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100 km Audax ride Sunday 3rd April 2016
Apr 6, 2016, 7:10 pm

Varied weather was promised for the day and we certainly had it. We started at 9.00am just after a heavy downpour (guess who left their helmet and gloves on their bike) never learn. I decided to act as a back marker to help any stranded or lost that I came across. I was joined by Nigel and Brian so we set off at a leisurely pace which enabled us to enjoy the rain which was varying in its consistency and at times became slightly disagreeable. Castle drive, Swanpool and on to Gweek, “First check point” Up chapel hill when just passed the chapel we heard a strange cry which became a cry for help from an elderly lady who had taken a tumble outside her front door. Nigel was quick to change into his Superman costume and hasten to her rescue closely pursued by yours truly and Brian. We lifted up and helped her into her living room and wrapped her up in a blanket. Having established she was o.k. if somewhat shaken Nigel reminded her she had an emergency button round her neck, we bade her farewell and continued on our way.

At Coverack Bridges the “P” fairy made a visit to Brian so Nigel and I passed the time chatting about the price of cheese or something or other so as not to interfere with Brian! I mean his bike was very dirty. At the point we saw Matt heading back home who had had “ puncture’s so thought it perhaps wasn’t his day. On we went black rock to Troon ”second check point” where we passed 3 riders who seemed to be quite happy jollying along as some do. St Erth “Third check point” we caught up with a couple of riders from St Austall one of who confessed it was his first 100km ride so was feeling the tiredness that catches up with you first time. Marazion we met Dale “Fourth check point” complete with bananas and goodies plus water. I  Informed him that Matt had retired and that there were 3 riders behind he seemed relieved as the wind was strong and cold so not a pleasant task.

We had hoped for a coffee and food at the Café but it was jammed solid so we continued to Marazion and had a coffee in the Kings Arms who do not do rolls on Sundays oh well. Banana eaten coffee drunk we made our way to Porthleven  on the way we caught up with our friends from St Austall who had not savoured the delights of Marazion. At Portleven “Fifth check point” we enjoyed another coffee and a sausage roll consumed in the sunshine. Off we went again catching up with the St Austall Boys just before Porkellis “Sixth check point” . A shout from within the Star Inn are you the back markers. The Falmouth wheelers were thanking the Pub owners for allowing us to use their establishment as a check point how nice of them. And so we returned to The Cricket club and drunk several cups of tea and consumed food in great quantities. Unfortunately all the cream teas had been taken  shame never mind the penalty for being almost last.

67 miles


Easter Sunday 26th March A short ride and short report!
Mar 27, 2016, 9:28 pm

Easter Sunday and an hour lost overnight meant the numbers were down for an early start at HQ. While the others chose a Lizard trip, five of us were happy for a short ride to Gweek and Stithians- Bernie, Nigel, Bryan, Sylvia and me.

We took the Budock route and after No Mans Land and the Argal crossroads Bernie left at the Halvasso turn to return home early to spend Easter Sunday with four generations of Bagleys. On to Gweek we pedalled with the Lizard riders catching us up and leaving us at Gweek where we turned up the hill to Boskenwyn School. There we turned right up to the main road, across it and on to Wendron. The weather was much kinder than forecast with bright skies, sunshine at times and only had a short blast of hail and rain.

We took the Poldark Mine road to Porkellis, over White Alice and on to a warm welcome at Stithians Lake Café. A hot drink went down well as we discussed cycling gear and holidays in France. We returned home through Stithians village and Longdowns. A short and enjoyable ride, just 35 miles and home by 1 o’clock!

Not too filthy… Phil3

The 2 Dons Pathfinder – March 13th
Mar 26, 2016, 7:03 pm

With the Wheelers scratching their heads at the last meeting for a new Pathfinder route, it took our President Don to come up with a good solution, complete with a ready highlighted map.  In fact, Don later revealed, this was really a Don Morris discovery. A few cobwebs had to be dusted off the old map as Don warned us the way to the mysterious Golden Mill might no longer exist. Sounded intriguing.

At shortish notice things were arranged with a start from the layby beyond Tresillian.  The forecast was good - sun and no wind.  The destination was the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  HQ was empty, Amanda reported as she met up with the tandem and yours truly at the Norway. At the top of Truro we picked up Jo and Paula.  

