Two for the price of one!

I had intended to write a quick report after last Sunday’s ride(Aug 15th) but somehow never got round to it, so I will start with that. It was a dull dismal day that greeted the assembled company more than expected with a forecast of horribleness. I  for one did not fancy venturing to far as too much water shrinks my enthusiasm from keen to less keen to you gotta be having a laugh. I suggested the crate as I knew they had under cover seating. That’s not very far the multitude cried but I said we can go the long way round, that quietened the unrest that was festering around in the lower ranks. Penryn then pack saddle to Boswin a few mumbles could be heard but I adopted the standard OGIL status of deafness. Greek church was what I had in mind but Ian mentioned in his normal diplomatic fashion that it might be very muddy due to the weather conditions. Hum humbug so it was next right to Stithians then right and left to join the top of Kennal vale up to Penhalvean.

Then up to Troon, Nine Maidens, Black Rock, Releath and Coverack Bridges. We arrived at the crate at the same time as a considerable number of riders from the Ludgvan cycle club, this put a considerable amount of stress on Dawn and her staff (mother and aunt I believe) they coped. Then it seemed like the entire population of Helston was arriving a business struggling with its own success good luck to them. After the horses were fed and watered we saddled up and made our way to Gweek via Pemboa along a very narrow road (Amanda was not happy) then up four mile hill (which isn’t) Constantine then home. Up four mile hill we lost Phil4 and Ian who went off chasing two very young cyclists who were making their way up the hill far to fast shouldn’t be allowed.

The cast for this event were Ian, Phil4, Amanda, Damien, Trebah Dave, NZ Dave, John, Phil3, Danny, Kath and yours truly if I forgot anyone I apologise but it was over a week ago.

37.16 miles 2467ft climbing

And now for something completely different

It was sunny but not hot a perfect day. I suggested Lakeside as I have done for several weeks only to be ignored enough said about that! democracy is a wonderful thing. We were joined by Will the son in law of a very longstanding friend of mine (yes folks even I have friends) so off we went heading for Releath you all know the way. On route to Releath TD broke a spoke and had to abort a phone call to his support team,  hopefully got him safely home. Then it was Black Rock Praze and beeble Leedstown Stearth etc  We arrived hungry and thirsty and soon settled down in the garden. Unfortunatelydue to staff shortages “they looked tall enough to me” the choice on the menu was standard breakfast or large breakfast, the difference being the large was double of everything on a standard breakfast. Cake and scones were also available. Most of us opted for the standard breakfast except for John who had a large one (or so he says) and Damien who opted for a scone, he then sat and watched us enviously consuming our fare saying I should have gone for that. Second coffees were ordered finished and still we waited for John who didn’t finish it all anyway (eyes bigger than your tummy springs to mind) We made our way back passed the golf course all except Phil3and NZ Dave who went straight down the hill how boring is that. We met up again in Halye and so on towards North cliffs we lost Phil3 NZ Dave and Teressa who went the Connor downs route home. We turned up passed Tehidy to Poole etc etc. A great day out with good company.

Order of service was Amanda, Damien, Phil4, NZ Dave, Terresa, John, Phil3, Adrian, Will, Myself and for a while T Dave (sorry to not have you with us all the way)

58.44 miles  3297 ft climbing        Fred.

(accompanying image first used on 19 September 2018. Ed)

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