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Last week we practised the hill climb, today we went off road
Oct 1, 2014, 8:47 pm

Three newcomers at Union Corner this morning. Martyn, Raymond and my new, to me, TriCross. Being new to the OGIL format the other two Wheelers seemed to leave things to me to decide on a destination; never a good idea; but I thought the Blue Bar would suit. Porthtowan also gave us the option of just checking at Halvasso turn (near), in case Simon was waiting there, but he wasn’t so it was a few seconds to text to Trevano Dave before off we went again.

Navigating to Crane Garage is the easy bit and we were fortunate to meet up with Jim at the hot rocks quarry and, although he was cycling in the other direction, to Penryn, gain his insight into the best route. I don’t think we listening – instead heading through Stithians, Lanner and down Sandy Lane; usually reserved for the return leg. Events took an unexpected turn at Mount Ambrose, as we decided to take the short cut across the railway, but chose the wrong one.

It is right what they say about the flat top tube of the TriCross. It does help you carry it over stiles and through nettles. Being chaps none of us wanted to be the one that suggested turning back so after traversing 2 rickety farm gates, watched by a curious but petite pony, we eventually ended up in the field of Mr Angry. After a fair bit of grovelling on our part, he did let us continue through his property and down his drive. We emerged near what used to be the flying pot, back on course. After North Country it was down Chapel Hill, for a change, and into Porthtowan.

It was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy both the sea and the sun. Fortunately we were not in a hurry as, although they didn’t look that busy, service was slow.

Trevarno Dave wasn’t allowed out again.

Having had enough excitement for one day the route back was straightforward; up to Scorrier and then the usual, retracing out tyre tracks across to Lanner and Stithians, losing Raymond on the way, then Deaf Cat Alley and Longdowns. Martyn continued on to Penryn whilst I turned for another dose of Halvasso and home, just 40 miles.

Was I pleased with the bike? Well, I think Trevor must have changed something before he passed it on to me as it didn’t seem to go up hills as quickly as when he was riding it.


Rebel Brewery tour
Sep 30, 2014, 7:07 pm

Tour of the Rebel Brewery Penryn Friday 17th Oct.

£10 a head plus optional Pasty £3.

If you are interested contact Caroline, Pasties need to be pre-ordered.

Just another windy Wednesday.
Sep 27, 2014, 9:29 am

Just Kath and myself at Union Corner this week so not having to meet up at Halvasso turn whilst Fred is away we carefully thought of where to head. Trevarno dave had already texted to say that he was confined to quarters. Kath wanted to have a preview of the Cusgarne Hill before the hill climb, but “How do we get there?” Well, Halvasso of course. So that is why we stopped off at, near, Halvasso turn, but why was Simon there? Because he doesn’t use facebook and doesn’t know that we are on summer service routes; that is why. Bernie also showed up; at a place we weren’t expected to be at; to tell us that he wasn’t coming with us today??? Has it been too long a summer?

Although I know exactly where Cusgarne Hill is, Simon also knew how to get there and for some reason this took us to follow the “high ground”, skirting the reservoir, across to Burncoose and across the road to Frogpool. It goes without saying that I was last up the hill.

Fortunately the others didn’t want to have another practice and thoughts turned to cake. Both Kath and I had seen signs to a new café over near Penstraze and with a long stop of Morgans, if the first option was closed we set off again towards Chacewater, Simon suggesting that we avoid Chacewater Hill by taking a side road, which seemed steeper and a longer climb than Cusgarne Hill, before dropping down by Chacewater School at the bottom of -Chacewater Hill.

The Elm Trees Café is on the road from dangerous Crossing to the A390. It is a combined tea shop and craft centre with a nice outdoor seating area, which we chose. No bacon sandwiches but a good selection of cakes, scones and tea cakes. Though the forecast had suggested a chance of rain it had not materialised and the morning was pleasantly sunny; thoughts of a return route were far from our minds. We were far too busy putting the world to rights.

When we did leave it was to be a short hop home, back to Chacewater, down the valley to Twelveheads, Cusgarne again at on to Perranwell Station, where Simon turned off. After Hangman’s Hill and Penryn, I left Kath to tackle Hillhead and on home. With a slightly different route to avoid some of the hills this would make an excellent 10 o’clock Sunday ride. 32 miles for me, door to door.


Sundays 100 Virgins Ride
Sep 16, 2014, 9:30 am

We all met at Trevenan Bal at the allotted 8.00am on Sunday. There was an impressive 14 eager riders all ready to put 100 miles under their belts.

I'm not too good at remembering which way we went and we did go an awful long way so I think a little memory loss will be excused.

