November Meeting

We successfully held our first monthly meeting via zoom this evening. There were a maximum of 12 people, I think, who attended the meeting. There were a couple of late comers but we managed to have a good meeting. Thanks to all who were there. Before you get bored with reading the notes I’ll tell you that we have an exciting date for the diary. On Thursday 17th December we are going to have our Christmas Party via zoom and […] Read More

No legs on show today

I’m writing this while having a hot cup of tea to warm up a bit. The ride wasn’t cold it’s just when you get home and realise that the temperature has dropped somewhat. Jan and I agreed to meet at the top of Halvasso at 9 which meant a slightly earlier start but that was ok though as neither of us mind an early start. The change in the traffic was interesting with a lot more school traffic and workers. […] Read More

Mrs Red Leader’s Flowers

  Karen would like to thank the Wheelers for her lovely flowers, they were a lovely gesture after being in hospital so long.  Felt like a bit of the Garden indoors xx.  She’s now home and slowly progressing with her rehab.  Thank you to all the Wheelers.

Blow the man down


Non-OGIL ride Wednesday 11th November 2020. Wednesday is OGIL day, even if we are in lockdown, so I bravely declared on WhatsApp my intention to be at Union Corner should anyone wish to brave the elements for a two-up to a destination in a south-ish direction. Consulting the weather forecast later had me wondering whether I had been premature in my declaration: it promised 23 knot winds (that’s nudging into a force 6 for you sailing folk), with gusts of […] Read More

Avoiding the blustery weather

I bumped into Jan outside Pets at Home who just happened to be riding the exact same route as myself and with a slightly iffy forecast we had both decided not to travel too far from home. It was an earlier start of 8.30 due to the pending rain and we started the ride from the bottom of Truro Hill. Coming across a closed road sign at the top, closed to cars but plenty of room for us on our […] Read More


According to Dominos there’s Joy Or there’s Missing Out. And it was all Joy this morning, for both the fact that on the strength of a fair forecast we were Poldhu bound, and that we welcomed Steve Lightfoot into the Union Corner fold. Having retired on Friday he had his priorities just about right. Through the miracle that is the OGIL Whats App group we had a full complement of six; Phil1, Kath, Sylvia, Jan, Steve and myself, as the […] Read More

October Meeting

October Meeting Here we are again, another month on and the meetings are sadly still in written form and we are not meeting as a group in Woodlane Social Club. There was hope that this would be the month that would see us back together again and it’s not looking too hopeful for November or December either but more about that later. As usual we’ve all been busy despite the current restrictions. Clive and I even managed to get away […] Read More

Slow train to nowhere

Miss Mollys 281020

OGIL ride 28 October 2020 Dean had another brilliant idea for a destination – Julia’s café at Camborne station. Probably not the most attractive of venues, but with poor weather forecast the idea of sitting inside in the warm trumped any concerns about the aesthetics of the place. With a full complement of six at Union Corner, we set off to test the nice new tarmac on Hillhead Road. We were not disappointed, and on reaching the Other Place waved […] Read More

The day that the Raines came down

We were 15 going on 16 on Tuesday evening; as good as it gets for any OGIL ride; but Mystic Meg literally put a damper on things over night – “Its going to be Wet, Wet, Wet” and our fair weather friends found other more interesting things to do. Colin hasn’t quite worked out what a winter bike is for, and after last weeks comment about “light weights” made early use of his Wimp card. It was raining, there was […] Read More

Backwards to Gwithian

Portreath beach

OGIL ride Wednesday 14th October 2020 It was a lovely sunny but chilly morning as the appointed group gathered at Union Corner. The WhatsApp chaos of last week had, for some reason, not recurred, so the group membership had been decided in a fairly orderly manner, overseen by Papa Dean. Everyone was in longs except for Iron Legs Kath, who claims to still be swimming in the sea in just her neoprene bikini. Us wimps were attired in near full […] Read More