OGILs go to Miss Soggy’s

OGIL ride 18th August 2021

It started with mizzle, which turned into drizzle, which then became something more like rain, before reverting back to mizzle. There were a few brief interludes when it could almost have been described as dry. We all got lots of practice with putting rain jackets on and taking them off again. The only concession to it being summer was that it was not actually freezing cold, although sitting outside in the gazebo at Miss Molly’s in damp clothes with a bit of a breeze blowing through was enough to elicit a distinct chill. The weather forecast had not been any help, and a number of us had been deceived into riding their best/summer bikes instead of the old faithful with the mudguards. Still, plenty of time for a bike clean before the weekend.

At Miss Molly's
Still smiling despite the cold and damp

Miss Molly’s was announced at TOP as the destination with no demurral, as the weather made it the obvious choice. As it is supposedly summer, whoever was leading conspired to extend the route by leading us out to Releath, through Crowan to Praze, then up to Carnhell Green, Barripper and Penponds, making sure we all got a good soaking before we got our refreshments. The ride out was uneventful, but on arrival we were alarmed to note the number of cars in the car park. A quick reconnoitre confirmed our suspicions that the inside was full of the contents of the tin boxes, and it was decided to beat a tactical retreat to the gazebo, which surprisingly was empty. Having wiped ourselves down using the provided blue rolls of paper to try and minimise the chill factor, we ordered our usual mixture of food and drinks, which appeared remarkably quickly considering how busy the establishment was. Either they had taken pity on the poor bedraggled cyclists and had decided they needed their fuel as soon as possible, or else it was a ploy to get rid of us quickly. Whichever, we were not complaining (except about the weather).

Chairman Fred
Chairman Fred expresses his appreciation of the staff at Miss Molly’s

For the return journey we reverted to auto-pilot and took the usual route around Carn Brea to Carnkie, thence to Four Lanes and Penhalvean. We opted for the causeway rather than Stithians, and happily tested our brakes on the Halvasso descent as we encountered numerous oncoming motor vehicles, as has now become standard.

Other than the weather, the weather and the weather, a good ride. A modest but damp 66 km for me.

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