2nd to the Line

I was going to entitle this ‘Just us Girls’ but seeing as there appears to be a race on and feeling a little competitive I joined the race for 2nd place.
Us girls consisted of Paula,Liz,Christine,Jo,Sheila and myself and the decision was made to go to Miss Mollys. Porthleven was mentioned but I’m not sure why that was dismissed. It may have been so that we could get back to watch the last Grand Prix of the season which started at 1.00pm. Now a rather controversial last race of the season from what I understand.
We were leap frogged en route by a couple of the other groups of Wheelers, one of whom had ridden an extra 18 miles to us only to arrive at the same spot at the same time.
The route was one that I am very familiar with and we arrived at Miss Mollys at the very prompt time of 10.47. We really should have done a loop to make sure that we weren’t breaking the ‘don’t arrive before 11 rule’ but the Grand Prix beckoned.
I don’t think Miss Molly got the memo regarding the Grand Prix though as unfortunately the service was just a little slow. We sat in the now enclosed outside seating area which is looking very much like Santas Grotto and incredibly festive. Our order of 4 Tea Cakes came with the bonus Tea Cake which we shared and my coffee changed a little. All of these little discrepancies can be completely forgiven as this is Miss Mollys that we are talking about and everything arrives with a smile and friendly chat.
Just over an hour later we set off for home, again on a very familiar route with no surprises on the way though there was a fairly unwelcome headwind.
The Grand Prix had started when I arrived home and was just about over by the time I had sorted out my bike, showered and had lunch. I think I got back for the most exciting last lap ever. It was a very welcome dry and warm ride especially for December. On to next weeks Roastie Ride to The Stag in Ponsanooth.

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