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Wheelers get washed up on the Tide Line – again!
Dec 10, 2013, 12:44 pm

Many of the usual ‘ Motley Crew’ were at HQ when I arrived fully intending to join the longer ride to Mevagissey.  Then someone said that the ‘9 o’clock 10 o’clockers’ were off to Portreath and the excellent Tide Line café!  That was it then, Meva it wasn’t to be and Richard 2, Dean, Martyn & Margaret also decided to ‘desert’!

With Iron Man at the helm, off we rode via Lower Treluswell and ‘Hangman’s Hill’ to assemble by the Norway for the dash through ‘Suicide Alley’.  From here we drifted along to Bissoe and the nice valley road to Chacewater.  Whilst some followed the call of nature, others admired a lovely yellow Hillman in the carpark.

We headed to Blackwater to cross the former A30 before climbing up to turn left for Skinner’s Bottom and towards Mawla before going left to Nancecuke Common and the steep descent to Cambrose.  There were mutterings of ‘I have no idea where I am’, but we have been here before!  While the group assembled, Richard 2 and I dashed ahead (passing Ricci and some O&As) to warn the café of an invasion!  We just had time to order our FCs (note the correct placing of the plural S, Dean may see this!) before the hoards arrived and everyone enjoyed their fill.  Once again, this is an excellent café with good fare and a pleasant welcome.  I think the Guv’nor is now used to Wheelers’ sense of humour and inane banter!

Steve led the majority up the valley towards Redruth, so I cannot account for their antics here onwards: no doubt someone will spill the beans!  Richard 2, Dean, the two Dons, Martyn & Margaret and I went up ‘that bl***y hill.  We regrouped at the top to be passed by Penzance Wheelers; some of whom still haven’t familiarised themselves with the word ‘Hello’!  We sped along North Cliffs taking it in turns leading before passing Hell’s Mouth café – just as well we had not planned to stop as it was shut!  Before dropping down to Gwithian we observed that the two Dons had turned off after Huddle Down and we think headed towards Camborne?

The remaining few climbed up to the top of Connor Downs and then Carnhell Green and Barripper, where yours truly parted company with the dwindling assembly.  I headed for Camborne, Redruth and Penhalvean and coffee at Stithians Lake.  I think they headed home via Praze, Black Rock, Penmarth and Co?  An enjoyable if mud-spattered ride in good company and about 45 miles for me.                 R1


Big Eats this Friday In Stithians
Dec 8, 2013, 10:32 pm

Can't wait until Christmas for a good plate of tucker?

Steve is organising a meal out at the Seven Stars Stithians for this Friday the 13th.  To make it easier on the night can all those going please pre-order their food, the menu can be viewed on their website by clicking here >>>

If you wish to go please contact Ironman via stephen020btinternet.com or ring him on 01326 319810 with your food order.  The food will be served from 7.15pm.

See you there & make sure you go to the right pub!

The Ballad of Smokey Joe's
Dec 4, 2013, 6:36 pm

Like the 80s boy band, it was Wet, Wet, Wet, and like their music it was bearable for a few minutes but then got really annoying. By Longdowns Bernie had decided that he was on the wrong tyres so turned for home, presumably preferring four 60R18s to a couple of skinny 25mm Continentals. That just left Richard (2), Simon and myself to distract Jim as we passed his house and prevent him from remembering that he had something very important to do this morning. The rain’s gone through, says I. Yes, through to the skin, says Simon.

Smokey Joes was the chosen destination, via Stithians, Barncoose and Twelveheads, though there was an abortive mutiny when approaching Ricci’s at Bissoe. Only strength of mind, and that fact that the café was shut, kept us on the not very straight, but narrow enough to make up for it, road to Chacewater. On the way up Station Road, Richard (2) suggests turning off just before the viaduct, which takes you on a nice little detour past the car breakers and back onto the Chacewater to Redruth road; just what we needed.