18 Wheelers left the layby and quickly got warm on the steady climb up to Probus.  Then it was on through the lanes to Ladock and Grampound Road with a long gentle descent under the railway to the spectacular Trenowth Viaduct.  Richard 73 spent the rest of the ride seeing if he could work out the answer to some wag’s question “how many viaducts are there on the line between Plymouth and Penzance?” He says he’ll have the answer in time for the next quiz.  There was just one more steady climb before weaving through Sticker and another quiet climb before the descent to the river at London Apprentice.  Here the ride split between those looking for a bit of rough stuff along the river bank and in the woods and those of a more delicate disposition (and no mudguards) preferring the main road and the traffic.  We all joined up (sort of) at sea level – Pentewan – for the one serious climb of the day up the lane to Heligan where some well-deserved and tasty refuelling took place.  Here Wheeler number 19 joined us a little later than scheduled having completely worn his legs out with an over indulgence of Cornish miles.  But what he had missed!

With the promise of only another 7 miles back to Probus (and no enquiries about how many hills lay in between) the Wheelers rode on through such hamlets as Pengrugla and Tregidgeo until the route divided again at Creed nestling in its narrow valley - left for more rough stuff and right for a detour via Grampound. A pretty rideable byway along the edge of a field neatly took us down into the valley and a cluster of stone barns. This was the mysterious Golden Mill.  Above a stable door hung an innkeeper’s sign for “The Vicar and Spaniel” and a licence “permitting John Gregory to dispense alcoholic beverage to persons of quality only”.  Somehow they must have known the Wheelers were coming, for the door remained shut.  Instead the P fairy visited Fred but a decent pump was supplied by T Dave to get him on his way up the last hill to Probus. 

Thanks to the 2 Dons for an excellent 25 mile route on a beautiful day.  


Sunday to Crantock
Mar 25, 2016, 9:21 am

The morning showed promise of a reasonable day as many gathered at H.Q. A quick word or rather a shout from yours truly brought silence among the mingling lycra clad mass. I announced that the long ride was going to Crantock and that Bernie was taking the intermediates to Tehidy. I enquired as to what the others were doing "Silence" Bernie announced he was off and was like the pied piper leading the rodents out of town. Six of us remained feeling very alone we discussed the route thru Idless I am not going thru Idless it's muddy announced Amanda ( Steve obviously gives her a hard time after cleaning her Cycles) We could go up the Ladock valley was suggested so off we went meeting Chris on the way now we were seven (Yull Brinner quote). Eventually we skirted Newquay and arrived at Crantock and were warmly received in the Cosy Nook Café somewhere along the route my rear wheel started to make unhealthy noises! a delaminating tyre was the culprit. Good old Armadillos no further comment necessary. So at St Agnes I left the group and made my way home meeting Brian on the way who was out preparing his legs for Ogling on Wednesday. Where or what the others did I have no idea! nothing new there.
A nice ride 67 miles for me (Quote I wish I was fitter)    

Add one Peppercorn
Mar 23, 2016, 11:14 pm

For those of you who missed last week’s write up, we went to Poldhu. It was fun. I don’t have a photo.

Today, with the prospect of sun later it was time to venture even further afield. Kath was out of hibernation and there were rumours that Mr Gunner might join us; or did he, in his role of President, just want to have first news of where we were going. I managed to get to Union Corner before the rest left and there seemed to be a keenness to get going again once we arrived at the other place. Did we leave the M&Ms and Admiral behind? Blame Bernie if we did. Today I needed to text our planned destination, Perranuthno, to 3 Wheelers; TD, as usual, Mr Gunner and to Simon who had reported slight mechanical problems, so it was a mad dash up the Halvasso hill to catch up again. It was the usual route out, via Porkellis, Godolphin Cross and Goldsithney but also the beach café was close when we arrived, for building works. Fortunately, the Peppercorn Café, just a short distance back up the road was open and was very welcoming. They even had a table just the right size, for 9. Plenty of outside seating for a sunnier day so I see the Peppercorn become a preferred port of call in this area. The topic of club rides, format and destinations, seemed to monopolise the conversation; so much so that on leaving everyone was ready to chip in with suggestions for the route back. Richard 2 would have taken us through Pra Sands and up to Porthleven, but he wasn’t there and non of us could remember that way, so it was up to the main road, and after losing Nigel for a while Simon took control and led us, for me at least, a new route. Mr Garmin is suffering from deflated batteries at the moment but even he was chirping merrily as retraced our steps for a while before we cut out towards Townshend, back to Carlean and re-joined the outward route at Nancegollan. Bernie, Simon and Bryan left us after Porkellis to visit White Alice whilst the rest of us plodded up to Carnkie and home again via Halvasso, of course. Very nearly 45 miles for me.


