A Local Legend

With a less than favourable weather forecast, 20% chance of rain increasing to 80% at noon, the accepted view was keep close to home; so, a suggestion of “Stithians” seemed reasonable. However, the devil is in the detail, or in this case, the route to Stithians. “Via Gweek”, again sounded reasonable, I had completed a route based on those two points fairly recently. It was the first day out for my Christmas present rain coat, the old faithful, Alturam Night Vision, available from Evans Cycles, having decided that it was no longer possible to stretch over my stomach the previous week. The new coat, being far too bright for an otherwise dull Sunday in March, solicited a few complimentary comments, and a few startled looks. The E-Boardman being ably cured of a mechanical knock by Halfords, was again the choice steed of the morning, so I was able both to keep up and join in the assorted chatter as we progressed to Gweek. At Gweek Robin decided to elongate the route to take in Greek Drive leaving Chapel Hill for the rest of us. As expected, it was straight over and turn left at the Wendron Stoves sign and through to Wendron School. Here, Silvia realised that it was wet, as it was, and she turned right, towards Poldark, while the rest of us continued on a path still taking us away from Stithians; to Farms Common and on to Black Rock before turning for home. At Penhalvean, a mere spitting distance from our destination, Sheila, Kath, Danny and Trevor decided to dispense with the pleasures of the lake side cafe and turned towards Stithians village. I have no idea when Robin rejoined us but there were eight, just enough for two tables, in what suddenly became a very busy cafe. The reservoir, I have since Googled, is currently 89% full. There was some discussion as to whether to transfer our custom to the Red Lion or to the Stars. The Stars won, at least for four of us. We were, of course, forced to remain there until the forecast rain finally arrived, but were rewarded with a pleasant glass(s) of London Pride. 80% rain is not a downpour but enough. Easily enough for me wanting to put a spurt on, being rewarded, for the second time this morning, with a Strava Local Legend award, from Halvasso to Bicklandwater. Only 35 miles. Dean

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