We headed off left and ambled our way very pleasantly to St Ives via Hayle, where Martin joined the pack. We were doing ok for time but with barely a moment for a comfort stop we headed off to ride the St Ives to St Just road. I have ridden this road a number of times and never have the weather conditions been better than they were on Sunday, the wind was behind us, the sun was shining and with very little traffic it was a delight to cycle. We had also had the shout that the coffee stop was at the Gurnards Head and what a welcome stop it was. The coffee was cheap and there was Flapjack to replenish the sugar levels. We then continued through Pendeen and on to St Just.

It was then on to Lands End where rather disappointingly the lunch stop cafe was closed and as we turned to head east (I think it was east) the wind was now a head wind which seemed to stay with us until the end. At this point I can only thank the guys for taking the wind and allowing me and others to draft behind them.

Somewhere along this road we cycled up the hill near Porthcurno (Treen) which was an enormous hill but we made it. Having driven down the hill a few times I must admit I never imagined that I would cycle up it and I must admit I don't think that I would ever intentionally do it again. But thanks Robin for the experience.

We continued on to Mousehole and now I am quite pleased that the other cafe was closed as Richard, Phil and myself found a fabulous cafe that made the most amazing Bacon sandwiches. (Picture added if I can get it to Richard), we even had cloth napkins which is probably a first for the Wheelers. 

With nice lunches inside us all we left Caroline, Clare and Dean in the capable hands of Helston Trevor and the rest of us headed off toward Penzance and Marazion. Shane who had joined us too along the way experienced a puncture just as we reached the roundabout at Marazion and with Robin giving a hand we continued on. 

Robin and Shane caught us up rather too quickly as we were all enjoying a rest at that lovely little seat on that little triangle of grass on the road just above the Godolphin arms.

On, on we went toward Porthleven on the Rinsey head road. Again beautiful views on this lovely sunny afternoon. After the long, long drag out of Porthleven up to Helston we took a right, past Culdrose and onto Poldhu cove. I really can't remember where Chris and others turned off to complete their 100 mile journey (at the top of Culdrose, at the Lizard/ Gweek/Mawgan rdbt. ed) but I do remember that a happy Richard 2 with only 12 miles to go left us at Cury crossroads to cycle through the Trelowarren estate.

Not really relishing Poldhu hill but with the knowledge that we probably wouldn't go through Coverack we merrily continued on.

By this time we were definitely on the home straight and the pub was almost in sight. It was then on to Mullion and the long straight road to Goonhilly, still with that ever present head wind.

With the euphoria of being nearly back Sonjia and I were counting the miles 85, 86, 87. Let me know when we get to 90 I said. It was all becoming psychological by this time. Amanda who had started with us but split off to enjoy a 3 course lunch, re-joined us at Newtown. No better way than burning off a big lunch.

I still can't believe that at mile 96 we climbed up the hill from the creek to St Martin, but we did and as I struggled up I could hear Sonjia chatting away to Amanda. Where did she get the energy from?

Well, the last couple of miles were fantastic. We took the familiar road down Gweek straight to the pub. But no! Sonjia and I had only cycled 99 miles…………… so while Martin got in the beers, thanks Martin, Sonjia and I did 6 laps of the housing estate to make up the last mile.

It was a fantastic day with brilliant company. My legs are now beginning to ache so I know I won't forget Sunday for a little while. A big thanks to Robin and the others (you know who you are) for organising and leading the ride.


