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Ride report of the 9 o’clockers for 2nd february; from Treveno Dave
Feb 17, 2014, 2:28 pm

The message board indicated that the Fat Apple at Porthallow was the likely destination of the nine o’clockers, so I set off from Tregoose, through Helston and past Culdrose to intercept them at Gweek. After waiting only 10 minutes at Gweek, 14 riders duly arrived. It would have been 15 but I was told that Dale and his bike decided to drop out shortly after leaving HQ. At Mawgan, Nigel and Shane broke away to follow their own route while the rest of us, including Martin and Margaret on the tandem, ground our way up Gear Hill and onwards through St Martin. When we got to the Fat Apple, Nigel and Shane were already installed and the staff were gearing up to manage the rest of us. As everyone seemed to have brought tenners it was feared that there would not be enough fivers to provide change. However, the shrapnel drawer was raided and provided sufficient funds as well as some extra ballast to carry home. Steve and the main party then returned by the direct route whilst Trevor II, Richard II, Robin, Ian, Shane, Ryan and myself wheeled down to inspect the beach. The steep climb out of Porthallow caught a few of us out as rear wheels broke traction or front wheels grabbed some air but we gathered the carnage together. We picked our way along Gillan Creek to St Anthony for another climb up and over and down again into Helford. At the watering hole in Helford we opted to sit outside rather than be serenaded by live music indoors. Rear wheel traction was tested again when we left Helford by a route new to me via Frenchman’s Creek and another monstrous steep climb that brought us back to Gear Farm. By this time bikes were squeaking and clicking, brakes were squealing and my legs were nearly dead. Ian’s tractor-tyred contraption refused to change down on the hill up to Mawgan, stalled and sent him sprawling into the road, unable to unclip. This provided Shane and I with an excuse to get off our bikes and pick him up. Thankfully no harm done. As I headed home from the Gweek Inn (Black Swan), the core team went into round 3.   Cheers!!  Trevano Dave

The link for MamaC's message
Feb 13, 2014, 10:22 pm

Click here>>>>>>>

Hail & Pace.
Feb 10, 2014, 11:44 am

The first hail shower came over whilst I was sorting the bike and the second as I cycled along Bicklandwater Road so I wasn’t expecting many to be at HQ for this morning’s 10 o’clock ride. Liz was first to arrive, braving the morning, even after the night before, and within a few minutes Kate, Alan and Emma joined us to watch the third hail shower sweep across the car park. As it cleared Emma suggested Tehidy, and with the option of a bail out at Stithians, or Miss Molly’s, should the weather deteriorate we set off at a steady pace. Budock and Nomansland were passed through without incident and even a blue(ish) sky, but with a freshening wind. However, the altitude gain at Halvasso opened up a very much more dark and stormy vista down towards Carn Brea and with increasing violent gusts the decision to turn right, down to Longdowns, Mabe Hill and towards Miss Peapods at Penryn was readily taken. MP’s was lively and the food and service was good as we sat and watched the now bright blue sky. We left as a group heading passed Green Bank and into Falmouth but then split to go our various ways. I arrived home about a minute before the fourth and heaviest hail shower, which left a good half inch of slush on the road outside. Only 16 miles for me but at least it was out on the bike.  Dean

Photos of birthday rides
Jan 31, 2014, 6:43 pm

The following link should take you to pictures of our Birthday rides:


Just cycling in the rain
Jan 29, 2014, 4:37 pm

Mystic Meg had suggested, yes they are only suggestions these days not forecasts, that the showers would pass through early and it would be a fine morning up till about 1pm. 4 OGIL were waiting in the rain when I arrived, just on time, at Union Corner so we were quickly on the move, following a single bid for “Blue Bar” from Bernie. Richard (2) was back from skiing, Nigel had decided that someone else could sit and watch the paint not dry and Ian was, Ian. Both Simon and Jim met us at Halvasso turn and between them took over the navigation, taking us through Stithians, Burncoose and towards Bissoe. By now the showers had passed and the rain had set in, bringing out the inevitable comment that it was a long time since we had visited the Bissoe café. It wasn’t actually, but it wasn’t open this time either so we carried on, and OGIL certainly know how to carry on, up through Chacewater, Blackwater, ignoring the gravitational forces of Lilly the Pinks*, but taking the most direct(ish) route to Porthtowan, Nigel assuring us that it would be sunny on that side of the coast. It wasn’t, and the Blue Bar was shut.

There is, however a beach café, now nearer to the beach than it used to be before the storms, which was open and we flooded in. Even discounting for the fact that we were wet and cold the café was much more pleasant than I expected, the food was good and the prices fair. As feeling started to return to fingers and toes the humor also warmed up, a single joke involving “fish” being batted to and fro for several minutes. “Simple things” etc.

