A ride to Porthleven, 12 December.

Big crowd gathered at headquarters; lots of yellow in expectation of a big downpour. Thankfully it never materialised and asides the wind, the temperature was pretty toasty for this time of year. Porthleven was quickly decided on as our destination, and a fast group soon shot off (Ian, Robin, Phil B, Danny, Amanda and Damien) only to be seen again briefly at the Harbour View before they headed across the harbour to another cafe in search of some indoor space.

A big ladies ( that’s a bit rude, Ed) group decided to cycle together leaving nine wheelers forming a moderately paced group. Off we went, with Phil C and myself immediately losing the group. Busy chatting, we soon realised the group had in fact all turned left through the housing estate behind us. About turn, and catch up time where we eventually all re-grouped at Penjerrick Hill. Onwards, up the muddy, choppy lane chatting with Donald about following him all over Cornwall on Strava, we eventually parted company with the ladies group who we didn’t see again.

All smooth cycling up to Halvasso where a few riders shed their yellow layers realising at 12 degrees C it was almost boil in a bag weather.

Turning left, we were swiftly across the dreaded A394 before turning right onto Herniss Lane and past, the ever increasing mass of parked cars. The views across to Stithians opening up in a pleasing panorama to our right.

Through Carnkie, and pleased to say, Dave was squeak free this week having fixed his cables. However Fred commented on my twittering birds. None the wiser, he a got a bemused and blank stare from me having no clue to what he was talking about. It turns out my mudguards were whistling at a frequency well outside my limited hearing range. Quick adjustment to my back mudguard and peace was restored.

On to Porkellis and the Nancegollan junction for a rest, chat, and a quick group selfie, with Margaret and Martyn pulling up strong on the tandem. With some debate in the air as to whether the Harbour View Cafe was going to be open, Colin enquired whether we were doing the long or short route to Porthleven. Fred was quick to remind us it was Sunday so it was the long route, of course! On we continued.

After the long drag from Godolphin Cross up Tregonning Hill (The sign proudly announcing its’ status as the Birthplace of the China Clay Industry), the landscape opens out with pleasing views down to Porthleven ahead. With South Westerlies blowing at a steady 16mph, we all enjoy the long and scenic decent down into Porthleven Harbour, hanging on tightly as the bikes were buffeted by occasional gusting crosswinds breaking through the wind breaking hedges.

Happy to see the trusty Harbour View cafe most definitely open, and willing to accommodate nine hungry cyclists. Seven of us sat indoors taking shelter from the wind whilst the conversation revolved around Garmin technology, muddled food orders, post-Christmas pilates classes and hot mince pies, with or with out cream!
Meanwhile, accompanied by Fred, Colin decided to brave the outdoor seating after pulling out a down jacket and woolly hat from his saddle pack.





Once happily fed and watered, particularly pleased with the smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast, we donned some extra layers as the wind had really picked up and made a rather disjointed exit from Porthleven up Wellington Road. Fred doing an impromptu and unexplained circuit of the town carpark, followed by Colin. Myself and Phil S stopping for harbour photos snaps. Which way did everyone go?
After a bit of solo cycling eventually, we all re-grouped at the top by the A394 Apple Grove Junction, the remaining journey was fairly uneventful passing through Sithney and Wendron. Phil S left us at Argal Crossroads and the rest of us sped homeward bound until regrouping at what I call, Fred corner, where there was some discussion between Phil C, Dave, and Colin who jovially suggested that the last person to arrive should write the ride report! But as we waited we soon discovered we were all there since M&M had already left the group, having gone straight on, (wherever straight on was!). Clearly, the group decided I had been slacking as they all turned to me with a resounding. Aha! Great idea! Sarah can write, not only one report but two! What did I do wrong? Kit Corner for Dean’s Christmas Special and the ride report!! Lucky me! Oh and then Donald arrived however he didn’t get the honour of doing the ride report!

40.1 miles, 3481ft elevation and one very mucky bike for me. 8 bikes and 9 riders, Colin, Phil S and Phil C (can’t remember the numbers!), Fred, Margaret & Martyn, Donald, Dave & myself. Happy Sunday Riding!


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