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Noo Gilrep ort?
Mar 23, 2015, 5:21 pm

I knew I had forgotten something 

 It was Richard 2 who reminded me “Noo Gilrep ort?”
Of course it took me a few minutes to sort out what he meant. It wasn’t an Old Norse greeting; it was an email message from the Webmaster. I had forgotten to send him a report on last Wednesday’s OGIL ride. That’s surprising as Wednesday was easily the best day of the week and probably the best Wednesday of the year so far. And where else should we go on such a day? Poldhu, of course. And to make it an even more special OGIL ride we had two CMIL with us, Kath and Caroline; one, acting as scout and the other as sweeper. Just Fred and Chris waiting at Halvasso turn, making it eight, plus Phil3 who turned up just as we were about to set off again. But we hadn’t gone far before a cry went up to signal the first visitation by the PF. Whilst Caroline looked on Chris went to work, and with a little help from my pump we were moving again within 13 minutes. The rest of the outward leg was uneventful, leaving us all to enjoy the cool but sunny morning.

At Poldhu the sun was glistening off the waves yet Nigel, Admiral, Bernie, Phil and Chris chose to sit indoors, leaving just the two old women, plus Kath and Caroline, to enjoy the sun and sand; Purfect!

Even the climb up to the golf club was enjoyable on such a beautiful morning, though we did spread out a little, but soon regrouped and, taking the usual route seemed to make good time back to Culdrose. It was here we had the second visitation, and this time it was Admiral. Again, with a little help from my pump we were mobile again in only eleven minutes. Chris left us at Helston and the rest of us took to the “muddy lanes” and “hidden lanes”. Some lanes appeared to be more hidden to Caroline that usual and retracing our tracks Fred and I found her at Porkellis, obviously not wanting to miss Carnkie hill. We didn’t regroup again until we got to Jim’s, as Wednesday was the official “unofficial” viewing day for the big barn sale. Of course, before he can sell the barn he needed to clear all the rubbish/valuable stuff he had accumulated/acquired over half a lifetime. In this respect only Fred and Admiral were of any assistance, the rest of us just enjoying the “nose”. We left Jim’s in dribs and drabs to find our way home, for me a total of 45 very enjoyable miles.



Mar 22, 2015, 11:43 pm

Jim's Barn Sale
Mar 17, 2015, 9:36 pm

Jims much heralded Barn Sale of timber benches and tools is on.
There is a 'Private View' on Wednesday 18th from 2pm. Come and buy something you don't need.

The Roche Pathfinder
Mar 17, 2015, 8:27 pm

Sunday 15th March 2015

                 It was a cold but sunny morning when I left home at 7.30 to make my way to Roche for the March Pathfinder ride organised by Richard 72. The weather showed great promise but it soon clouded over and become chilly with a cold north east wind.

I met up with Martin and Margaret at Playing Place after seeing Robin going the other way, funny I thought but never mind.
M & M   stopped in Truro to do a bank job so I carried on and saw no other Wheelers till I reached Roach. I was cold!
I discovered that I had been about 5 mins behind Trevor and Raymond and never saw them, Richard 72 had arrived even earlier, M & M arrived shortly followed by Chris and Amanda. Caroline, Sonja and Don arrived having parked at St Stephen. The others who had driven up prepared themselves and their machines - Phils 1, 2 & 3 Bernie, Liz, Paula, Jill and Robin with two potential new members from spinning Paz and Mark I think were their names, apologies if that's wrong.

We made our way towards Wadebridge eventually ending up on the Camel trail. Everyone was getting cold and I am sure the others who had cycled up were getting colder. My fingers went, then my toes, but we bravely rode on to our stop in Wadebridge, we were made very welcome and were soon outside for coffee and calories.

Warm and not relishing venturing outside again, we made our way back to our start point, which being uphill most of the way kept us warm.