During a lull in the rain we set off once more, taking the direct route back, through Wheal Rose, Treskerby, and Lanner, where the sun briefly appeared, and Stithians, where Simon turned off and Bernie accepted the fact that his rear tyre was going down. 3 punctures in 3 rides. Is he trying to take my reputation away from me? Fortunately he was close enough to home to get away with pumping it up, a couple of times, so we all went our separate ways. 41 miles for me. Dean 

* café formally known as Smokey Joes

It has been suggested that the OGIL be renamed, either OGIWS ( old gits in wet suits ) or DIL (ducks in lycra ).    

To Blackpool and back
Jan 23, 2014, 10:26 am

Published authors often also write under another name, a pen name, and this I have decided to do, as you will see appended to the end of this report. With so many virtual OGIL now joining in the Wednesday morning ride it is perhaps also wise not to name everyone incase they should really have been at work, or sick in bed. No less than 3 of the above were evident on this morning’s ride to Poldhu; the translation from Cornish being “black pool”, an entirely misleading description of one of the wonders of the West.

For once I was on time but the showers, forecast for later in the day, were early yet insufficient to dampen the enthusiasm that abounded. At least there would be no ice. Met on the Gweek road by a Helston cyclist and then Jim, we took the favoured route through Trelowarren and sampled the smooth new tarmac across Goonhilly. Bernie, in particular, seemed to have a “spring in his step”, “lead in his pencil” or whatever the appropriate phase is for a family orientated webpage, as he was often seen pedaling furiously away well out in the lead.

The Poldhu beach café is always busy, whatever the weather or season but we were surprised to find that another Wheeler, Simon, was already ensconced, wrapping himself around a sausage bap. Arriving late at Halvasso turn he had taken a gamble on our route, or so he said, and pursued a different route with the realization that we, in the peak of our fitness were otherwise uncatchable. Now being a party of 8, surely a record turnout, we occupied 2 tables making the conversation difficult to keep up with, so I didn’t bother, I just watched the precipitation blowing across the beach.

The hill up to the golf course is no challenge for OGIL and the conversation continued with gusto. Through Cury and on to Helston where Nigel split off and we took the bypass and then the muddy lanes to Wendron, then repeating the route taken 2 weeks ago, down towards Porkellis, where Trevor left us, the main road, Wendron Cricket club and for Admiral and me, Halvasso and home. Simon had departed just before Jim and Bernie and Ian carried straight on towards Penryn. The sun had come out during the second half of the ride and it threatened to be a fine afternoon. 45 miles for me. -Parker

Money Money Money.
Jan 22, 2014, 1:15 pm

Reminder to all members, monthly meeting 30th Jan, annual membership fees are due.  Please don't make Don have to chase you for your subs.

Also your Woodlane membership should have been renewed by now, remember this lets you use the club at all times not just for meetings.

This will also be your last chance to get tickets for the Dinner Dance.

Adrian's Birthday ride - Sunday 19th Jan 9.00am
Jan 19, 2014, 5:20 pm

Sunday mornings seem to come round frequently, almost once a week. Today started dry and sunny with just a light frost on the cars parked out front. With the memories of the“A teams” mishap just the other week (trust you are getting better Richard, I hear you gave Laurence Reed a good ear bashing !) a gentle ride from Trevales to HQ was taken.

Today’s 9 o'clock ride was split into two with the “A team” heading to Perranporth, and us, the intermediate deciding on a round robin to Gweek, but not via Budock, no mans land and of course Fullers Dip! (sorry Richard). Instead we headed for Union corner and to Gweek via Treverva. Followed by Wendron, Porkellis, Stithians lake for coffee then back to Stithians.

It was not until after the coffee stop that Adrian announced it was his Birthday (I think he said 67) as we left the 10 oclockers arrived, but he would still not, in good tradition buy us all a slice of cake, especially as the 10 oclockers were quite a large group. Lots of banter pursued and discussions varied over many topics on the ride not least one about someone’s Mankini! But you know the Wheelers code (whats on tour stays on tour...).

Sadly no longer having a Cockeral which can let me know the weather, we got caught in a shower when returning through Treverva. I left the group at Argal cross roads and got caught again on the other side of the hill, getting home a little wet but a most enjoyable 34.5 miles.

No ice, no issues, just lots of laughs and good company, and again Happybirthday to Adrian. Rocky, Admirable, Adrian and Bernie

I have to correct Bernie, I am 57 not 67!  Although at times this morning it did feel like 67. Adrian

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