Coffee rebellion

OGIL ride report 30th March 2022 As nobody could remember the last time we visited the Bluebell Nursery café (although that’s not saying much when you take into account the general cognitive decline of the average OGIL), the bunch was reasonably happy to accept it as our destination. However, as we moved off there were already murmurs about the coffee there and the possibility of a boycott. Off up to Halvasso, and BA Steve seemed to have a screw loose […] Read More

Club Meeting Report, March 31st

The turnout was lower than usual for last night’s meeting, and we received apologies from Sonjia, Adrian, Dean E, Simon, Jan, Dean G, and Steve H.  Several members have had Covid but all are recovering. Fred chaired the meeting. Past Events:  The Pathfinder from Cardinham Woods on February 27th was attended by 22 members, who enjoyed(?!) a hilly 30 mile ride, with some lovely scenery and an excellent stop for lunch at the Jamaica Inn.  Pilates has finished for the […] Read More

No Coates for the Whealers

OGIL ride report 23rd March 2022 Although the day started fresh, so that most opted for gilets and jackets, these were discarded as the day progressed to reveal a glorious display of Wheelers club jerseys, the like of which has not been seen since, well, last summer. I say most opted for some form of protective clothing, but this was not the case for BA Steve who turned up sporting flashy Gore shorts (but disappointingly in long sleeves). His explanation […] Read More

Summer time and riding is breezy!

Having remembered to set my alarm to British Summer Time, Phil Samuel, Damien and I arrived early at HQ.  A select group decided to head for St Ives, but Fred, John, Adrian,  Dean, Sheila, Kiwi Dave, Don, Phil and myself decided to go to Mullion.  Leaving via Budock Water we took the usual route, opting to turn right at Brill then down to Gweek followed by Mawgan and Trelowarren.  The fallen tree had been cleared so we were spared a […] Read More

Double trouble

OGIL ride report 16th March 2022 Someone had suggested a new cafe (I’m not sure whether that meant it had just opened, or we had just discovered it) in Mullion, and we did not need much persuasion to agree to making it our destination for the day. So off we set for Gweek, pedalling along in auto-pilot and chatting. But we had not reckoned on Ian springing one of his routing surprises, and before we got to Brill we were […] Read More

A Tad Wet and Windy

We were missing Colin on Wednesday, our usual ride reporter and as I thought the ride was worthy of a mention I thought I would put pen to paper so to speak.  Sarah was also missing hence no photos.  Did anyone take any photos? I know I didn’t but just imagine lots of wet and windy scenic scenes. There was Dean,Phil C, Adrian, Ian, Paul and myself at UC, with Fred, Amanda,Jan and Phil S at TOP.  Now, I’m not […] Read More

March meeting on 31st at 7.30pm

Our usual monthly get together to find out who’s done what this month and who’s going where in the future. Plus Film night. We’ll be watching Soul of a Cyclist. Here’s a little taster taken from the film website “Directed by Nuno Tavares under the banner ‘AntiCyclone Productions’, The Soul of a Cyclist revolves around the subject of classic bicycles. Shot in Portugal and in England, the film captures personal experiences of individuals who own and ride classic bicycles and […] Read More