday 12th May.
May 7, 2013, 9:10 pm

We're meeting in the council car park at the back of  Lidl supermarket in Wadebridge at 10.30 am Sunday morning - it's free on Sundays!                                                                                                                                                   It's an easy ride, mostly along flat trails with a few quiet roads on our return. You will have a choice of leaving the trail after about 11 miles and going directly to our lunch stop, The Blisland Inn, or to continue to St Breward for a spectacular view of the north coast followed by a pleasant ride over the moors to meet up with the others for lunch in Blisland after riding a total of about 17 miles.

Anyone wanting to order a Sunday Roast will need to phone the pub in advance tel: 01208 850739 otherwise it's the usual bar food. A word of warning – they have about 10 different real ales.

I will be able to take bikes up in the trailer if required and I will be at the Falmouth Packet Offices from 8.45 aiming to leave just after 9 o'clock. Many of the nine o'clockers will be riding up and some will want a lift back so if you have space in your car on the return journey can you let me know, either by email r.snelson@virgin.net  or text 07769565796.

Be prepared – bring a waterproof jacket and sun glasses!

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