Damien the weather man

Well, I looked out at the heavy rain at 7.15 a.m. and put a WhatsApp message out asking if anyone had a better weather report on their phone than I had.  Damien came back and said it would be dry by 9.  That was good enough for me though it was pouring down as I got my bike out and was still raining as I made my way to HQ.  Lo and behold, it had stopped by the time we […] Read More

Who’s idea was this?

It’s getting harder. I know that 200K is not a lot for some Wheelers, but it’s enough for me, especially when you haven’t ridden more that 80k since last years. It was nice starting out that hour earlier, when the air was cooler and it was good to get back before it was really dark, its just the middle bit. 13 started out, 12 triple OGILers and a groupie, with Ben and Charlie bringing the average age down a bit […] Read More

The other OGIL group ride or ‘am I too wide on this bike’

From the top of Halvasso the OGILS broke up into two groups, I found myself with Fred, Kath, Phil3, SteveL, Dean and Jan. Porthtowen was the target and off we went down to Greek Church where a car driver decided they had to beep their horn at the front of the group and then again at Kath at the back who was accused of taking up too much room. I think we had just met Mrs.Toad of Toad Hall! No […] Read More

Report on the FWs June Meeting

Once again our meeting was held in Queen Mary gardens, Falmouth, with a good turn out of members.  Apologies were received from Jan, Denise, Barbara, and Robin.  Fred chaired the meeting and the first topic was the Pathfinder this coming Sunday from Longrock, or Halvasso if you’re cycling down.  Please be at the start for 9.45 am.  The Cycle Campaign Ride has been moved from July 3rd to 31st due to the restrictions, and will from Falmouth Town station, round […] Read More

Porthtowan Group A/B/1/2/Long/Short/????

The usual – Where shall we go? Swiftly followed by; ‘Where is the coffee good’? ‘Where is the food okay’? Porthtowan was the destination. By the time we arrived at the top of Halvasso, it was decided that we’d split into two groups. Me, Ian, John, Mike, Simon, Colin and Adrian heading out in pursuit of Ian who led us on a route via, Chapel Hill (the right way to approach it – going down!), St Day, St Agnes, eventually arriving […] Read More

Drym? Sunday ride 20 June 2021

We met at HQ as usual, sorted our groups out, and welcomed a new rider Andrew, who opted to go with Trevor’s group as he was unsure of where he fitted in group wise. Our destination after much debate, as is our way, was to be Woodland Kitchen Garden (don’t tell Jan Ed) out near Townsend, near Drym, you know, says Dean. How do we get there? well we go through Drym! Where’s that was the reply. Well we fork […] Read More

No sun – can it be Poldhu?

OGIL ride 16th June 2021 John, Paul, George Phil1, Ringo Steve and myself initially represented the UC crowd congregating by the phantom phone box. We discussed the e-mountain bike rider who overtook some of us up Trescobeas Road at such a pace that we concluded that he must have hacked his bike to remove the speed limitation. That will be us all one day (except for the illegal modification) we concluded. At the last minute Dean arrived, apparently delayed by […] Read More

No sitting on the fence please!

10 of us left HQ on what was going to be a ride in excellent weather to Melinsey Mill on the Roseland. Starting on our usual route it wasn’t long before we had to dismount and walk past the works on Truro Hill, some thought it was a good to walk up the hill. On across to The Norway where we lost Theresa who decided on a less hilly route to Portreath. Our superb leader was slightly off the pace […] Read More

Seven to Chapel Porth on G7 Sunday

Well, it was eight at the beginning and five by the time we got home…. With Trevor leading, Don M, Barbara, Denise, new rider Jess, Jo, Adrian and myself decided on Chapel Porth, so we headed out of Falmouth, up Truro Hill and through Perranwell, to avoid the main road while it was so busy. Along to Chacewater and under the viaduct to Blackwater, where Adrian left us as he had things to do at home, and on through Mount […] Read More

The G7 Quiz 1.  Which of the following countries is not one of the G7? Japan, Canada, South Africa, France and Italy . 2. Who in the G7 is the Italian leader? 3. If travelling by train from Truro to the conference, which is the last station you would pass before Carbis Bay? 4. Who in the G7 is the Japanese leader? 5. This will be the 42nd G7 conference – when was it last held in the UK? 6. […] Read More