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French trip weekend of the 19th/20th Sept
Aug 15, 2014, 11:04 am

Caroline has done some research, to go over on the Wednesday night and come back Sunday is £157.20 on the ferry for a couple.  The plan then is to stay 2 nights at the Hotel du Lac in Huelgoat, which is about 50 euro a night for a room and then return to the Cheval Blanc for Saturday night.  If you are interested contact Adrian or Caroline.


The picture is taken just across the road from the hotel.


Wednesday Evening Pub Ride
Aug 8, 2014, 12:27 am

Wednesday was a perfect evening for the nice boys and just one girl pub ride and a still warm sun and gentle breeze escorted 7 wheelers as they headed for the “Coppice Inn” in Lanner.

New boy Mark showed great courage climbing the bypass on his new bike “clipped in” for the very first time. Later he fell at the roundabout in Mabe unable to unclip in time. Welcome to the Falmouth Wheelers – initiation over!

Beyond Stithians we reverted to plan B – B for “Bake Off”, something Caroline didn't want to miss – and we called in to the Golden Lion instead. “Recumbent Neil” had joined us tonight but now on a conventional steel “Genesis” and conversation moved to the topic of how many bikes we'd all owned – it was a lot of bikes but it seems I'm the only one who never sells any!

Heading into the setting sun we returned through Longdowns and in Mabe Caroline shouted “Bake Off” and left us (or at least that's what I thought she said), Mark fell off his bike and we called in at the New Inn for just one more pint. Seems like Scalatchi had only just gone home - we'll catch him one day.

“Bake Off” came from “Wellford House” in Berkshire and Mary and Paul's first challenge for the twelve remaining bakers was the perfect Swiss roll. Guess Caroline doesn't do catch up TV.


A message from Joan
Aug 6, 2014, 9:42 pm

Dear Wheelers, 

What a lovely surprise!
Thank you all very much for the beautiful flowers. They really cheered me up and helped me on my slow road to recovery.

Thank you once again.

With best wishes and love


Joan Gunner

OGIL don’t stop Camborne, Wednesday
Aug 6, 2014, 6:37 pm

But they do go through.

It was an almost all male ride this morning. No Miss Takes, no Miss Haps, and no Miss d’Gears. Even Miss Ogyny failed to raise her uglyhead; but we did see Miss Molly’s, and a fine pa.. (Ed careful, you’ll spoil it!). For those that don’t know Miss Molly’s, you don’t get there via Porkellis, Wendron, Coverack Bridges, Black Rock, Ramsgate, Barripper and Camborne. Not unless you are an OGIL, of course, with nothing better to do on a sunny August Wednesday than to cycle to Miss Molly’s and not be in a rush to get there.

There were 5 that started out from Union Corner, and although we waited, and waited, for Kath, an appearance she did not make. Therewere Bernie and Richard 2, and myself, of course, supplemented by Graham, out, I think, on his inaugural OGIL ride, and Helston Trevor, on his single speed. Fred was waiting at (near) Halvasso turn and surprise, surprise, Trevano Dave detected our presence and intercepted the peloton/straggle just after Coverack Bridges.

Sitting outside in the sun at Miss Molly’s we blended in perfectly; there are antique and junk shops on either side and the plates and mugs were all odd. But the food is good and very reasonable. Old fashioned doorstep sandwiches, but granary bread, so that’s ok, made up for the 2000, ish, Calories that Mr Garmin would later suggest that I had expended. Conversation, as usual, was an eclectic mix; Sunday’s picnic in the paddock, naturally; US shuttle launches; films watched, or not missed; Air day; future rides; then it was, fortunately, the short ride back home, via Bolenowe; individuals dropping out of orbit as their trajectories’ neared their abodes. For those who returned to Falmouth a short sharp shower caught us near the Green Spot composting site, but was nothing much. Certainly not enough to take the edge off another enjoyable 38 mile ride.


le tour up North
Aug 5, 2014, 9:18 am

Bernie has suggested this link for some good pics/memories of the tour de Yorkshire:


Wednesday 30th July OGIL ride
Jul 31, 2014, 5:53 pm

Lots of us gathered this lovely sunny morning at Union Corner. Everybody was back from France and the forecast was excellent so why not join the OGIL. Not that I'm sure Amanda and I qualify completely.

There was a small problem not far from the start between a large lorry and an unfortunate lady driver who was not showing her best skills at reversing, (we all have off days)! This ultimately made us a little late for the Halvasso rendezvous. After some discussion as to whether we should go East or West, whether we would be back in time for Richards’s dental appointment or whether we should bring 9 maidens with us it was decided that we would go to the Hells Mouth Cafe.

The route was fairly straight forward, Halvasso, right, first left, skirting around Stithians, on to Pool, into Portreath, sadly missing cycling up Portreath hill and a lovely fast ride along North Cliffs arriving at Hells Mouth Cafe ready for their delicious bacon sandwiches.

I think most of the conversation was about the preparations for The Big Charity Picnic that is taking place at Bernie’s place this Sunday. Don't forget to buy your tickets.

We headed off toward Gwithian, past Trevaskis farm, Carnell Green and on to home.

Richard 2 raced of ahead of us a few miles from home as his dental appointment time was looming fast. We all went our separate ways at various points on the way home with Dean, Admiral and me finally saying our goodbyes back at Union Corner.

An excellent 40 something miles. (It took me 5 miles or so to work out where the start button on my Garmin was)

The photo will show who was present on the ride. Amanda rode with us and as she had to get back early she headed home just before we turned for the cafe.


"La Manche to the Med." -- The Video --
Jul 30, 2014, 6:59 pm


click here:  http://youtu.be/Z_FV0SV5Ij8

Bedruthen Steps Pathfinder
Jul 28, 2014, 10:00 am

So as not to disadvantage the technophobes amongst the membership, I have produced just a brief report of the Pathfinder ride for the website, the full account being submitted as an exclusive for the Newsletter. With a cooler day forecast I was surprised that only 16 Wheelers gathered at the car park in St Columb, most of whom had arrived by car, myself amongst them. A small contingent had ridden over.

Richard had clearly put a significant effort into planning the route, a great reminder that there is more to Cornwall than the roads we regularly ride. There were, of course, hills, but giving glorious views of the sea and lesser-known landmarks. The café at Bedruthen steps was exceptionally busy but the service was prompt and the food would have even been worth waiting for.

The actual “Steps” are some distance walk away across the fields and a suggestion that we should take a closer look was soon dismissed, turning instead, homewards, with a slight diversion at Mawgan before arriving back at St Columb. Less than 30 miles for those of us who loaded our bikes back into cars but an excellent ride.


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