Smokey Joe’s has had a face-lift. One might more likely call it the Pink lady or Lilly the Pink from now on, the delightful colour scheme, no doubt a tin of something rescued from Trago’s bargain bin, being continued through to the inside of the café, as well as the outside. This, together with the tasteful Christmas decorations, and pulsating Christmas music, made it as warm and welcoming as ever. We must remember to reserve a table next time we go, but we managed to squeeze into our usual table where you can watch the world go by. I must be mellowing. I am usually annoyed by the parents who let their children run around cafes and restaurants, but the young woman who came over to rescue her lively child, bending to swoop him up into her arms, received only a smile. This could have been the reason why I have forgotten just what the conversation was about. Either that or I have taken heed of the concerns of those that won’t come on the OGIL ride in case their deepest secrets are broadcast to the world wide what’s-it-called.

The route back was marked only by the threat of the sun breaking out as we climbed up towards Carn Marth, before descending to the Stithians paper shop, losing Simon who turned off for Carharrack, and then Halvasso and home. Just 35 miles for me and back in time to dry out before tonight’s spinning. Dean

Fal Cycling Campaign
Nov 29, 2013, 3:16 pm

Following on from the talk at the meeting anyone wanting to sign up or to find out more go to www.falcc.org  A new organisation which will hopefully bring together all campaigning in our area and speak with one voice.

OGIL do Poldhu
Nov 28, 2013, 10:38 am

An uneventful ride this morning, except when Bernie and a red Transit van tried to share the same bit of road just after the Waymarker, and when Bernie and Simon tried to share the same bit of road a bit further on (can you see a pattern developing here). Then Jim wanted to show off his new rear rim and insisted on taking the wheel out and changing the inner tube, just after the rough bit going down into Gweek. Coincidentally the tyre was already flat when he did this, though he could have chosen a better spot. I am sure the woman who was suspicious that Bernie was trying to rustle her chickens thought so too. We were particular impressed as to how it only took two to get the tyre back on again. Perhaps we over did the congratulatory praise as Jim insisted on taking that inner tube out and changing it again. At least we got away before Bernie started to talk about his cock, it only taking 28 minutes and 21 seconds before we were ready to roll again. A new OGIL record, if you discount Fred’s tyre repair at Quenchwell.

After that unplanned break, fortunately Nigel wasn’t with us or we would have been looking for a loo by now, it was straight on to Poldhu, taking the usual route through Trelowarren and across the Downs. Oh, I’m forgetting the slight hold up after we encountered a Cormac artic transporting a pavoir stuck down Friar’s Lane, and then the “convoy” escort through the road works at Mullion Holiday Park.
Poldhu beach café is always worth going to and today was no exception. Not warm enough to sit outside, but we did. Conversation revolved around incontinence, care homes and general age related issues, whilst Simon tucked into a “small” full English and Richard 2, the large version. Difference seemed to be 2 sausages and a slice of toast extra. Joy of joys, we could now cycle up the hill to the golf course, across to Cury and then on to Gweek. Just before Gweek, Jim shot off ahead at a great rate. He had either just remembered he had left the iron on or he wanted to buy a paper at Gweek Stores and didn’t want to hold us up, again. Fortunately it was the latter. You couldn’t see the rain as we cycled up towards Trebarvah but the road and everything on it started to get wet. Richard 2 cut off here for Brill and the 4 of us carried on to the A394, the quickest way back, going our separate ways after Rame Post Office. Surprisingly I caught Richard up again at Union Corner. Just over 40 miles for me and, when we were moving, a fairly quick pace for the OGIL. As I said, an uneventful ride.  Dean

What happened was..... - Sunday 24th Nov
Nov 25, 2013, 1:41 pm

This is my version of what happened on the Sunday run to Portreath.  I am sure a full report will come from someone! 

It really was a day of splits and coming together. The first split was at the bottom of Old Truro Road, which was followed by a coming together just before Sucide Alley.  After the usual 'few at a time through SA there was another split when some of us headed up via Trethellan water to emerge above Truro.  I wasn't sure at the time where the others went.  I realised now that I was not keeping up, so I headed along the almost flat route via Dangerous, Skinner's Bottom and Mawla for Portreath - passing Don and Jo - before arriving at the Tide Line cafe to find those who had left us earlier. 