A very nice route and well done to Richard for finding what is probably the easiest pathfinder so far, "except for the hill up to Withiel!"
If you go down you have to go up.
I think I have missed someone out but I can’t think who so sorry. A Very pleasant if cold ride with good company

75+ miles for me



Mystic Meg and Mr Garmin go sick.
Mar 12, 2015, 4:00 pm

Another Wednesday OGIL ride without Mystic Meg and Mr Garmin, we hope that they are snuggled up in bed with Dean, who has succumbed to a serious case of Man Flu, or as Kath said a cold.
I stood alone at Halvasso turn, no Chris no Simon but then Phil 3 appeared so all was well. As the forecast was for rain later a short ride was suggested and having been joined by Kath, Bernie, Dave, Nigel and Richard 2 we set off for Carnon Downs Garden Centre. Kath said she was looking forward to tomorrow! meaning the Quiz night whereupon Richard replied i'm not! Kath was somewhat taken aback as she thought it was something Richard would enjoy. I then pointed out to her that he was referring to his heart surgery op which was sheduled for thursday 8am, so normality was resumed.
Coffee and Bacon Sannis consumed we made our way back thru Perranwell where Kath, Richard 2, Dave and Phil 3 headed for Hangmans hill and Bernie, Nigel and I made our way home via Stithians.
Kath had a visit planned at the Ennis estate where she had been invited as a VIP
Wishing Dean a speedy recovery and Richard 2 a successful op
A short ride 25 miles but missed the rain "just "

" on a grey misty dismal day "
Mar 10, 2015, 12:05 am

Sunday 8th March

A merry crowd of wheelers were gathered at H.Q. on a grey misty dismal day which was forecast to get worse before getting better. The Magnificent Seven left to make their way to “Newquay” leaving the Secret Seven or was it nine or ten, led by Caroline, to make their way to Miss Mollys.

We wound our way through Chacewater, Shortlanes End to Zelah where Nigel and Phil 1 left us to make their way to Perranporth via Goonhaven. Newlyn East was our next destination but for reasons I cannot divulge we ended up on the Main road at Rejarrah you know the big dip. I would like to mention that by this time it was raining reasonably, consistently and was becoming a nuisance especially on the main road where the spray was a tad irritating; but we road on courageously. The café at the Boating Lake was open but all tables laid out for lunches and they didn’t do Bacon Butties, so we rode up a steepish hill which was a struggle with gears, Ian didn’t have any so found it helped to question some of us, as to our parentage.

We found a luverly Bistro opposite the Post Office who were advertising full English! So in we went dripping wet, as the rain had by this time had increased to modest deluge. The staff were very helpful and produced several bin bags to place on the upholstered seats. A very nice coffee and meal was consumed at very modest prices so all was well except it was still raining but the sky was clearing and before long we were riding in sunshine. As Ian mentioned he didn’t really like hills on his single speed so we went via Crantock, Cubert, Peranporth, Mithian, Mount Ambrose etc.

Chris left us just above Lanner( or as he would say Larner) to make his way to Four Lanes. Phil2 and Robin dropped into Lanner so they could climb Chapel Hill, I felt honour bound to stay with Chris and Ian. Well I would wouldn’t I. Then to Stithians where a well-earned pint was consumed in the Seven Stars. Here we discussed the highlights of the day’s ride, (if you believe that you don’t know us very well) as well as other nonsensical items.

A great day out in good company Ian, Robin, Phil3, Chris, Phil1, Nigel and yours truly

Roughly 61 miles      Fred

Dont shoot me I'm just the msger
Mar 8, 2015, 12:16 pm

Catherine Leyshon shared her event.

Hello Wheelers! I am writing on behalf of Falmouth Road Runners to invite you all to Pedal and Puff - a sociable bike/run event featuring Falmouth's two greatest sporting clubs (Wheelers and FRR of course) and followed by a nosh. Details on the event page, where you can also sign up: https://www.facebook.com/events/1552486951674006/


Join    Pedal and Puff     3 May at 10:00         Falmouth Sports Club

On 27 Feb 2015, at 19:36, Simon Jones wrote:

hi Kate 

Yes the Wheelers will be up for it.

6th May is a Wednesday which is normally the FW pub run night.  Did you mean the Wednesday? It might be easier anyway for us but let me know and I will consult further. 


