Let us eat Cake: OGIL Ride 8 March 2023.

The forecast was a bit grim, or at least it was on Tuesday. So, when Wednesday came it was still a surprise when nobody except Chairman Fred and a past Chair appeared at the other place. Are we becoming slaves to the forecast which is still not always right? The benefit was that no time was spent blocking the road while we decided on a café. Miss Molly’s it was but on a long curve allowing for a speedy shortcut should the forecast be right.

Plans soon went awry as we passed the village hall in Penmarth as we encountered Fred’s singing acquaintance, Janet, putting a sign out advertising free coffee and cakes. It would be churlish to refuse such an invitation especially if the heavens did open. A series of plates of delicious cakes were brought out onto the tables. Janet and her helpers are doing this on the second Wednesday of the month to raise money for a local charity called Invictus. Not to be confused with Prince Harry’s Games this Invictus is to support parents visiting children with mental health issues who have had to be placed far away up country. https://invictustrust.co.uk

Luckily we both had some real cash on us. A worthy cause and very convenient stop if the heavens do open. There was chat about choirs past and present and the Coronation (the last one that is) before we set off again.

On we went through Praze, Baripper and Camborne to the next coffee stop and a welcoming fire at Miss Molly’s. The black cat said hello. It was the usual way back but our dry luck finally ran out about half an hour from home. But we had dared, and we had won. Without the first stop we would have stayed dry but the experience would have been poorer. Yes, yes, our pockets were a bit poorer I hear you say. 34 miles for me.


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