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Tuesday January 23 2018 
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Going south for the winter - 9 o'clockers Sunday 24th Jan
Jan 25, 2010, 5:30 pm

There must be finer views whilst one has breakfast...?Whilst the rest of the UK was bathed in grey, oppressive clouds we lucky 17 were bathing in glorious sunshine, so with joy in our hearts we all set off for Lizard Point via Gweek and Kuggar. Red Leader tried to go solo and make an early break for Bissoe but we dragged him on with the promise of fine fettles.
Lizard Point was quiet, as indeed were the roads enroute, and we enjoyed one of the finest sea views in Britain as we breakfasted on very fine fettles indeed. Then it was back via Helston, Porkellis and Carnkie with Scalatchi and Devoran Steve peeling off to go via Mullion and Poldhu (they like a bit of self-inflicted pain). £5 Jim flew up Carnkie and by doing so flew past everyone else, proving new bikes do go faster.
Nearly at the end, and nearly at 50 miles, veteran Don G (he who says he can't go as far anymore) said he was going for an extra spin around the seafront for good measure. How does he do it?

It was good to get out again after illnesses/relatives/houseguests/wintry weather/Christmas hangovers getting in the way of cycling and it was the first long ride in 2010 for several members. As JB’s brother-in-law (on a visit from Winchester) said on the way back “cycling doesn’t get much better than this”. Well said.

...and then there were three - 9 o'clock ride 17th Jan
Jan 18, 2010, 11:15 am

My first time proper back in the saddle after a very long Christmas lay-off, arriving at the Packet Office to find only a handful of stalwarts.  I should have realised it was the day after KK’s party!  Anyway, it was a perfect morning – surprisingly mild and just about wall-to-wall blue sky.  £5 Jim suggested Marazion with all in agreement.

We followed the usual way via Lamanva, Halvarsehole and Stithy lake, then ‘over the top’ and eventually a regroup at Black Rock.  Just before this we ‘lost’ Amanda, who wanted to take a shorter loop and back home. 
On the way to Black Rock Steve 2 spotted Ricci’s gang, who we chased them to Black Rock – passing a large group of Penzance Wheelers heading t’other way - before the regroup and the dive down to Praze.  Here Jim took a fancy to a carved figure from the gentleman wood-carver; although, where you would put a large wooden Meerkat on a bike is anyone’s guess!
Paul C and Shane were now to depart for Helston via Carnhell Green – I think? - and the remaining three of us dashed on the almost level but horribly-surfaced road to Leedstown and then down to St Erth.  By now DD’s legs were starting to turn to Jelly, but the thoughts of large bacon butties at Marazion just kept the momentum. 
Shock-Horror!  The bloody place was shut!  We quickly decided to carry on and ended up in Morrisons outside Penzance – and darned good it was: excellent and good-value breakfasts to be had.

We headed back through Marazion and towards Goldsithney – and DD was by now more LD (lame duck)!  I suggested they carried on and left me to crawl back in my own time, but they were having none of it!  So they suffered my snail’s pace through Godolphin Cross, Nancegollan and Porkellis; looking forward then to the delights of Carnkie Hill!  At Chez Jim we said ta-ta, and Steve and I dashed down the main road to part company at Treluswell.  Thanks Jim and Steve for waiting!  Riders:  Amanda, £5 Jim, Steve 2, Paul C, Shane and LD.   50+ miles.

...and then there were two.  Bernie and Jono were the only ones to turn up for the 10 o’clock ride, both thinking that the later ride would be more popular the day after the FW Grand Dinner Dance. They had a lovely sunny ride chatting all the way and stopping at Bissoe for coffee and a delicious slice of date cake. 32 miles.


Baby's first spins
Jan 12, 2010, 5:01 pm

Here's Laura's boy James (and of course grandson of proud grandparents Bernie and Liz) going for a ride at a mere 7 months old! He's loving it isn't he?

Mylor Yacht Club Panto
Dec 22, 2009, 6:52 pm

A big thank you from the three Amigo’s and Mylor Yacht Club for the fantastic support that the Wheelers gave to the MYC Panto on the Wheelers website as well as attending the Tuesday night performance in force. Tuesday night was one of the best evenings, and all in all you all helped raise a whopping £1300 for charity which was split equally between the Penryn Sea Cadets Roof Appeal and the Cornish Hospice. 

We were extremely pleased that you all enjoyed the venue and look forward to getting more of you next year (O know you won’t) – we all really enjoyed creating this master piece. Bernie.

Golden Spoke Award Winners
Dec 19, 2009, 12:45 pm

Never mind Obama's Nobel peace prize, last night was the second annual presentation of the club’s Golden Spoke Awards which included some exciting new award categories: the Special Navigation Award won by Bernie; the Golden Grumpy Award won by Lance; the Always be (un)Prepared Award won by Perran; the Oscar Wilde Odd Couple award jointly won by Red Leader and KK and the charmingly entitled Sweaty Saddle Award won by Alan.

Other worthy Spokey winners were: Amanda for the Rear of the Year award, Jill for the Ass over Tit award (very strong competition for that one), Fred for Special Services, Bissoe Bike Hire for Best Cake Stop, Lorna for Best Newcomer and Dale for the Rider of The Year award which was well deserved. You may notice that there wasn't a Bonk of the Year award. This is because, unbelievably, no one bonked in 2009!

Merry Christmas all Wheelers
Dec 9, 2009, 3:38 pm

Dan Dare has created this rather fetching online Christmas card for all FWs and is making a donation to Shelter Box rather than send a card to everyone separately. (If anyone else wants to do the same let the webmonkeys know via 'contact us'.)

Ed's Mince Pie and Mulled Wine ride 06/11/09
Dec 7, 2009, 10:50 am

There was a large showing of Falmouth Wheelers at Eddie Angell’s eagerly awaited annual Mince Pie and Mulled Wine Audax with the ride being fully pre-booked and more cyclists hammering on the Connor Downs Women’s Institute doors to get in (metaphorically anyway). As usual there were lots of tea and gorgeous cakes at the Penventon Farm check point (very keen cyclists live there, click on the link) as well mulled wine, mince pies and clotted cream at the finish - no wonder the ride’s so popular.

It was a bright sunny day and we only suffered a couple of short sharp showers and surprisingly, for this time of year and the recent bad weather we've been having, the 50km route along narrow farm lanes only had one muddy section - but that was very, very muddy. Apart from that, and as far as this reporter knows, there were no punctures or mishaps.

It was Lorna’s first Audax (and possibly a first Audax for some other riders too), JB posed as Kath’s husband Clive who at the last minute couldn’t attend, Mickey Clay was out with Ironman having been temporarily abondoned by his usual partner Admiral (rumoured to have ditched Mickey for his wife), and Dan Dare remembered too late that the Audax was today and missed it completely. It was also £5 Jim’s birthday.

All in all a great day out, and many thanks go to Eddie and the many people working hard behind the scenes to make the event such a success.

News Update: Sources have revealed that Lance had two punctures, one of which caused Don Gunner to cycle back down the hill-from-hell just outside Helston in order to give assistance.

Can you identify this injured knee?
Dec 2, 2009, 9:37 am

This well known FW fell off his bike, going too fast on wet leaves not far from home in the Helford area. Purple, hideously mishapen and swollen, all in all not a pretty sight - can you guess who he is? (His knee looks quite bad too.)

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