An excellent cafe with good food a nice welcome and superb service: this MUST be added to our Gourmet List!  They left and Shane and I waited for the Truro 'spin-off' to arrive.  That was a lot of coffee for me before the remaining few headed up that big hill and a nice spin along North Cliffs and down to Gwithian.  By now John had suffered mechanicals and Robin had gone to the rescue.  We headed via Carnhell Green before another split where the Helston boys left us and we headed up to Black Rock and eventually home.   R1

(Meanwhile, at Carnkie the remainder of the group spied Robin and John. But it took a supreme effort by Phil Eagles to catch them at the Crane garage. Lots of banter and then it was like a starburst from the Red Arrows......we all split up and went our separate ways) Ed

Coverack 9 clockers, Sunday 10th November, 2013
Nov 15, 2013, 3:24 pm

According to Adrian’s list of planned rides this should have gone to The Lizard, but Dale had inside information about and recommendation for a new café at Coverack. This sounded good so, with Dale’s reputation at stake, off we headed!
South-west it was through familiar territory: Budock Water, Lamanva & High Cross to bear left for Constantine and that bl***dy hill up through the village. Our two new riders – Ryan and John – soon showed their enthusiasm and youth and left some of us to grind up this one rather more sedately! After this we drifted down to regroup in Gweek. The still-enthusiastic ones headed up the steep nip to Mawgan-in-Meneage, whilst Amanda, Phil E and I took the gentle route via Garras to regroup again in Mawgan. From here it was onwards via a couple of creek side dips – always with leg-burning climbs out – to stop somewhere before St Anthony-in-Meneage to admire the Wheelers’ favourite view back to Pendennis Point. We had been all that way, climbed all those hills and there it was ‘just over there’! Had we also passed through the nearby St Martin-in-Meneage, would that have been a ‘Meneage a trois’? Ugh! Between here and St Keverne we stopped to observe the two minutes silence, before heading into the village to again wait until their Remembrance Service had finished. Here Nick left us to head home and soon we were in Coverack and piled into the Fat Mackerel. Very good it was as everyone tucked in to everything from big breakfasts to cakes to bangers & mash to beans to smoothies to bad jokes and so on. Someone commented about the average age on a Sunday ride dropping dramatically! Thanks for that excellent idea Dale, your reputation holds good!
The sharp climb out of Coverack brought back memories of Rocky’s heroic efforts a few years ago in a mammoth gear! Our return journey took us through Zoar and Traboe Cross to regroup at Garras before a quick dive down into Gweek again. Here there was a ‘trifurcation’ – can one say that? If bifurcation means dividing into two, will it not do? Some went into the Black Swan, some went back to Falmouth via Brill etc., and Jim ‘towed’ me up the hill to Edgcumbe. Very enjoyable ride and the weather was not too unkind, although I am not too sure how the ‘drinkers’ fared?       Riders: Amanda, Jim, Dale, Richards 1 & 2, Robin, Ian, Phil, Nigel, Nick, Ryan and John.       
About 50 miles in all.           Richard1

A blue bar in the morning
Nov 15, 2013, 2:21 pm
It was a crisp start to what promised to be a lovely morning as Guest rider, Trevor 2, set off from Union Corner with Nigel, Richard 2 and myself . Bernie was to meet us at Jim’s but we still headed for Halvasso, everyone agreeing on finishing last weeks ride, to the Blue Bar at Porthtowan. Jim took the lead taking us through Stithians, where Richard 2 found that he had shed a rear brake block, and a winding route to Churchtown, through Redruth, North Country, Scorrier and down to Porthtowan. Only the smell of burning rubber from Richard’s front brake sought to disturb the ambience. We sat outside whilst Nigel recalled "the legend of the waitress who stood on the table to change a light bulb". These long life lamps have a lot to answer for. Conversation was very subdued but all this changed when the waitress arrived with a tray and Trevor appeared to point at her décolletage and say, “can I have one of those?” When he helped himself to a napkin from the tray all became clear. The way back just had to be up Rose Hill towards Portreath, and with Trevor on his single speed bike the only logical route from Portreath was up the hill, turning left at the top and making our way back, past the air transport memorial, Pool, Brea, Bolenowe, Trevor leaving us at Penmarth to tackle White Alice, Carnkie, and home. A slow 45 mile ride for me but with such good weather and company, what’s the rush?
(full version in next months newsletter.)

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