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The Clay Pits are Calling
Sep 7, 2016, 10:28 am

After a little persuasion Ian, who had once again left his gears at home, joined the long ride to Mevagissey, making it a total of nine riders. One tandem, two Phils, two ladies, aforesaid single speeder, new member Jim and myself. 

At the Norway we met “£5 Jim” and introduced him to his namesake. We chatted for a while, but not for joining us, we left Jim to his shorter ride and made for the Ladock valley via Carnon Downs and the Old Coach Road. Once there we rode in four pairs, a small group seemingly getting considerably more respect from motorists than two people riding side by side. No one winding down a window and screaming, “single file!” Safety in numbers?

On to Indian Queens then under the A30 to St Dennis and our first glimpse of the “ mountainous” clay pits. It always seems right that we should be here during the Vuelta and a sharp right to avoid the main St Austell road led us up a pleasant climb to Cocksbarrow where it truly felt we were on top of the world. Here Amanda said she would be leaving the ride, stopping briefly for coffee at Wheal Martyn before heading home to pack for her hols. We were making for Mevagissey so it was a quick “au revoir” and off we headed down the exhillerating 3 mile descent to St Austell.

The Riverside Cafe in Mevagissey made us a delicious breakfast and it was hard to get going again. Some discussion about the way home but the gentler option around Heligan chosen to keep “ he who has no gears” happy. Then Tregony, Ruan High Lanes and Philliegh where Phil 4, Ian and myself were overcome with thirst! Emma joined the tandem, Phil C and Jim for the 14:50 King Harry Ferry. We would catch the next one. Or the one after that.

As we supped our pints in the sunshine an enormous traction engine quietly drew up outside, driven by a young women and towing, not one, but two trailers. Expertly parked, she and her blackened stoker joined ma and pa at an adjacent table for a pint and we exchanged merry banter, recognising an unexpected meeting of minds. Like cyclists, they too are an irritation for motorists! The young lady driver was spotless so it was clear that her love interest had kept to his work the entire journey from St Columb! Not sure whether that is Major or Minor. Oh to be in England!

Once more it was hard to get going but reluctantly we made for the ferry, where it came from I don't know, but common sense prevailled. At Devoran we were pleasantly surprised to see that the tandem had stopped at the Quay Inn and we joined Martyn and Margaret in the beer garden for a debrief. I don't use a computer but I imagine we covered a good few miles, made all the more interesting by chasing up the hills our very own Columbian mountain goat, Phil (Quintana) 4. Great ride, great company. Perfick day out!   Robin

Utterley Butterleigh Audax 04/09 report
Sep 5, 2016, 7:26 pm

With the weekend weather looking very ominous I headed to Budleigh Salterton in the hope that Sunday would be dry.  It was dry and stayed dry for the whole of the ride.  There were about 80 riders in total booked on to the 2 distances and the 100k group set off at 9.00am.  I rode with Dene, John,Sharon, Martina (Pz Wheelers) and Alex, the guy from behind the bar at the Feathers pub in Budleigh. 
The start was fairly hilly but good for warming up for what was to come later.  The lanes were nice and quiet and the views were pretty spectacular.  We did though go virtually to Exeter and cycled alongside the Airport which was very new territory for me.  We stopped for the first coffee stop at a cafe on the Canal at Tiverton which i remember from when I did the End to End.  Between there and Honiton there were a couple of challenging hills.  They were steep and long but with the reward of those spectacular views.  The ride was as promised 'Undulating Devon Countryside' of which there was plenty.  We passed through some really lovely villages with thatched cottages.
We reached the final stop in Honiton for further refreshments realising that the cut off time for the finish was at 16.04. - I'm sure they are usually later than that-.  With the knowledge that the final 18 miles was either downhill or flat we set off at a rate of knots and made it back to base at around 3.35.  I don't think I have ever cycled that fast for quite so far. Anyway we made it in time for tea and scones with cream and jam, the Devon way though.
All in all a brilliant day out with some fantastic people for company and I would recommend the ride.

Sunday 4th Sept
Sep 4, 2016, 10:34 pm

A disappointing start to the morning, where was the sunshine that had been promised?.At least it wasnt raining .Yet..                                                                                                                                                      A reasonable turn out at HQ, bit slow at deciding where to go, As no destinations on the club calendar, come on Adrian, now you are back from your trip north, sort us out!.

We settled on Portreath, and after a bit of discussion about Deans socks, we headed up to Union Corner, for a change. Nine riders. Usual route up to Halvasso, Crane Garage, as we neared Stithians, Clare led a mutiny and headed to The Lakeside cafe with Richard73, who is recovering from a tumble after the Wednesday evening ride pub stop at The Pandora, nothing major, bruised ribs.  So then we were Seven.  Another mutiny threatened as we got near to Miss Mollies, Dean had to be reprimanded. We carried on and soon arrived at Portreath, settling into seats at the Atlantic Cafe, near to carpark at beach. This was my first visit in there for many years, I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was, sooo much better than my last visit, I had had nightmares about the glittery walls. The food arrived promptly, the coffee was good, and very reasonable.  Will be back. 