It’s a chill wind.
Sep 10, 2014, 8:20 pm

After Tuesday’s roaster it was quite a surprise to see the clouds and feel fresh winds this morning. Enough to make me scoot back indoors to put on a second layer. I arrived at Union Corner just in time.
Checking my phone I saw it was 08:49, “just time to text Trevarno Dave”, says Richard 2, but when I looked at my phone again it showed 08:47am and with a date of 15 April! Well it felt more like April. “De ja Vu”, says Helston Trevor. It certainly seemed spookie but I am more used to not remembering where I have been than thinking I had been there before. Making a note to check with Mr Garmin when I got home, he is better organised than me and keeps a record of where he has been; I turned to the debate on the morning’s intended destination. Kath followed up her Facebook comment that she wanted a short ride and a long sit in the sun with the fact that she needed to be back early. Something called “Work” this afternoon. Penrose water garden was short listed, as was Poldhu, so the decision had to be Perranuthnoe. We had given Dave increasingly difficult destinations in the last couple of weeks. It was time to choose somewhere on his doorstep. The text was sent and off we went.
The OGIL don’t stop at Halvasso on Wednesdays for the time being so we sailed by, with a fair tail wind, across the A394 and on towards Porkellis, Nancegollan and Godolphin Cross. “There’s a lot of downhill” calls Kath. Those sorts of comments, like April 15, are destined to return to haunt you.
By Nancegollan the sun had appeared and the extra layer was unnecessary.
Cornwall Council are charging £4 to park at Perranuthnoe this summer, but the car park was still busy, as was the Beach café. Trevor remarked that there was no sign of Dave; Dave n’est pas en vue, indeed; so, food ordered I checked my phone “Can’t come out to play today!” Well the ………
Sitting in the sun it was a return to a proper OGIL morning. Richard 2 partaking of his full English and the conversation revolving around health related issues. Kath decided that the NHS could wait an extra hour for her presence.
The only disadvantage of Perranuthnoe is that there is a fair bit of main road cycling on the homeward leg, and for once we didn’t take up Richard’s suggestion of turning left, at Ashton, or right, to Praa sands. But we did turn left a mile before Ashton, for the hilly two and a half miles “short cut” before coming back on to the main road again. I feared that we might then continue on the main road all the way to Helston, but another left took us through Breage, and more hills, before re-joining the outward route at Nancegollan. This week Trevor accompanied us all the way back to Union Corner, where we said our farewells. 45 miles for me and Mr Garmin.    Dean

Spinning Sessions
Sep 10, 2014, 8:15 pm

To iron out any confusion, here are the names that I have for the upcoming winter training.

Tuesday 1930hrs: Steve, Charlie,Ali, Phil C, Alan G, Susan H, Claire L, Dale, Victor, Liz, Ian.

Wednesday 1930 hrs: Trev, Scholachi, JB, Dean, Fred, Phil E, Simon J, Gill, Robin, KK, Neisha, Sonia, Paula.

I have 4 places available on the Tuesday and 2 for the Wednesday. See you soon.



The Lands End 100 ride Sunday 14th September
Sep 8, 2014, 9:59 am

We'll meet at 8 o'clock at Trevenen Bal (where the Gweek Wendron road crosses the Falmouth Helston road.) There is a garage next to the crossroads and a layby further on if you're driving there and want to leave a car. 

Please remember to bring the essentials – a mobile phone, money, a spare inner tube and some tyre levers. You will also need plenty of water, preferably two bottles (though you will have opportunities to refill) and emergency rations such as energy bars, chocolate etc...We will be making regular café stops along the way.

(Remember to pump your tyres up to a decent pressure the night before – read the wall of the tyre if you’re not sure – you are more likely to puncture on a soft tyre!) 

Although we are starting early we will still have to keep to a schedule so 10 mph will be the minimum speed. This is not a supported ride so there is no means of recovery should you want to drop out and you may wish to warn someone if you feel you may need picking up. However, there will be plenty of help and assistance at hand if you need it and you will never be short of encouragement. We would hope to have you all back by 6 pm but, in the event of any delay, it would be advisable to have some lights with you. 

Useful numbers for your phone - Robin 07769565796, Ian 07882904980, Trevor 07973862370, McDonald's 01326 312036,
The Samaritans 08457 909090

See you Sunday



40 miles in Pink
Sep 7, 2014, 8:31 pm

Four lady Wheelers in pink, and one guy in red - Sonjia, Gill, Paula and Liz, plus Dave, took part in the annual 40 mile ride organised by Mount's Bay Rotary Club, this year in aid of Cancer Research UK. Leaving with 85 others from the promenade at Penzance, we headed east, past the harbour, under the A30 and into quiet lanes and steep hills onto the moors, where there was a food station at Boskednan. It was great to be greeted by friendly marshals with water, biscuits and bananas - then on past Chysauster, Badgers Cross and out to the coast road. Despite having to work hard up some serious hills along the coast road to Zennor, we found time to enjoy the sea views on a perfect day for cycling....clear and not too hot. 

Sustained by more goodies at yet another food stop, we headed west through St Just, past Land's End Airport, St Buryan, and back to the start via Mousehole and Newlyn. An enjoyable if tiring ride, which was excellently signposted and marshalled by enthusiastic members of the Rotary Club. Disregarding the stops, we took just over three and a half hours to finish.  Liz

Just wanted to say "thanks" to Sonjia, Gill, Paula, Liz and Dave who helped me out on the Penwith Peninsula ride yesterday. I'm a relative newcomer to riding a bike any sort of distance and, as a solo participant, your team very kindly allowed me to tag along with them. It was a great help to me especially over the really lumpy bit between St. Ives and St. Just.
Best wishes to all concerned and, once again, many thanks.
Jane (Barlow)

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