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Ed's Mulled Wine & Mince Pie Ride 7/12/08
Dec 7, 2008, 3:56 pm
Snow covered the high ground, treacherous ice covered the roads and temperatures well below freezing were recorded everywhere in the UK. Yes, it was a grim Sunday morning and not a good one to be out on a bicycle. Except in Cornwall that is! Hurrah for the Gulf Stream.
At Connor Downs it was a lovely bright sunny day and a full contingent of 65 (or was it 70?) cyclists from all over the county gathered to enjoy Ed's wonderful 50k Audax ride followed by superb mulled wine and hot mince pies. Falmouth Wheelers numbered 20 plus with all abilities taking part. The roads were a bit muddy in places but apart from that, conditions were perfect. Two thirds of the way round there was a wonderful cake stop/control point at Penventon Farm - many thanks to Wendy and Hayden Wallis from the all the FWs for laying on a veritable feast of delights and suffering muddy footprints all over their kitchen floor.

Richard and Jim (with a cold) got up ridiculously early and cycled to and from the start, three of the four club members' tandems were out in force, inevitably some people went the wrong way, Paul's son Ben came too, the FWs recruited a new rider and this writer confesses he didn't even look at his route sheet - I just tucked in behind Paul and Hillary. (They always know where they're going.)

Many thanks Ed, a great day out. We hope you do it again next year.
Message from Red Leader: On behalf of myself, KK and JB we would like to thank Ed and his refreshment staff for a great day out. We felt very proud to be asked to ride at the back and make sure everyone was OK. Thanks for sorting the weather this year, I am sure the Wheelers present wil be back next year. As for young Ben Chinn I think you just shaded the photo finish but I will be back. Thanks once again Ed or should that be Thunder Thighs, see you on the 21st.

Banjos and Moonshine 30/11/08
Dec 1, 2008, 11:56 am
A cold but bright day saw fifteen riders assemble at the Packet offices - after a very brief discussion Perranporth was decided as the day's ride. Off we went down to admire the speed at which the new Lidl is being built (so cheap bike accessories will soon be at hand). On up towards Treluswell through Carclew down to Norway Inn through Bissoe valley up passed the old pig farm to Chiverton through Mithian past the airpstrip and down to a nice cup of coffee at Perranporth.
On the way there were comments about it being windy! Now, to those of us that rode last Sunday it seemed like a modest breeze, so much debate followed as you can imagine.
Being duely refreshed we set off back via Perrancombe (always a nice ride) up through Mithian the other way back to Chiverton then Blackwater, Chacewater and Twelveheads. At this point we split and three of us decided to accompany Lance up past Wellington mine. The others to carried on along to Bissoe, up Hangmans lane and thus back to Falmouth.
The three of us with Lance made our way towards Carharrack where we began to feel uneasy as the twang of banjos could be heard and the smell of moonshine filled the air. “Don't worry” said Lance “you'll be alright, I'm with you”. This of course filled us with great confidence so on we went agreeing that if we broke down we would pick up our bikes and run.
As we headed towards Vouge Lance suddenly said “Cheerio” and disappeared towards the sanctuary of his dwelling. On we went, Don insisting he show Richard the Vogue chute while I stood guard. Anyway we eventually reached the safety of Sandy Lane and continued on passed the Golden Lion to Halvasso and home.
49 miles and a good ride, on a cold, but dry, day. Fred

Heroes Ride Out 23/11/08
Nov 24, 2008, 10:21 am
Met three other wet but cheery riders at Packet offices and discussed the various merits of the other keen members who were obviously busy Xmas shopping or fretting over the design of the club shirts.
Had call from Pops who was hiding in his Garage so we set off to ask if he could come out to play. Made our way to Gweek meeting Jim en route, and then Scalatchi (so now we were seven) to use Yul Bryner's quote. Off we went to Gweek then up to Rame past Wendron cricket club, thru Stithians' secret lane to Trewethian Moor and to Lanner thru wind and wind.
We all found it jolly hard work and we should all be congratulated and given a special mention in dispatches as super heroes. Then flew down to Carharrack down past Wellington to a well deserved cup or two of coffee at Ricci's. Debate then set in. Jim had to get home, Hills had work to do so now we were five, so up the valley to Chacewater then up to ‘dangerous crossings' and then we positively flew along with a strong wind behind us to Carnon Downs where Pops, who normally likes to stay out late on Sundays, had to get back by 2 o'clock so headed off home accompanied by his faithful companion Don M. That left three so down to Point thru Devoran and thence Home. I made 50 miles and was home by 2 o'clock and a very hard ride, but with good company, a pleasure. Fred

Quiz Night drama
Nov 14, 2008, 9:41 am

Everyone was a winner at the Wheelers' quiz evening with a visiting team winning the quiz, KK dishing out lots of excellent raffle prizes plus Choak pasties for all. Sue Morris was a winner many times over, after winning one raffle prize she promptly won four more but gallantly turned them down so others could have a chance. (Don Morris also won twice so there must be must be something in the water in the Morris household.)