The route home was via Bridge Moor, up the tram road, and popping out at Wheal Rose, then to Scorrier, where Richard (Mace) was taking a lot of interest in the motorhomes parked on the forecourt, was he going to join the elite in our club? Then we went up another new road for me, apparently the OGILs use it regularly, Treskerby which cuts off a busy bit of  Scorrier to Mount Ambrose, it was quiet and after the first little nip, was a pleasant ride. We rode to the roundabout and took Sandy Lane to the top of Lanner Hill, crossing at the top and picking up the road to Stithians, We stopped to regroup and found time to have another discussion about Deans socks, then headed speedily through Stithians, a few spots of rain were now falling, the 3 Ryners headed the direct way back, taking Phil down past the windmills, on a new road for him,  leaving 4 to head along deaf cat alley and beyond.  A good ride, hills not too bad, about 39 miles.

Riders at start, Clare, Richard73, Richard M, Fred (unofficial route finder) John, Dean, Phil E, Victor and Caroline.

Sorry Caroline, we did get this far north but without the bikes, perhaps I'll send the long ride here one Sunday. 

OGIL/OWIL harmony ride, Wednesday 31st August 2016
Aug 31, 2016, 8:17 pm
Nine of us on the ride today, comprising: Trotty; Froomey; Mercksy; Quintana (Quinty); Kenny; Cavendish (Cavy); Valverdy; Wiggo and me David Beckham.  It was to be a story of two halves, drenched going out and glorious sunshine glimpses coming back.
After due debate, Mercksy decided for us: it was to be the Water Gardens Tea Room on the far side of the moon, via Halvasso, Perranwell, Devoran, Truro, Shortlanesend; then back via Chacewater, Frogpool (great pub, but we just blasted by), Stithians.
We caught and passed two kitted out riders coming into Perranwell, admittedly heavily laden with paniers and a kitchen sink but we take our victories where we can. Turns out these were Dutch Weilens, one very large the other much smaller, on the first day of their End to End ride – very best of luck and good wishes to them both.
Tremendous fun getting through Truro, scattering the elderly and small children aside and engaging in jolly banter with certain car drivers who seemed to think roads are only for them. Mercksy then found the longest beast of a hill he could into Shortlansend – I wheelspun getting out of the saddle for a particularly steep section and was more than grateful to come across a two car standoff which meant dismounting and walking around the combatants.
Despite my fellow OGIL’s freakishly muscular legs (PS all OWILs have perfectly proportioned legs) I managed to more or less keep up with the group all the way to the Tea Room (bearing in mind Dean’s warning last week), so either my training routine is starting to work or the rest of you are weakening.
Exquisite tea/coffee stop at the Water Gardens, with lively conversations firing all around the table. The bacon sandwiches looked great and Froomey went so far as to snap a pic of his sausage encased in a nice brioche bun, presumably to distribute to his many followers.
Very pleasant ride back, nearly 50 miles for me by the time I got home. Overall a great route with great company

It’s what Wednesday was made for - OGIL ride 24th August 2016
Aug 25, 2016, 10:59 am

Autumn is upon us and our visiting wheelers were, no doubt, preparing to wing their way back East, but Bernie, John, Mike, and myself were joined by Dylan, in “God’s Own” for just a week, poor chap. It was a typical cloudy Wednesday sky when we set out from Union Corner, with our friend Max (Headwind), and I fully expected to need my rain jacket. However as we climbed to Longdowns the sky cleared and remained so for the rest of the ride. The usual suspects had been waiting at Halvasso Parkway (Fred, Bryan, Martyn, Phil3) with Simon turning up just after the decision of destination had been made and texted to all and sundry.

Unless you are a wheeler you would not think that Praze or Penponds, or even Porkellis, were on the way to Tehidy, but on a sunny morning in late August why would you want to go the direct way.

Though the car park was full there was plenty of room at the café and we spread around two tables. I was careful not to choose the table with the sailors this week, so the conversation was both varied and interesting. I had expected that we might have met up with TD along the way, as had previously happened, but he was already there. However, Trevor2 turned up later, delayed by having to run in yet another new bike.

The route back, via Pool and across to Bolenowe, was uneventful, riders pealing off as we drew nearer to Falmouth again in a well-rehearsed manner. Just 42 miles for me. Dean

Sunday 21st August
Aug 24, 2016, 9:28 pm

Two large groups set off from HQ on Sunday, but the only report so far is from someone who didn't go all the way - but assisted someone who was going rather further than that ....

We set off on the route to Porthleven with a large peloton, which was suprising as the forecast was for rain by lunchtime, or earlier depending on which report you followed. Bernie was unofficially given job of tour leader and had plotted a route, we split into two groups along the busier roads. As we got across to Crane Garage the rain could be seen in the distance, we sped along toward Porkellis, I decided I was going to pull off early as I wasn't prepared for rain, Victor decided to join me, despite me trying to persuade him to carry on, we decided to turn up White Alice, as we stopped and said farewell to the following girls Liz and Jo, we met another cyclist going the other way, Becky, from North Wales. She was consulting her guide book, so we had a quick chat and discovered she was on the first day of her LEJOG, having started from LE at 7.30, we thought she was doing well, but she was looking for a coffee stop, we persuaded her to come to Stithians Lake Cafe with us, Richard had then joined us and led the way.

