Out and About

It was Wednesday so why change a habit of a lifetime, well the last number of years anyway, and with the sun shining Clive and I set of on a shortish local ride. I never have any idea where I’m going so I let Clive set the route. We usually head off through Budock Water but we’ve found recently it’s been quite busy and difficult to keep 2 metres away from people in the village so we went the normal […] Read More

Col de Mongleath

                                                   Following on from Robins hill climbing around Mylor I decided to look at my local area.  Mongleath rd joins Mongleath Avenue at the top and both join Boslowick at the bottom, giving a loop of 950 metres, only a short loop but with one hill with 110ft climb in the middle.  I’ve been thinking of doing a few loops for a while so today I gave it a go, 10 miles but with 1600 ft […] Read More

Myllorca 765

Sunshine and Iconic Climbs. I received an email from Solmar Villas the other day giving us directions and information regarding our forthcoming holiday in Spain. The holiday we all know won’t be happening. A bit insensitive I thought! Am I really going to miss the driving, queuing, cramped seats on a plane I’m already thinking I should no longer be using, etc, etc? Ok, the sun. And yes, the amazing tarmac on roads that meander over beautiful mountains. And the […] Read More

Richard’s Musing for today.

Just a trivial observation – I have been followed around in the garden for the last few days by a seemingly ‘tame’ hoverfly! He hovers just a few inches from my head- probably curious. They use mimicry to look like wasps or bees – a form of defence from predators. They are completely harmless, but many people are ‘scared’ of them. The hover is so still so photographing them is quite easy. Also they are quite noisy at close quarters. […] Read More

2,500 feet of climb but only 16.5 miles

Another Solo Sunday. With all the sunshine last week I’ve been catching up in the garden – and found myself really enjoying it! Even got to wondering whether I should perhaps join a different club? Maybe a gardening club? However, last thing on Saturday evening I ended up routinely sorting out my bike and bits for the Sunday ride just as normal. Old habits die hard! The sun was shining and it enticed me out for an early start – […] Read More

Police in Portreath

It’s Wednesday, so it must be OGIL.  Except that in these strange times we have to go OGILing alone, which isn’t quite the same.  Unlike some people, I am quite comfortable with my own company, but riding with others has a different quality to it than riding solo (and I don’t just mean the ability to draft!). Still, one must, so I set off on an undemanding trip up to Portreath. Unable to shake the habit of a year, off […] Read More

24 hour French Trip

The six of us arrived at Plymouth in wet and miserable evening, it was the same when we came back on Sunday morning. The crossing was a bit rock and roll but we arrived in Roscoff to a grey but dry morning. We took the normal route through St Pol and on to Penze, where the tide was in, normally we just see the mud, like Truro. On into Morlaix where we had our only rain of the day as […] Read More

Le Grande Sa Copotatos

Le Grande Sa Copotatos – but sadly no more social climbing! How our worlds have shrunk! However, providing that the great dictator Boris doesn’t close us down completely, we can still ride our bikes. But it has to be alone! That is unless you live with someone who can keep up with you – or you ride a tandem like Margaret and Martyn. I think that everyone would agree that it is hugely important to limit the pressure we put […] Read More

The Lonely OGIL.

  I had decided to ride on my own today with the hope that a fellow Wheeler just might be riding out at the same time. Unfortunately I must have missed Colin as I also turned up at the usual time and place. As it was a glorious day I hade already decided on Poldhu. Made my way out to Gweek and up to Garras. Not wanting to be too late back I gave Trelowarren a miss and headed up […] Read More