The long, long ride report.
Mar 9, 2016, 6:24 pm

HQ had the feel of a busy railway station on Sunday – just a shame there was no station master there to conduct affairs! The ten o'clock ride were back to their 9 o'clock start and new this week, the long long ride. So with Bernies shorter ride there were a total of four rides leaving at nine.

Simon, aiming to recce Don's pathfinder, lost the other “long riders” who disappeared somewhere around Carnon Downs ( maybe to form a fifth ride? ) and he continued on alone. Margaret and Martyn punctured early and did there own thing – ride six?

Ian, Phil 4 and new club member Matt joined me on the new “long long ride”. It had been agreed at the rides meeting that we start a group aimed at achieving a longer distance in preparation for the Dartmoor Classic and the like. So, with eighty miles in mind we headed off to Truro via Mylor then on up the Ladock valley to see if we could spot Julian Winn on the return leg of the 21 mile “sporting” time trial. At Brighton Cross Phil punctured ( again! ) and, as we were all keen helpers, we failed to spot Julian.

Through Indian Queens and St Dennis and then the fast descent from Whitemoor down into St Austell and on to Mevagissey. Sadly our usual breakfast cafe was shut so we used a cafe on the quay but, being mothers day, they were unable to give us breakfast. Ian turned on the charm ( there's a surprise ) and they agreed to do us breakfast rolls. As we finished, Martyn, Margaret and then Simon appeared but, alas, too late ( or lack of charm ) for any more breakfast rolls. Though Martyn and Margaret joined us for the second half of Don's pathfinder, Simon needed to eat and was happily ensconcedd in another Mevagissey cafe when we left.

We returned via the entrance to Heligan and at Fair Cross headed for Grampound, though I think Simon has a more interesting, less direct route planned - through a place time forgot! From Grampound we rode the back lanes, skirting the Trewithen estate and eventually  pitched up at Probus, the starting point for next weeks pathfinder.

Refreshments were procured at an hostelry in Devoran where we were later joined by Simon.

80 miles for Matt and I and a really good day out. Robin

Never regret going
Mar 3, 2016, 1:34 pm

The wind dropped off a bit as I left the house. Just enough to allow the hail shower to pass over. But the sky was as blue as the sea was … grey. Can’t be letting the others down, I thought.

There were 4 of us at Union Corner; Mr Garmin, Mystic Meg, me and Max – Max Headwind, who had kept jumping out from gaps in the hedge along Bickland Water Road, trying to make me swerve in front of the school run 4x4s. I thought Helston Trevor might have been there as it was too windy for them to be getting the pretend aircraft carrier out at Culdrose and certainly too windy for the pretend aircraft.

At Halvasso Parkway the situation was much better, Simon and Phil3 huddled in the gateway. Bryan had man flu and TD had flown to colder climes so as soon as we had decided on a destination we could be off. A long ride, no; a medium ride, perhaps; or a short ride? My money was on the latter, perhaps Argal café, but the mention of Miss Molly’s was enough to wet my appetite and it was agreed, but the quick way there. That is across to Stithians reservoir, Admirals Corner, Bolenowe and Brea village.

