OGIL ride Wednesday 6th November

With our usual scribes, Dean (New Zealand) and Colin (Okehampton), away in foreign lands it’s left to me to continue the unbroken train of Ogil reports for this week’s ride. Keith and Andrew were waiting as I arrived at the Other Place with Phil C. Paul followed closely behind and when we joined Jan up at the weighbridge we were just six. The forecast showers held off as we made our way to Nine Maidens, through Bolenowe, Troon, Ramsgate and […] Read More

The Dartmoor Devil 2019

Am I Completely Bonkers? It’s 6:00am on Sunday morning, it’s still dark and I’m driving through torrential rain on my way to Bovey Tracey for the 9 o’clock start of the Dartmoor Devil. I am really questioning whether this is a sensible thing to be doing! I’ve been preparing for this ride for over a week and have decided on using my trusty Thorn “Brevet”. It has mudguards, a front and rear rack and small tt bars. (These are an […] Read More

Not drowning but cycling

I was probably a sorry and forlorn sight as I stood alone in the rain at Union Corner, but just before departure time along came Paul. ‘It’s not too bad’ he said optimistically as the rain dripped from the end of his nose (at least I think it was rain). I had reason to doubt him, as for the first time he wasn’t wearing shorts. The two of us headed off and caught Phil S just before the other place. […] Read More

October meeting

We have an exciting meeting coming up tomorrow. We have a talk and photos from Robin about his recent trip to Ireland, lots of Christmas tree decorations and ideas and lots of info about forthcoming events.  If you have a decoration for the tree don’t forget to bring it along with you. See you there.

The tortoise and the hare …

Once those of us fortunate enough to live close to the sea had gained enough height to emerge from the fog, it turned out to be a lovely sunny day. The forecast was for the sun to stay for the whole day, so that could only mean one thing – Poldhu, hurrah! At the other place twelve of us congregated in excited anticipation of a nice warm ride on dry roads. But it was not to be. The road down […] Read More

October Update

Richard is unable to lead a Pathfinder on October 20th, so unless anyone else can fill the slot there will not be a Pathfinder this month. Barbara is co-ordinating the decorations for our Christmas tree at the Princess Pavilion. Please make bike or pantomime-related items (the pantomime is Treasure Island, so basically a Pirate theme) and bring them to the meeting on October 31st.

Talk club

Rule number one: you don’t talk about Talk Club. Today’s meeting of Talk Club oddly coincided with the OGIL ride. Although eight of us gathered at the other place, nobody mentioned the true reason for being there, obviously mindful of rule number one. The suggestion of Porthtowan as a destination by our Illustrious Leader was accepted without protest or even discussion, despite the fact that the Sunday run had almost gone there just a few days before. Having already successfully […] Read More

Gusty winds and light rain showers

What’s not to like? With this being the most optimistic weather forecast for the week I was surprised that only seven OGIL were out today. WhatsApp had been eerily quiet. Ok, Kath had just returned from a weekend away with the Truro Hash House Harriers, so was probably knickerless, Ian doesn’t come out when it is likely to rain and Adrian is still “doing the kitchen”, but where were the others? Had they caught the night train to London to […] Read More

What’s in a Name?

We are the long ride. Or the fast ride, as some prefer to call us. But we’re not really that fast and sometimes slower than the slow ride. It’s confusing. One thing is for sure, we’re out for most of the day. And though not everyone joins in, the ride always ends in a pub! But there’s been a change. Just as Ian, like Pied Piper, drags the Ogle up hill and down dale, we have started exploring too. New […] Read More