Becky said how much she liked Richard's shoes, being a bit old school, and completing his retro look, he was quite chuffed by her good taste. Becky commented on how everyone she had met so far was so friendly. After welcome refreshments, we chatted about her planned route, hoping to get to Fowey for the night, hopefully to find a pub or B&B for the night, after camping at LE, in quite strong wind she needed a good night's sleep, We led her down into Stithians village where Victor and I wished her luck , and then Richard guided her to Perranwell, for her to get back on her route as per the guidebook, crossing over the King Harry for the little nip to the Roseland. Quite wet as we headed home. Caroline

Wednesday was not a sun day - OGIL ride 17th August 2016
Aug 17, 2016, 10:28 pm

Today the OGIL said hello to Louise. The fact that she then made her excuses and left, is neither here or there. There were 7 of us at Union Corner, Kath, Admiral, Richard2, John, Mike, Martin and myself; reason enough, I suppose, and there were another 3 at Halvasso turn; Bryan, Phil3, and Keith. On the way over we were audibly abused by a white van man who should know better.

With both Bernie and Fred away we stood about a bit, leaderless, until Phil3 gave in and “offered” to take us to Miss Molly’s; a suitable cheering destination on what was a dull and misty morning. If it hadn’t been warm you would have been forgiven in thinking it was November. Having sent a text to TD we were off and it seemed like only an hour later that we were sitting around our usual table at Miss M’s. 15 minutes later we had ordered, Kashless Key finding it hard to make a decision faced with so many varieties of cake, everything but broccoli cake, and Admiral chatting up the cook in an attempt to get a larger portion. We had almost finished by the time TD arrived and as he launched into volume 13 of his house-selling saga the others decided that it was time to leave. Time in café 1 hour 3mins, but not a record.

Phil3 tried to make up for his uninspiring outward route by taking us along the great flat lode on the way home but only managed to lose 2 wheelers, the third, Admiral, meeting up with us again at 4 Lanes. Stithians and Deaf Cat Alley featured in the final leg, Bryan turning off before the former and then TD. After John headed towards Penryn the few took another look at Halvasso and then home. Richard2 kept with us for the whole ride so deserves a special mention. Only 32 miles for me. Dean

Treasure Hunt and Tea Treat - 14th August 2016
Aug 17, 2016, 11:19 am

The Hunt started from Stithians Lake Water Sport, a good mixed group of riders, and one member not in lycra walking a very pretty whippet, Dean was dog sitting so having a Sunday off the bike. After a brief read of the rules and regulations, the route sheets were handed out by Richard73, with strict instructions to NOT follow the person ahead of you, as they may have a different route sheet, some turning at first right and some going onto second right, very confusing. Victor and I had decided to ride together due to lack of reading glasses and not wanting to get lost, but, by the time we got to the spot where we would find the first answer, we were a group of four, Sonjia and Kath, soon joined by another group of Ian, Alex and Ray, we tried to put them off by giving them the wrong answer, we wanted to win. They saw through our lies, so we all rode on together, having a lovely chat and finding the answers to Richard’s cunning clues.   We arrived in Richards local territory where he had hidden the treasure. The clue led us to the village store to check , what time was the post collection on Saturday, answer written down, now to find the treasure, I asked the lady in the shop if Richard had left us something and she told me where to find it, we helped ourselves and enjoyed the welcome boost as we knew a very steep long hill, Cot Hill, was ahead of us. A lady getting out of her car, parked on the hill, said how much she had enjoyed our carnival entry last week, I don’t know how she recognised me... on up the hill, me mainly on foot. At the top we regrouped and headed back towards Stithians, and to the dam, many of the group had never actually ridden to the dam so a good experience to see the lake from a different angle. Here our group got larger, being joined by Dene, Robin and Jim. A steam roller was heading down the road so we slowed own to let it pass, a queue of cars and Liz were following it. Richard was ready to take our photo at top of road to lake, with a helpful hint to an answer we were struggling to find. Then we started second half of route, which took us on some new roads, one of the clues proving very challenging, counting up miles on signposts, Robin commented that Richard should have left us an abacus to help us with this challenge. We completed the rest of the clues and found our way back to The Watersports then more started arriving back for coffees and Saffron buns, one rider managed a pulled pork bap with cheesy chips as well as two buns.. How does he stay so slim? The correct answers were given, a few had stumbled on the name of the cartoon character that peers over walls, Chad, and others on the signs that were two sided, Richard is very devious. The prize was won by Ian who gladly shared the chocs around, I guess he didn’t want to carry them home with him.. An excellent social ride and a bit of fun, as well as a good route with good company. Thanks Richard for all the work you put into this ride. Caroline

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