The shorter route meant that we were early at Miss Molly’s and we chose the table for 3, in front of the wood burner. Though they were quiet the service was slow but we didn’t mind; just sat and watched the rain on the window and got down to man talk. It was a 2 drink stop, 77 minutes before we left to start again. By now Max had gone off to annoy others and we had a pleasant ride back; a total of 35 miles for me. At times the sun was doing its best to warm us and the tail wind made the going easy. Leaving Simon at Penhalvean Phil and I continued the usual route down through Stithians, detouring a little to watch the overflow at the dam. It had been a slow ride out but with the wind behind us our average speed crept up to something approaching acceptable. I even overtook a young woman on a motor scooter near Treverva. I heard later that winds of 100mph were recorded at Perranporth and extensive damage had been caused at a property out Trevales way, but we had no regrets. Dean

Sunday 28th Feb 9:00am Long Ride to St.Ives
Mar 2, 2016, 7:47 pm

Would you believe it, a cold, but sunny day welcomed a cheery group to HQ. Where to? St.Ives was decided, with Ian plotting the route and Robin, M&M, Amanda, Dave, Ed, Nick, Matt & myself following.

Left to go through the church fields to Budock, 10 were immediately down to 8. Robin turned back to scoop up Ed and Dave, advising they would catch up. So the rest of us continued on, down through Budock, right onto No Man Lands Rd, then right again onto the Mawnan road up to the Argal crossroads. Here we stopped to wait for Robin, Ed & Dave and soak up a few rays.

It wasn’t long before we were back to 10….Dave’s crank arm had worked its way loose, but all was well again.

Onwards through Treverva, and then the climb up to Halvasso. At the approach to Carnkie, we turned right for the downhill blitz around the southern end of Stithians reservoir, through Carnmenellis & the climb up to the Helston-Redruth road.

Just prior to the climb, yours truly’s drivetrain locked, so I chose the “softer” hedge to fall against, rather than the road! The ensuing inspection revealed my rear wheel had come out of the drop-out on one side, forcing the wheel against the chain stay. Hmm…thought the QR skewer had been sufficiently tight, but maybe not? Re-tightened and off we set again.

We headed toward Four lanes, but then turning left to Killivose, onto Barripper and Penponds. Crossing over the A30, and on over Treswithian Downs to Coombe. Then left past Hell’s Mouth and the fun & fast descent toward Gwithian. A brief stop in Gwithian to check tyres, as there had been some broken glass on the road. No punctures, so onward through Hayle, to Lelant and the short climb to Carbis Bay. We descended into St.Ives, dodging meandering folk and into the Balcony café for welcome refreshments of full English or breakfast baps and fresh coffee.

Having refuelled, we prepared for the return leg, when I discovered the P fairy had made a visit. Ever had the feeling it’s not your day?! The thought of being timed got me moving, but Robin & Martyn were soon assisting, I think frustrated at my inefficient methods of changing a tube. I am indeed grateful, as Martyn noticed that one of the springs on my rear skewer was inverted. Aha! This would explain how the earlier mechanical shenanigans had occurred! Crimson faced - from embarrassment or the exertion of pumping a tyre…I’ll let you decide!

After the false start, we were off again, splitting company…the wise taking a more gentile route, the keener (dafter) taking the steep climb up past the Tate. We re-grouped at the Fire station and headed up to Halestown, and onto Cripplesease and Nancledra. Turning South and the climb over Lelant Downs tested the legs, and thank goodness for gears! Not everyone shares that religion, and we’d miss the colourful phrases if Ian wasn’t on his single-speed!

A quick stop for a group photo looking out toward St. Michael’s Mount, and then the descent into Crowlas. On toward St. Erth, turning right along Long lanes to St. Hilary, Trescowe & Godolphin Cross.

Energy levels diminishing, hydration beckoned and we made a bee line to Nancegollan, the up & down to Releath and the climb up to Porkellis and the lure of the Star Inn. 9 out of 10 spilled into the Star, with Amanda (most sensible) bidding farewell and continuing onto Falmouth.

You’ll be pleased, dare I say shocked, to know that the Hydration program was controlled and concluded swiftly.  Possibly the lack of Six Nations games was influential, but controlled nonetheless. 

And with no further episodes of mechanicals or punctures, we set off, through Carnkie, Matt heading for Stithians and the balance onto Longdowns and the Treliever R’bout. Adieus were bid there and the final stretch to home.

Great company, as always, and a great ride…despite the mechanicals! 

62.5 miles and 4800ft of climbing for me.

Phil 4

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