Prime suspects

OGIL ride report 15th September 2021 As we congregated at Union Corner, we were surprised by the arrival of a new face, who introduced himself as Bruce. He claimed to be a friend of Councillor Dean, but he also admitted that his name was an alias, so we will have to wait for Dean to reappear to confirm this. Dean wasn’t the only absentee – none of the Welsh ride contingent turned up.  I suppose they were either recovering or […] Read More


10 week Pilates course with Jan Watson Just 2 places left! A small group session that will focus on flexibility, strength and include some core work. If you’d like to know more about how pilates can help your cycling, have a look here Numbers are limited to 10 people on a first come basis. Please pay £30 by Bac’s, referencing your surname to confirm your place Account Falmouth Wheelers Sort code 20-87-94 Account number 03504247 Venue – Woodlane Social Club […] Read More

Hell bent to Hell’s Mouth

Seven of us met at Union Corner on Wednesday and had the usual ‘where are we going?’ discussion. Don suggested Hell’s Mouth so off we went – Barbara, Denise, Don M, Sonjia, Ann, Jane and myself. Barbara left us at Halvasso after deciding to turn back, and we continued via Penmarth, Carnmenellis, Troon, Barripper, under the railway at Penponds and over the A30. The traffic seemed to be flowing again after being closed earlier for a police incident (apparently a […] Read More

An Eventful Event

After Jan and I had a brilliant Somerset Sportive from Street a couple of years ago we decided to enter another one, this time organised by Beyond Events and leaving from Glastonbury Football Club.  The date had been rearranged and it was now taking place on Saturday 4th September, the day before the Tour of Britain, just 2 days before my trip to Wales and a few days before Jan is to enter a half ironman in Holland.  All of […] Read More

Report on the September 2nd meeting

The meeting was held a week late – so we have another one this month on 30th – and apologies were received from Fred, Steve L, Adrian, Dean E, Robin and Jo.  The club would like to send sincere condolences to Fred whose brother passed away very recently.  Amanda and Phil S. chaired the meeting. Past Events:  The Falmouth and Penryn Cycling Campaign was a success with about 25 families taking part. It’s hoped it will become a regular Saturday […] Read More

Double OGIL trouble

Double OGIL ride report 25th August and 1st September 2021 Working on the precedent set by our illustrious leader, I humbly submit reports covering the last two OGIL outings – the first to Idless Woods, the second to Wheal Coates. Idless Woods The general opinion amongst the OGILs gathering at TOP was that we should continue our current strategy of exercising caution by avoiding any of the tourist (and COVID) hotspots, which effectively means staying inland. A suggestion of the […] Read More

Monthly Meeting September 30th 7.45pm

We’ll have the usual agenda of what’s been happening and what’s coming up in October. This marks the start of our talks series. This month we’ll hear from Robin Snelson – If I knew I’d be as fit as this at nearly 68 I might have taken better care of myself. Robin recounts the story of his recent diagnosis of cancer and the advise and support he got prior to agreeing to surgery. He finds humour in all that has […] Read More

Two for the price of one!

I had intended to write a quick report after last Sunday’s ride(Aug 15th) but somehow never got round to it, so I will start with that. It was a dull dismal day that greeted the assembled company more than expected with a forecast of horribleness. I  for one did not fancy venturing to far as too much water shrinks my enthusiasm from keen to less keen to you gotta be having a laugh. I suggested the crate as I knew […] Read More

OGILs go to Miss Soggy’s

OGIL ride 18th August 2021 It started with mizzle, which turned into drizzle, which then became something more like rain, before reverting back to mizzle. There were a few brief interludes when it could almost have been described as dry. We all got lots of practice with putting rain jackets on and taking them off again. The only concession to it being summer was that it was not actually freezing cold, although sitting outside in the gazebo at Miss Molly’s […] Read More

At last the 1948 OGIL report

OGIL ride 11th August 2021 An even later report than usual, due to circumstances such as non-cycling commitments, the need for extensive editing and proof-reading, and the absence of my libel lawyer on holiday. After last week’s possibly record turnout, we were distinctly down on numbers. The WhatsApp group was abuzz with creative excuses for absence – appointment with eyeologoist (that’s not a real word), being tied down(!), seeing grandsons, delayed departure of eldest son, bike bust and rib bust […] Read More