Hi Simon
Glad you're up for it. Sorry about the typo - I actually meant Sunday 3rd. Here at FRR we were thinking that we could repair to the Arthur's meadery in Budock Water for lunch after as apparently they do a great roast. 



hi Richard 

Could you post this info on the website please? Date is 3rd May. Thanks.




Hi Simon

To sort out numbers, I have created a FB events page. Here's the link:


if you would like to circulate it to Wheelers. Just search Pedal and Puff. Or

visit the FRR facebook page where I have also posted it. If you get your

folks to say they're going on that event page, that'd be grand.





The girl with the daffodil tattoo.
Mar 5, 2015, 3:40 pm

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with “k”. No, it wasn’t knees, as although the sun had got its hat on it also had on its scarf and gloves; a bright but chilly morning. It was Kath, and eager to be on the move. Climbing up Kergilliack road I noticed a rainbow ahead. Would it be a crock of gold we would find at its end, a croque monsieur at the café of just a couple of old crocks huddled in the gateway at Halvasso turn? There were, in fact, 4 of them, Simon, Fred, Phil3 and Chris, bringing our total up to 12, the dirty dozen, which may have explained Kath’s urgent desire to put distance between her and the rest of us. With a cold head wind there seemed to be only one destination on the board; Poldhu. By Gweek, we were having problems; Bernie fiddling with his helmet. I will restrain from mentioning Admiral’s part in this or that I needed to give Bernie a rubber. This is a family friendly website.

Dropping down to the Trelowarren gate we passed the little old woman we have passed at that point on every OGIL ride I, and Mr Garmin, can remember. Does she struggle up that hill every day, every Wednesday, or somehow know when us fine looking gents in lycra will be about.

With so many riders it was inevitable that there would be at least one moment of indecision, such as at the top gate of the Trelowarren estate when a few had got it into their minds that someone was leading the ride and demanded to know just who it was. In the end we turned right to follow Fred, who had gone in search of Raymond.

With my haste to be out and not the last to arrive at Union Corner, I was, I had forgotten to switch Mr Garmin on until we had reached the other place, so it was at 13.8 miles in (18.8 really) when Bernie was in trouble again, this time with a broken chain. Chris swiftly whipped out his magic tool and we were back on the hill within 5 minutes.    

 We hadn’t been standing about in the cold for hours, the sun was shining and if anything the wind had dropped slightly but Richard 2 started canvassing support for an amended destination - Mullian Chocolate factory; we could all sit inside there. His powers of persuasion seemed greater than our Chairman’s attempts to negotiate a special deal on bacon baps, and although the café is roomy and was almost empty, we sat outside.

The Chocolate factory café would be an excellent choice for taking your mother on Mother’s Day; is there a ride planned for next Sunday; but not well suited for an OGIL stop. The food may be good but it is expensive and the words “on toast” do not appear on the menu. Chocolate does seem to appear on the menu in lots of guises. I settled for a chocolate dipped flapjack, which with tea came to £4.60, and sat with the smaller, quieter, group of Raymond, Phil C and Kath.

Mr Garmin was at least happy, giving a cheerful bleep as we turned left in Mullian instead of right and he was bleeping away as we left the café to traverse the “new” back streets of Mulion to head for home. “There’s a hill down that way” says Raymond, and he would have been 100% right if he had said “there’s a hill UP that way. Eventually we came out near Culdrose and for the second time in the ride our Chairman unsuccessfully tried to gather us together in to a Peloton for a time trial practice. After Helston it was muddy lanes to Wendron, where Chris left us and we made our way back via Carnkie hill, Crane garage etc., riders departing as they do along the way. So there were just 4 of us finishing at Union Corner; myself, Richard, Admiral, and the girl with the daffodil tattoo. 40 miles for Mr Garmin, and 45 for me.

PS. Richard said that as there were 12 of us I should include an image of the apostles but this is the best I could find.
PPS. But then he changed his mind and included 2 pics of Simon eating healthily ( a mix of cream, chocolate, ice cream and biscuit)!


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