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Nice Boys Ride - Wed evening 3rd Sept
Sep 4, 2008, 10:19 am

With the Met. Office luckily getting it forecast wrong, there was a good turnout of some 14 riders.   We were joined by new rider Dominic on a nice, exotic LeMonde carbon/steel bike -another rider to try and keep up with I guess...

Against strong headwinds a new ‘Fred type' route took us out to Stithians via Mabe Church, Tinpit Corner and then over to the Lama field before dropping down to the Greek Orthodox church and routing our way via Hamster Mill -are you still with us?

For a change we went to the to Seven Stars pub in downtown Stithians -enjoyed a quick pint, leaving Jim to have a second and make his own way home. Headed home via Halvasso dropping Bernie off on route followed by Fred who was heading back to pack for his Irish trip.

Getting dark by time we got to Union Corner but well worth it -missed our spiritual leader, hopefully he's on the mend and will be back in the saddle soon.

August Bank holiday rides
Aug 26, 2008, 11:17 am
Sunday 9.00 am Even without many of the nine o'clock regulars and RL nursing a gammy knee (carpet burns I hear...), some 12 riders made for Perranporth.  The group were joined by a new lady rider on a Mountainbike -DG was impressed by her fitness and wondered how quick she would be on a road bike.  

10.00 am A Bakers dozen that included three tandems met up to enjoy a leisurely ride to Trebah (where else....?)We were joined by young Andy from Amersham CC on a nice Specialized Roubaix. Out to High Cross where we stop for a few of Mickey's politically correct Chinese, Olympics jokes, supposedly all txt'd to him by Charlie.

Onto Trebah, nice setting – but as always a little on the pricey side.   From there the group headed back to Mawnan Smith where most of the riders split & went via Maenporth whilst the Penryn & Mylor crew headed for home via Trevera crossroads.

Monday - Constantine or bust. With young Scott Kellow actively fundraising for his South Africa cricket trip, eight wheelers joined him for a relaxed ride out to Constantine Cricket Club where Parky was playing and bowling like a demon. After collecting over £50.00 (they're a generous lot out in the hinterlands...) the group headed over to St.Gluvias for further fund raising before returning to Falmouth cricket ground. With RL and DG enjoying a bank holiday pint it seemed liked the ideal way to spend a Monday off work...

The Celtic Coastal - Audax ride
Aug 13, 2008, 11:48 am
After a last minute decision to take part in the 100km Celtic Coastal Audax ride from Long Rock I raced down in time for the start with a minute or two to spare to meet up with Jan who had cycled from Falmouth.  We set off in much welcome sunshine and a brisk breeze. The ride to Hells Mouth cafe had been very pleasant, sadly it didn't last.  The brisk breeze had now turned into wind tunnel training and the road to Pendeen which had been so delightful a fortnight ago turned into a nightmare. 
I was in a bit of a strop at Pendeen and nearly ready to give up but a Snickers bar made it all better again and after a left turn at Sennen the wind abaited.  The ride back was lovely, quiet lanes and through Mousehole even though we managed to add an extra hill into the route. Feeling rather battered and blown we finished at Long Rock to a very welcome cup of tea and cake. 

Audax Ride 27th July
Jul 28, 2008, 10:29 am

Unfortunately spelling and grammar wasn't Denzil The Sign Maker's greatest talent...Various members took part in 3 separate Audax rides today, 165km, 100km and 50km - all starting from Carnon Downs. Thankfully we had clear skies and no wind. Lovely routes took in most of mid and west Cornwall including the Lizard. Most importantly we discovered a great new tea stop en route called Little Pengelly Farm, which is now included in our Gourmet Guide. Click here for more details. A perfect day out with some good performances, especially from the 165ers led by the Helston Bandits. Many thanks to the organisers who laid on some lovely food too.

Chuckle Brothers - July Pathfinder Ride
Jul 11, 2008, 12:07 pm
Never put a dab of superglue behind your ear...
Another most successful Pathfinder Day.

Many thanks to Nigel(I'm not sure of the way), Paul and young Ben. Great turnout of 22 riders and with several away a fine effort.

The route seemed to please everyone and the coffee stop at Pra Sands is one I hope we will revisit. Sitting in the sunshine with panoramic coastal views was the highlight of the day. Well done to all who rode to and from Helston.

Hope the weather holds and we can ride on Weds. eve. see you there. Red Leader
Photo's uploaded (click here>>>) of today's pathfinder ride and to keep up with the tradition.... REPORT TO FOLLOW!   Chuckle Brother Paul

Special Mid-Summer Ride
Jun 23, 2008, 3:00 am
Probably the best place in the world...Wednesday evening 25th June marked the soon-to-be-famous inaugural ride.
A large assemblage gathered at the start with 3 of the clubs' 4 tandems present. Unfortunately some Germans had delayed the pathfinder, Ironman, at his day job so he was going to miss the start and KK was bravely sporting a fluorescent pink top which caused some comments (being a friendly open-minded club the shirt was accepted without much question). The group split into 2 so that those wanting to get a bit more climbing in before refreshing themselves later had the chance to do so.
The 'climbers' fought their way up to Roscrow and stopped to look at the massive wind generators at the behest of Kath who wanted to see them up close. This is one of the highest points in Cornwall and the view is superb. Adrian reckoned he'd spotted the windmills from the Falmouth Wheelers' ship, the Pont Aven, as it was approaching Plymouth when he returned from Santander last week. This caused a bit of debate, but this writer thinks it was quite possible.
The peleton descended down through Penryn along Greenbank through the town and around Pendennis Point before meeting up with the other group of wheelers in the Watersports Centre for drinks on the balcony overlooking the harbour. Without doubt, ‘the best mid-summer ride yet'.
It doesn't get much better than this.

London Brighton London
Jun 17, 2008, 1:59 pm
Guess who ate all the pies...
The weather was perfect for Jono and son Ben (a Kingston Wheeler), with a light tailwind, sunny skies and some may even say a nip, in the air. Ben finished in the first group in 2 hours 40 mins and Jono an hour later. A brief stop in Brighton and then it was back to London along some busy A roads to avoid the other 26,000 Brighton bound cyclists. 120 miles and a great day out, but after an insanely early start and getting to Brighton before sensible people are out of bed it's going to be a leisurely ride, silly costumes, pub stopping and an enjoying-the-festivities-along-the-way trip next year. Best bike was a tandem with the stoker facing backwards -it just looked very, very wrong. Best T-shirts were worn by a group of men calling themselves ‘The Mid-Life Cyclists.'
Hows about ‘A Drinking Club with a Cycling Problem' T-shirts for next year if anyone else is interested in doing it?

June Pathfinder Ride - Sunday 8th June
Jun 8, 2008, 4:03 pm

Two well refreshed wheelers at peace with the world...On a fabulous blue sky day, twenty seven riders meet just outside of Probus for the double D's ‘Hidden Lanes' pathfinder ride. With KK sporting a rather dashing Roy Rogers look, the ride mapped a route through the spine of Cornwall with a couple of unplanned detours, headed towards St.Austell before cutting across to London Apprentice and Pentewan Sands. Then on up to Heligan via a hill affectionately labelled a ‘DG special'.


After lunch under the trees the ride headed back to Probus via quiet back lanes during which Jonathan had his customary weekly puncture.


Approx. twenty five miles and a couple of new faces, who we hopefully haven't put off cycling… Pictures uploaded & full report to follow (so I'm told)

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