Richard set the questions and did a great job of keeping control of the masses, there being only one moment of ‘question controversy' which involved Pierce Brosnan. It could have turned into a blood bath but it didn't, and eventually all agreed that the erstwhile secret agent, currently appearing in skin toning cream commercials, didn't live in the big green house in Flushing because Marilyn knew the gardener and he said 007 didn't live there. Micky Clay then tried to stir things up by suggesting the gardener was in actual fact Mr Bond in disguise but thankfully Richard stepped in and put an end to the matter by cancelling the question and answer.


Here's a taster of the evening if you weren't there. These were three of the answers (really) but what were the questions? 1. The Cambrian Line. 2. Brown Willy. 3. Piles. (Answers, or rather questions, to the message board.)

Pathfinder Ride Sunday 9th November
Nov 7, 2008, 9:52 am
Lance was regretting taking one of Don G's famous shortcuts...Steve and Amanda are organising Sunday's Pathfinder ride. Please meet at Bissoe Bike Hire at 10am and see Liz for free parking or for a longer ride meet at Union Corner at 9am. As it's been a couple of weeks since anyone's fallen off an ambulance is on standby...
Many thanks to our pathfinders Steve & Amanda for organizing the ride from Bissoe. Eighteen riders braved wet and windy conditions to complete a very interesting 22 mile ride. For some of the riders it was the first time they had climbed the big hill out of Portreath. Always a tough climb even on a sunny day, but to climb it in the pouring rain and with a gale blowing is an excellent achievement.

Soup of the day prevents ice cream head - Sunday 9.00 am ride 2/11
Nov 3, 2008, 11:00 pm

A dry chilly day and the threat of rain didn't prevent a great turnout of 17 riders heading off to Gweek & Roskillys. It was good to see three of the ten o'clockers riding with us and easily keeping up & also Dominic back in the saddle, fresh from a stint away moving oil rigs.  

At Roskilly's,  potato soup appeared to be a firm favourite and as we decided to sit inside, chairs were a little scarce and a few Wheelers had to sat on the kiddy stools with their knees up  around their ears. With the weather warming up the group headed over to Coverack where Hilary recorded a ‘first' and cycled up that nasty ‘S' bend hill with all the nips without getting off.  

With Fred leading the group back to Helston, we parted company with the Chuckle brothers and came home via Porkellis and wonderful Wendron hill.   Fifty miles and not a drop of rain and home in time to catch the world track racing champs on TV.

Wet, but not windy, Sunday 9 o'clockers 26/10/08
Oct 29, 2008, 5:32 pm
Have you just farted?Nine riders left Falmouth for Carclew and Perranwell and along Bissoe valley up to Chiverton - yes the bridge is open. We stopped at Chiverton cricket club as Lance had a puncture (apparently it was some cheap old inner tube that Trevor had given him about three years ago). At this point we crossed routes with what we think were Truro wheelers so we duly exchanged insults, as you do, and they carried on their way. 20 minutes later, after much advice given to Lance, he changed his tube. Pop Gunners tip of the week -Don't have your quick release lever facing forward as it can be knocked open by pieces of grass, stray dogs, dead horses and drunken pedestrians. We went on our way via Mithian to Perranporth where we had a very welcome cup of coffee. By this time we all decided that we were wet. After our break we looked at the sea generally getting in the way of motorists, visitors and the public in general, so off we went up to Perrancombe and down thru Blackwater where Don decided it would be easier for Lance to go up thru Wheal Busy, so off he went! We went on our way, amazed at the power of suggestion. Jim and I turned right at Ricci's bike café to head towards Stithians via Cusgarne and the remaining six continued along the Bissoe valley retracing their way back to Falmouth.
Wet but not too windy day, good company and certainly a laugh.  48miles for me. Fred.

To Hell's Mouth and Back 19/10/08
Oct 19, 2008, 3:30 pm
14 left the usual place for Hell's Mouth via Halovasso, Nine Maidens, St Erth and Hayle and a fine breakfast was had by all at the HM cafe. There was a fierce headwind on the outward run but solace was found by thinking of the following wind on the return journey via Portreath, Bridge, Redruth, Stithians. Unfortunately we encountered Mrs Grumpy (riding a horse) at Bridge who considered cyclists with utter contempt. She was most put out that we existed and voiced her disgust at the way we brazenly cycled past her. (As we were grunting up a hill at the time I'm not sure many of us actually noticed her!) Anyway, a great day out had by all -and still good weather! 52 miles.
Average speed 12.5mph.

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