A game of two halves, and a full pint.

The publication of Sunday’s ride report has been delayed by the fact that I have mislaid Mr Garmin and without his help I am not too sure just where we went. Unfortunately, the delay has also meant that I am now unsure just who was there. But since half the members are not really interested where we went, and the other half not a bit interested who was there, I needn’t tax my memory too severely.
There was quite a crowd at HQ, I do remember that, and we all set out in the same direction, unusually, of late, up to Union Corner and then doubling back on the road to the other place. It is safe to say that Ian was leading, I do know he was there so where else would he be. Fred was there too; the others will probably come to me as I write. I have just checked the WhatsApp Group and Ian posted that the destination was Marazion. Now that was meant for early bird Amanda, so she wasn’t there, having, of late, preferring to take to the road as the sun rises. I think it was before Porkelis that it started to rain and ones and twos stopped to don jackets and by the Star regroup, plans had changed. Ian didn’t have a coat so was looking for a closer cafe stop. The Crate seemed appropriate, and he called Amanda to update, only to find that she was already at the Crate. Did she get the message about Marazion? Of course the weather improved a little after that and we arrived at the Crate to find Amanda, Sylvia and Damian, so that’s two more likely members accounted for. Richard II declared that the Crate was new to him, showing just how long it has been since he rode with us, and adding one more to the list. The food and drink took for ever to arrive, so let’s think about who was complaining, or not. Adrian, was it? A total of five seems about right. We’ll stick with Adrian, no, it was Trevor. There was some discussion about Fred’s rain jacket, which was the same make as Trevor’s but a different colour. Or was it Adrian?
Not sure that we all left at the same time, I’m thinking we didn’t, but with a more welcoming, slightly, sky, the majority were signed up to a wide loop, continuing on to Nancledra. Now, how did we get there? Umm, then to Helston railway’s station near Trevarno and somehow back to Troon. I know Carnhell Green, Baripper and Ramsgate came into it. Teresa, ah, so it was six of us, decided to turn off and cut the ride short but we caught her up again after a while so how that happened you’ll have to ask her. We also went through Bolenowe and just after that there was another parting of the ways with Fred, Teresa, Ian and myself being tempted by the 7 Stars at Stithians; the others, whoever they were, plus Richard who wasn’t listening or had gone for a pee, preferring the route back via the lake.
I do remember stopping at the 7 Stars for a quick pint and, as we were later joined by Robin, Andy and Phil4, this was extended a while longer; hence the two halves.
I think it was about 40 miles in total, so not bad for a wet day. Dean

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